Life is What You Make It

Lately, I have felt that I have nothing to say–at least nothing that matters that is. I’ve been wondering why I fool with a blog and why I think I need to say anything at all because who really cares or has time to read about my unimportant thoughts? This morning, I opened my blog and sat down to write…and sat, and stared at the screen, and decided I had nothing worthwhile to share with the world so I closed my page and went on with life. I did the normal stuff I do every day when I’m home from work–I sorted, washed, dried, folded and put away the laundry; I unloaded and reloaded the dishwasher, cleaned the bathrooms, swept and swiffered the floors, vacuumed, dusted, wiped down the counters, uncovered the bedroom floor buried in clothing, made the bed, prepped dinner for cooking later, etc. These things that I do are not very important, I thought–they must be done, but they aren’t important and I have nothing to share with the world.

I didn’t know what to make for dinner so I decided to poke around on The Pioneer Woman’s blog and peruse her many amazingly enticing recipes and finally had to get a donut and some Pringles to snack on while I looked at all the delicious meals and pictures on her site. I know the Pioneer Woman is famous. I knew her recipes are known and loved by the whole gigantic world and she’s been on TV and everyone knows her name because she’s awesome and amazing. What I didn’t know (since I had never actually been to her blog before) is that she’s a normal person. And by normal I mean she does stuff that sounds normal/boring–she lives on a cattle ranch in Oklahoma (normal/boring), she has four kids and is a stay-at-home wife and mother (normal/boring), she homeschools (normal/boring), she cooks, gardens, decorates, takes pictures, blah blah blah–normal boring stuff, right?

But she’s not boring. She’s hilarious and inspiring. She takes stunning photographs. She cooks food that I believe may very well be served beyond the gates of splendor and after looking through just a small part of her recipes, I don’t think I’ll ever look anywhere else for meal ideas. She’s a normal wife, mother, and homemaker but she has captured so much beauty and interest in her normal life and activities.

After looking at the Pioneer Woman’s blog, I wanted to be just like her. I thought if I could be super cool like the Pioneer Woman then everyone would love me and they would have to build a separate internet just to accommodate the traffic on my blog because everyone would come and check out my coolness and people would write books about me and life would be beautiful–if I were the Pioneer Woman. But I’m not. I’m just me without any important thoughts to share on my scarcely viewed blog so I sighed and went back to my housework. I was folding some laundry (see picture below) when it occurred to me that the Pioneer Woman’s life isn’t beautiful and exciting because of what she does (cooking, homeschooling, etc.), her life is beautiful and inspiring because she has made it that way–she has turned ordinary activities into funny stories and yummy recipes and happy children and a world filled with fans that love coming to her blog and seeing what she’s up to that day. It occurred to me that my life is what I make it out to be. If I view my life and self as boring and unimportant, then it probably will be boring and unimportant. But if I value the life I have, as normal as it may be, then it’s something worth having and sharing. I don’t need lots of profoundly important things to say, I just need to say what I have to say and share what it is I’ve been given. Life is as beautiful and stunning as you make and see it.

I can’t and don’t need to be the Pioneer Woman and she can’t be me. She’s doing what she was meant to do and I just need to be me and do what I’m supposed to…even if they don’t need to build a second internet to accommodate my traffic (bummer).

5 thoughts on “Life is What You Make It

  1. It reminds me of the mouse in Cinderella that was trying to put all the corn seeds just like that! I discovered your blog through Freshly Pressed – congratulations on that – and I really like your style. Keep going :}


  2. I always read your blogs, and I always am anxious to read the next entry you make. It makes me feel closer to you…so many miles away from me…and yet when I read your blog, there you are! It’s ALMOST as if you are here in my room with me, laughing and sharing all those normal/boring things that fill each of our lives on most of our days. Treasure the time you are given, the memories, the conversations, the people, the joy of just being in a world created in a way to point us to the Creator. Your words are important because they are expressing who you are…my daughter, who I love with all of my heart.


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