The driftwood tosses about in the sea

Worn by the waves and the turbulent water.

It looks like the end for the branch or the tree

But it’s just the beginning of beauty perfected.

The storm hews the edges, rough and ugly

Smoothing and softening each imperfection.

The salt and the sun bleach out stains dark

Cleansing and purifying in waters deep.

The wood, smooth and white tell a story

Of hot heat and waters deep.

Each line and each mark attest to the voyage

Of battle scars and beauty born in the rough waves of life’s journey.

Life is no different. We are tossed and beaten by trials. We are challenged and changed by the crashing waves of heartache. But in our heartache we are made perfect. The waves smooth out our rough edges, the heat cleanses and purifies our blemishes. We are wrinkled and scarred by the journey, but in the end, we are softer, smoother, and better for the deep waters and crashing waves that tossed and perfected us along the way.

20 thoughts on “Driftwood

      • Hi Kari… I have been at a music and arts festival, camping in the Sierra Nat. Forrest near Yosemite for 2 weeks. Over 500 people and some top notch musicians… some famous ones. It is very private and they don’t allow anything on the internet, which is too bad, because I took some great photos. I did post a few things on my PhotoLog… without identifying the event, and you couldn’t identify the person. If you want to see it, go to… http://tedbooksdailypics.com/ Check out the ‘Woodland Nymph’… she’s my daughter Krista.


  1. Nice post! The photo is so pristime, almost like that weathered and worn former tree was set down carefully upon the smooth sand from above, its stories of struggles erased by the sea’s lapping.


  2. Beautiful and so very true! I spent my childhood on the coast of British Columbia and to this day I can rarely walk a beach without picking up interesting pieces of driftwood and carting them home with me.


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