Outside Air

When Time Touches Eternity

In The Screwtape Letters C.S. Lewis writes, "For the Present is the point at which time touches eternity." Each day we brush against eternity. It feels like a big idea, like something far away and a long time from now. But every day I... Continue Reading →

I Write Because I Want To

The rain is beating down outside; after months of dry weather I'm mesmerized by the sound---rap a tap tap, rap a tap tap. My son will be awake soon so I hurry with a cup of coffee to the computer to tap out... Continue Reading →

Talk About the Weather

I open the front door at 6:30 AM and already it's hot outside. I tiptoe barefoot across the front porch down into our dusty, brown yard; grass crunches under my feet. This is strange for New England where all summer... Continue Reading →

Wild Flowers

  Perspective is a powerful thing. I remember riding the train through southern Italy, snaking along the glittering Mediterranean and gliding past yellow and wheat colored stucco houses. I was lost in thought, captivated by how beautiful it all was.... Continue Reading →

Québec City: A Photo Journal

We slipped away to Quebec City to celebrate our anniversary. I think of Canada and Canadians as cousins and neighbors, so I was surprised with how completely French Quebec is. Everything felt very foreign and we, very lost. But what's... Continue Reading →

You Are Not Alone

The first year after my son was born was one of the loneliest of my life. I went from working full-time and spending lots of time with my husband to being home alone with a newborn almost all day every day. I... Continue Reading →

Leave it Behind

Sometimes I take my son down the toy aisle and let him check out all the different toys. He finds something bright and noisy and walks around with it for a bit until he notices something else bright and noisy and... Continue Reading →

Fallow Ground

Last night we worked on the yard, raking and turning up the soil for spring. I knelt in the dirt, gathering rocks into the wheel barrow and enjoying the cool spring breeze whisping through my hair. We set out the... Continue Reading →

Something About Nothing

I pull on my coat and mud boots and march out into the rain. My camera hangs around my neck, tucked snuggly beneath my coat like a child I'm trying to keep dry and warm. I want to photograph something,... Continue Reading →

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