Between Here and Forever

Sometimes I can’t figure out what the point of life is. Every day is so much like the last with work, bills, cooking, and cleaning. We go through the same routine over and over just to accomplish all we need to survive in this world for one more day. But why? Isn’t there more purpose and meaning to my life than doing the laundry and filling out stacks of paper at work?

I was thinking through all these morbid little thoughts the other day and the thought hit me: The point is not the activity; the point is the result of the activity.

Let me explain: At work, I sit at a desk filling out stacks of mindless paperwork. I hate that desk. I swear, some of that paperwork ate parts of my soul and is eyeing my imagination and creativity next. Sometimes I think I might die at that desk…just die of boredom right there in my chair. But then I had that thought and it made me realize the point is not the work I do sitting at that desk, the point is the character I’m developing by sitting there doing stuff I don’t want to. Sitting there has helped me develop (mostly against my will) patience, endurance, persistence, and the ability to push through and accomplish what I must even if I think it might kill me. The work itself seems pointless; it seems like I’m whittling my life away on nonsense. But, there is purpose—that being the better person I am hopefully becoming by pushing through difficult situations.

I know it’s been said many times in many ways, “Life is a journey not a destination.” I’ve heard that saying so many times the truth in it was lost on me. But I’m starting to realize how true it is that life is more than just a race from one goal to the next. Life is more than what I do day in and day out. Life is the person I’m becoming. Life is the lessons I’m learning. Life is routine, yes, but even the routine serves a purpose in helping me grow and change through the boredom and struggles.

I’m starting to realize I need to stop getting bogged down in the daily responsibilities of life and need to start looking for the lessons and opportunities in my daily routine. I know myself. I know I will always get bored easy and I will always hate that desk. I love change and love having something new and exciting to look forward to. But life doesn’t always work that way. Sometimes you just have to sit at your desk and fill out paperwork like a grownup.

This is the life I’ve been given and this is the road I’m on right now. So rather than trying to just change and escape my present circumstances, what can and should I be doing to grow and change right now today? That’s a question I will be asking myself a lot going forward.

Someday that desk will be behind me; but I hope it’s not left behind even one day before I’ve learned to accept the life I have with gratitude and contentment and not one day before I’ve learned to grow and change wherever I am, whatever I’m doing.

“Fear and doubt always seem to find people who are looking for them; hope and courage do the same thing.” Bob Goff

19 thoughts on “Between Here and Forever

  1. Some day you will have a job you look foreword to every day, it will involve diapers and lots of love. And, I’m sure someday… Pen and Paper. So don’t despair… just remember that mundane jobs pay the bills, and you could probably have a worse one… or none at all.

    I heartily approve of your new avatar… btw.


  2. I love how you began this post. I laughed out loud, not because I think it’s an funny statement, but because I know EXACTLY what you mean. This post was really encouraging and a shot in the arm. Thank you.


  3. there will always be something that bogs us down in life. We press onward though, to the final goal, the goal that our faith reminds us is there. Somedays, this semi retired person wishes she could escape to an office and a desk and mounds of paperwork, this too will pass. Great post. DAF


    • It’s interesting you say you sometimes wish for an office and desk because I think no matter where we are in life, there’s always going to be good things and bad things and it’s always easy to think the next thing (or last thing) is better. I’m learning a lot about contentment right now because no matter where I am in life, contenment is something I will need.


  4. God grants us each day and I really believe each day has it’s opportunities and lessons, we just need to remember to look for them. Thanks for the reminder! 🙂


    • My dream job would be two part: To write freelance from home and to raise a family. I don’t have any babies yet and I can’t quit my day job just yet either so I’m in a place where I’m learning to be thankful and content with the life I have right now. I’m working toward my other goals but I know God has me where I am right now for a reason too. Thanks for asking–it’s nice to share hopes and dreams with others.


      • i was just curious. my dream is to work from home too, partly because i can’t medically work outside my home and partly it’s what i love..i’m slowly working toward that and God is bringing it about! i’m glad you know you are where God wants you right now, that is a good place to be. i pray you see your dreams come into fruition in the right timing!


        • Thank you for your encouraging words. I’m glad to hear your dreams are coming together. I believe God puts his desires for us in our hearts and it’s his pleasure to bring those desires to fulfillment in his own way and time. I don’t know exactly what God will have for me but I trust he is in control and everything will work out for good somehow.


  5. “I’m starting to realize I need to stop getting bogged down in the daily responsibilities of life and need to start looking for the lessons and opportunities in my daily routine.”

    I still really struggle with this one. Add bills and kids and medical problems and on and on and on and life has a way of bogging one down…if one let’s it. Your post is a reminder to me to take a step back and focus on what’s really important.


    • I know, it’s a daily struggle to keep my focus on what actually matters but I’m trying to be satisfied and thankful for the beautiful life I’ve been given. Thanks for reading and commenting.


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