Hello, I’m Kari. Wife to Darren. Momma to a little boy and girl. Believer in Jesus Christ. Traveler. Home maker by day. Writer by night.

A Missouri native, I transplanted to Massachusetts eleven years ago and have been learning how to put down roots in this hard soil ever since.

The goal of this space is to keep a record of what I’m learning and loving through the seasons of life. I seek to trace God’s redemption through my own story and the stories of others. A highly visual person, I seek to capture and share beauty both in the word pictures I paint and the photos I take of my life and loves.

So why Outside Air? Because there’s no other place I’d rather be than outside, barefoot in the sunshine or sitting on the porch swing watching the rain drops fall through the leaves. Years ago, this space was created as a sort of nature journal and has grown from there.

Thanks for reading and sharing in my story โค

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68 thoughts on “About

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  2. Pingback: The Versatile Blogger Award – Part II « Passport to Bliss

  3. Kari – thanks for the inspiration. You are just about the best writer in the blogging world. I have nominated you for the very inspiring blogger award. Maybe others have done the same, but for me thanks for the inspiration to write.
    – Michael


  4. Kari, you make me miss “home” – yes, I still claim Massachusettes as where I’m from even though I’ve lived most of my life in Florida now. My family is from the Norwood and Stoughton areas, but I grew up in Walpole – on the edge of the woods, and down the street from the stadium in Foxboro. Someday I’m sure I’ll be back to visit family, and let my own wander the stalls of Quincy Market with me and feast on North End pizza or chicken at Durgen Park!


    • I just saw the stadium in Foxboro for the first time last weekend. I love Massachusetts and all of New England. It’s so beautiful and there’s always something to see and do. I adore Quincy Market! That’s one of the first places I take everyone who comes to visit…that and Cheers :] I hope you make it back up here someday! Thanks for reading and sharing!


  5. Enjoy your posts and perspective. I was born and raised in western Mass, mostly in So. Hadley, but have been in California for Many years now. Keep up the good work.


  6. After reading some of your recent posts and thoroughly enjoying them, I nominated you for The Kreativ Blogger Award! I’m also in Massachusetts, currently studying English & Education, and love the WordPress atmosphere! If you haven’t heard of this award, it’s an award passed from blogger to blogger to share with their readers. Check out where I mention you here: http://katieincolor.wordpress.com/2012/04/12/kreative-blogger-award/ … And keep up the great writing, I love it ๐Ÿ™‚


  7. In todayโ€™s post on riding2horses.com I nominated you for The Sunshine Award. Your blog is a good read and Iโ€™d like to help spread the word.
    The Sunshine Award comes with a few rules if you wish to accept it:
    o Include the awardโ€™s logo in a post or on your blog
    o List 10 facts about yourself
    o Nominate some other fabulous bloggers
    o Link your nominees to the post and comment on their blogs, letting them know they have been nominated
    o Share the love and link the person who nominated you!
    Thank you for the sunshine your blog has brought to me. ~Sandra


  8. I am making myself late for work today because I HAVE to tell you how much I enjoy your blog. I just found it and now I am addicted. Thanks for writing some seriously quality content! I can’t wait to read more previous and future posts. ๐Ÿ™‚



  9. Hi Kari,

    I just found you on the Freshly Pressed page. Good job! I have no idea how to get my own blog there, but I’m so glad I clicked on yours. You have a very cool blog! Love your About page. I’m also a lefty and scared to death of spiders, and I love New England. Er… Well, I’ve never been there but it is a goal to go sometime. And to go to Italy! Sounds like we have a bit in common. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Anyway, thanks for the fun of reading your stuff. Maybe we’ll see each other around a flaming red Maple tree sometime, sipping pumpkin latte. Or on a gondola in Italy. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Blessings on you!
    Shelley Ring


  10. Love your blog! You are so right about Boston and New England in general. I’ve decided to live a somewhat nomadic lifestyle recently with my partner in craziness and we have been calling Las Vegas home for the past two months. I have to say your descriptive bio has left me a little homesick for the rural countryside,.. not to mention Fenway Park. (park pronounced with my very best Boston accent ๐Ÿ™‚ ) I look forward to reading more of your work!


  11. Hi Kari, this is a great blog, thank you! I love your honest style and story-like way of telling things. I also like the design (which theme is it please?) I’m signing up as a follower (-: Cocopops


    • Hi, the theme is Vigilance. My husband drew the picture in the header especially for my blog so it can’t be used on other sites. Thanks for stopping by and thanks for your encouraging words :]


  12. I just discovered your writing this morning – WOW. It’s like you jumped inside my brain, my life and had so many similar perceptions about day to day living: why we are here, connecting with the Divine, dealing with the ego, and making a beautiful, simple, authentic LIFE even when the day is ‘just’ laundry and dealing with making dinner. Your post about wanting to do ‘big’ things really hit home – we are ‘messengers’ of spirit each in our own way. You are doing the ‘work’ and it is beautiful. Thank you for giving all this a voice – it’s nice to know there are similar people out there, who sometimes struggle a little bit with our ‘purpose’ and find so much beauty when we just sit and wait through the questioning. We are always guided, and it is so beautiful. Many blessings!
    PS-I met my hubby Darren the first day of college!! ๐Ÿ™‚ Jill


  13. I think I finally found someone who loves fall like I do!! I live in Ottawa, Canada and I’ve made a few trips down through VT, NH to MA in the fall and it is absolutely beautiful.
    I feel like the season wraps itself around me like a wool sweater.
    If you are interested, here’s what I wrote about fall :


    All the best – I’m happy I found you through FP. Congratulations!


  14. I very much appreciate your blog. What little I have read of it is entirely beautiful and lovely and human (and human, in my book is one of the highest of complements.) So, yes, thank you for sharing who you are in your writing.


  15. That was a Fun About Page. :+) I feel as if I might know you just a little bit better. I never thought about going to Boston before but after reading your thoughts on Boston I may have to put Boston on my must visit some day list next to Italy. :+) I hope your dreams for your life all come true.


  16. I’m so glad I found your blog. I’m a country girl myself, born and raised in the beautiful hills of western Kentucky, and I married a bonafide cowboy / computer geek from Texas – he’s also in aerospace, but on the technology/security side …. or so he says!

    You are welcome to my neck of the bloggin’ woods anytime, my blog is Three 31 and I serve my guests sweet tea in a Mason jar. Of course, I’ll brush the cobwebs off the coffeemaker if that’s your preferred choice of beverage!

    Nicole @ Three 31


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