Stick People and the Things They Know

Poor stick people, they are always being used to illustrate the worst case scenarios. For example:

Stick people know you should never poke around high voltage areas due to the fact you may or may not be struck by lightning.

Stick people know you should never nap under bailing equipment…like, ever.

Stick people know, as a general rule, to never operate bucket loaders–you should know this too.

Again, stay away from the bucket loaders. If it doesn’t work out for stick people, it isn’t going to work out for you. Stick people are our example. Stick people know.

Does a stick person really need to explain this to you? Just. Don’t. Ever.

Stick people know that hay bails are evil; you should stay away from hay bails or the hay bails may not stay away from you.

You see this poor stick person being lured in unaware of his demise? Learn from this stick person.

You should listen to the stick people in your life. Stick people, they know–oh do they know 8/

4 thoughts on “Stick People and the Things They Know

  1. Oh my god, I love it.
    Laughing out loud.
    I have to admit, I am guilty of doodling Stick People into quite strange and possibly dangerous situations. Like hanging of buildings and sitting on logs in midair and living on little tiny floating island in space. It’s fun to draw, but I will be considerate from now on. I promise.


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