The Day Is Not Your Own

Yesterday was not exactly an ideal day for me. Nothing really bad happened but nothing went quite right either. By the end of the day I was tired and frustrated and a complete savage to be around. I was griping and grumbling to myself and thought “this is just not my day.” That’s when I felt a prick in my conscience like a splinter being removed from my soul and the thought occurred to me “no, it’s not your day; this is the day the Lord made and you’re supposed to rejoice and be glad in it.” Ouch. The verse I’m referring to (Ps. 118:24) does not say “if your day is going well then be sure to rejoice.” No, it just says rejoice and be glad–no matter what. This is God’s day; he made it—it’s his. So no matter what happens today, God help me to rejoice and be glad in your day.

“I think we all sin by needlessly disobeying the apostolic injunction to “rejoice” as much as by anything else” C.S. Lewis

“This is the day that the LORD has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it.” (Psalm 118:24, ESV)

9 thoughts on “The Day Is Not Your Own

  1. You could say there is divine intervention in reading this post today if nothing more to remind me that everyday does belong to God. Yesterday morning I found myself certainly wanting to control a situation that I felt was nonsense (and we know how emotions can get us into trouble). Thank goodness for His grace and that He understands we fall short.


  2. Do I need this reminder on a regular basis or what? How many days do I want to crawl back in bed and say, “Hey, can we start this thing over?” I’ve sung that song since childhood, but it never quite clicked like this. Thanks so much for the message.


    • Court, thanks so much for reading and commenting! I need to be reminded of these same things daily too–it’s so easy to focus on the bad things and forget all about the good things. I checked out your blog and really enjoyed reading your testimony and look forward to reading what you write in the future. -Kari


  3. Wow Kari, did I ever need that right now. Something happened this morning that really upset me. I’ve been griping to myself about it for an hour now. Then I read this and realize that it’s not that important after all. It’s just stuff! So for the rest of this day I will rejoice in the Lord!!
    Thank you Kari


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