A Bunch of Guidlines, a Few Commands

Sometimes I wonder how so many different kinds of people can call themselves Christians and read the same Bible and yet come up with such vastly different beliefs and standards.  I think maybe the reason is because we read into what the Bible actually says and we pick and choose what we’re going to take literally and not so literally.

But what I’m finding is that the Bible has lots of big guidelines and a few specific commands; I think Christians generally get this backwards. We major on the minor (clothing, hair styles) and minor on the major (love others just as much as you love your freaking self). We wring our hands over what music styles are appropriate and care nothing about being patient and kind when people disagree with our particular standards and convictions.

God is pretty straightforward about what really matters to him—that’s why he gave us the 10 commandments (and just 10, mind you).  And if God is not so very straightforward about something, should we be losing so much sleep over it ourselves?

God told us not to kill people or have affairs; we know without question what he wants here.

God said to dress modestly—he didn’t say exactly what modest is. Why? Because depending on your culture and the time in which you live, “modestly” can and will mean vastly different things. This is why God gave us discretion and common sense. Honestly, if God had an exact, specific dress code in mind when he told us to be modest, then he probably would have told us exactly what that was. Maybe it doesn’t matter as much to him as it does to us. Maybe it shouldn’t matter as much to us and we should worry more about loving people who irritate us since we know for sure what God meant when he said to love other people.

God doesn’t say a lot about music either, as much as people might try to lift verses and say that he does. God did tell us to worship him in spirit and in truth. So if we have the right spirit and truth about our music, does style really matter so much and is it worth spending so much precious time arguing about? I don’t think so.

Technically, if we are true believers then we’re supposed to belong to the same family in Christ and a family should be able to live under the same roof (or attend the same church). Instead we have thousands upon thousands of different churches (or families) because we disagree on something minor and let it separate us. How are we all going to live in heaven together, anyway? Oh ya, the people who disagree with me probably aren’t Christians anyway (said satirically of course).  I think maybe we need to get over ourselves a little bit and get back to the clear commands of Scripture. After all, if I really applied myself to obeying all the clear commands of Scripture alone, I probably wouldn’t have any  time left to judge someone else’ haircut or outfit anyway.

One thought on “A Bunch of Guidlines, a Few Commands

  1. I find it interesting (read: frustrating) as well that the people that add commands to the Bible often think it’s ok to ignore Matthew 22:37-40. The trademark of Christians is supposed to be love, NOT fighting over whose rule book is more accurate.


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