A Winter Weekend in Maine

Welcome to Maine!

Darren and I spent the weekend in Maine so D could begin repainting his dad’s plane. We usually arrive in Maine at night so the first thing I do when I get out of the car is look up–up at the clear night sky filled with stars bright and brilliant without the dulling reflection of city lights. I love getting out of town and spending a few days in the mountains and the country away from the busy world. Darren’s parents don’t have internet or TV and our cell phones barely have any reception so we have no choice but to sit back and take a few days away from all the technology and busyness we are accustomed to. I usually spend my time in Maine reading, writing hand-written letters, and spending quiet time with Darren’s family.

Darren the martian painting one of the airplane wings

While Darren worked away, I went down the road to his grandma’s house and visited for a bit.

Take your wet boots off at the door please!

As soon I was in the door and out of my wet boots, Grammie opened up the wood stove and had the fire roaring. I love the way Grammie keep wood in the Raido Flyer. She does it because it’s easier to bring more wood in at once (and an 80 something girl still hauling her own wood can do it however she likes) but I think it’s kind of charming in the wagon by the fire. After chatting and chocolate chip cookies, I headed back to the house.

At home, my mom-in-law built a cozy fire too. We sat by the fire and watched the big fat fluffy snow flakes drift as big as cotton balls from the sky.

We sat and talked until the sun went down and the boys came in and then it was time for dinner. My mom-in-law wanted to get sandwiches for dinner so the two of us bundled up and headed out to the old standard station wagon. My mom-in law suggested I bring a blanket because the car would be “wicked cold” and it was! I laid the blanket out in the seat and wrapped it around my legs and we were off. New Englanders like to test the road conditions by slamming on the breaks and seeing if the car slides–this scares non New Englanders like me out of their minds. Since it had been snowing all day and the road was already covered in packed snow, my mom-in-law decided to perform said road test. With the car pointed down a steep hill she started driving then pulled the stick into some foreign gear before slamming on the breaks–we slid but didn’t die so on we went down the slick mountain road into town. We made it to the “Mallard Mart”–a gas station/sandwich shop and picked up our Italians and whoopie pies then we were off again into the snowy night.

I wondered around the farm and took a few pictures of the place covered over in snow.

My father-in-law built this barn; he built the house too.

The fat cheeky cows grazing.

I love this little bird house in the field.

Here’s the same bird house in the fall.

On the way home, this pulled in next to us at the gas station

Snowmobile crossing–a legit road sign in Maine

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