You & Me


Dear Darren,

Five years ago I said “I do” to you. That was pretty smart if you ask me. I love you for lots of reasons…some reasons I can’t always pin down or articulate, some I can. Here’s a few—I love you {in part} because:

268012_10150229426821517_7391311_nYou make  me smile


And you make me laugh…a lot…sort of foolishly at times…until I can’t stop and everyone is staring at me…so thanks for that.


I love you because you are silly and don’t take yourself too seriously.


I love you because you are gentle and kind and good to every living thing. Your heart is huge and I love every inch of it.


I love you because every winter, the first time it snows, you build me a miniature snow man and leave it on the counter for me to find.


I love you because, hello, those arms are absolutely fabulous…oh, and you built that frame to go around the mirror for me…but mostly I like your arms.


I love you because you work so hard and because we have invested ourselves in so many projects together. Thanks for teaching me how to sheet rock, babe.



I love you even though you throw me in the lake sometimes.


darren snowmobile

I love you because you are adventurous.



I love you because you pick flowers for me…and you get kisses for it too :]





I love you because you are the best uncle to our nieces and nephews and I know someday, you will be the best dad too.





us new

Salisbury Beach-20

I love you for so many reasons and am thankful for each day we’ve had together and I look forward to each day to come.


P.S. I love you very, very much for agreeing to build a fort on the living room floor and stay up all night watching movies to celebrate our 5th anniversary. Seriously, do they even make men better than that? I say no.

14 thoughts on “You & Me

  1. I want to say something great here, but it seems you got me beat…this is your blog, so that’s ok. Congrats on the five years. I just had mine in March. I look forward to reading your 10th anniversary post and more!


  2. What a sweet tribute to the love of your life. You share a beautiful love together…cherish it, nuture it, protect it. The love you have for each other is one of the very best gifts you can give to your children. Happy 5th anniversary.


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