Weekend Adventures

Today we went to the air show at Westover AFB. Here are a few pictures of our day:

Rocking uncle Darren’s glasses :]

My cutie pie nephews

We build parts for this helicopter at work. It’s cool seeing the final product all those hours go into.

People were crowded under the plane wings to escape the sun. I laughed at them for a while and then decided they were on to something :]

Caleb likes making faces and seeing his reflection in uncle Darren’s glasses…and well, just terrorizing uncle Darren in general :]

I really love this guy…and all the faces he makes for me and my camera 8]

Ethan just gave up on life. I don’t blame him, it really was so ridiculously hot.

Ethan with Maya (mom, his mom I mean, not my mom…never mind)

You know how the sun hates me? This is what it did to me today:

I give up.

Have a nice weekend, kids :]

18 thoughts on “Weekend Adventures

  1. In the Small World department. I grew up living next to Westover AFB, in the town of So. Hadley. My dad worked at Westover almost from the days they started construction until he retired, years later. General Curtis LeMay was base commander there for a while. He was famous for taking over the 8 th Air Force in Europe and installing the daylight bombing raids over Germany in WWII.

    Would love to have seen what it looks like today. I spent countless days as a youth there watching the planes come and go.


    • This is a very late reply to your comment because I get distracted :] That’s so cool you grew up so close to here! I work very close to Westover.
      S. Hadley is so pretty…much more countrly-like than the towns around it…although it’s growing and new buildings are going up. I hope you make it back to see Westover sometime!


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