Hope for the Overwhelmed Parent

I’m sorry for my long absence; I always seem to lose inspiration by winter’s end. But I wanted to stop in and share an article I wrote for FortheFamily.org. I hope it will be an encouragement to any other parent feeling overwhelmed today. Read the full article by following the link below. And I promise I’ll be back on a regular basis soon–I’ve got lots of words rolling around in my head as spring begins to push in around us even here in New England ❤

Parenting is Intense

Even on the best days, all the needs and demands can feel like a whirlpool sucking us down the drain. How do we keep up, and better yet, thrive in this wild role we call parenthood? … read the full article here

5 thoughts on “Hope for the Overwhelmed Parent

  1. I love Rachel Jankovic. Such practical advice. The intense always boils over and plowing through is the best thing to do. Plus, it sets an example for our kids on how to deal with craziness. 😉 Thanks Kari!

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    • Agreed! As I was flipping back through Jankovic’s book to find that quote I re-read all kinds of stuff I had underlined and realized I just need to read the whole book again… such practical help!

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