A Resolution Free New Year

2012 is around the bend which means it’s time for epic resolutions and fad diets galore…or not. I usually make resolutions and promptly break them about two days later so guess what? I’m not making any this year. No promises. No to-do lists. No cold turkey anything. I do have a few plans and hopes for the upcoming year (and life in general, I suppose)–none of them are earth shattering but I hope they will add a little something to the next 365 days (uh, make that 366 since it will be a leap year):

  • I start planning for summer when the temps drop anywhere below 70 so this summer I’m going to buy an adorable vintage looking bike with a basket and ride it up and down the East Coast. I especially want to take a trip to Acadia National Park in Maine and do some biking and camping in the fresh, beautiful Maine air.
  • I’m going to start learning how to do pencil drawings with some art books and the help of my husband who has studied art most of his life. I want to take up painting too but Darren recommends drawing first as it helps you get the bones and structure of art down before you move on to more complicated mediums.
  • I’m going to freaking master the art of getting bread to rise and making homemade pasta and the different sauces that go with each kind of pasta. I don’t like cooking but I do like eating homemade food and since I can’t get anyone else to cook homemade food for me, it appears I’m going to have to do it myself (where’s your mom when you need her?). I’m also going to make a lot more vegetarian meals this year (don’t tell Darren–he might move out).
  • I’m going to make a mediocre effort at losing 10 pounds and toning the chubby ol midriff. I’m not sure how I will both do this and make homemade pasta and bread but these aren’t resolutions so who really cares anyway?
  • I might cut back on caffeine. I probably won’t because most of my personality resides in the caffeine I drink but here’s to the illusion of self-improvement.
  • I might organize my house and rubbish; I might not.
  • I hope we find a house or land to build a house on and figure out what we’re doing with our lives.
  • I’m going to write lots of lovely handwritten letters.
  • I’m going to read Mr. Thoreau and a little Ms. Austen too.
  • That’s all I’m probably going to do because I’m actually going to be very busy working and cleaning the house and terrorizing my family and friends.

Have a lovely Christmas and a fabulous New Year :]

The End

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