This is Our Life

I keep waiting for the world to wake up with spring color so I can get my camera out and take pictures. Everything is brown and gray here in New England and I’m just about stir crazy waiting for the flowers to bloom and the grass to grow. I decided to get my camera out and take pictures of things around the house–bits and pieces of our lives—to get by until its warm outside and there are lots of green things to photograph and share with you. Until then…


DSC_0087Sleepy head

DSC_0115Last week we had blue skies and the beginning of buds

DSC_0024I love that patch of gray above his temple

DSC_0048 (2)

DSC_0049 (2)Seaside memories

DSC_0018 (2) I have a bad habit of starting one book while still reading two others and never finishing any of them. This is what’s on my nightstand right now.

DSC_0040Creative spaces

…And that is all for now…

11 thoughts on “This is Our Life

    • Ha, yes I probably put some of that gray in Darren’s hair too ;] The buds on the trees are about to burst open here. We are supposed to have a couple 70 degree days this week so spring is finally waking up on us. I’m planning a garden and ready to start digging in the dirt this weekend :]


  1. cute kitty ….
    I like how you displayed your shell & sand collection. I save a little bit of each beach we go to too. I have found some interesting jars to showcase them. From our travels in China I have only used plastic water bottles. Not as fancy, but does the trick for now 😉


    • I gather sand, rocks, shells…whatever I can find from each of the beaches we visit too. I love all the color and texture they add to a room when displayed in jars and I love all the memories they bring, too.


      • Yes for sure… happy warm memories on cold damp days 🙂 That is why I don’t mind mine in the plastic water bottles right now 🙂 When we go home they will get a special container 🙂 I like how you labled them… very cute too.


  2. This is a very beautiful post… with interesting pictures… and a lot of what makes life unique and wonderful, even when it’s gray and brown and cold outside. There was a great photographer, Andre Kertesz, was his name… He died in ’85. When he was an old man, and his beloved wife had died, and he didn’t feel like going out anymore… he started taking pictures of the world that was closest to him. Little things he found in his home… things that reminded him of his wife. And in the end it made a truly delightful exhibition. What’s important, is to keep on looking for what matters and what’s beautiful…


    • Thank you, Shimon. I enjoy seeing the bits and pieces of other people’s lives so I was hopeful people would enjoy these pieces of my life as well. One of my favorite bloggers and photographers {,} shares lots of pictures of ordinary things around her house and garden and I always love peeking into her heart and life with her photos. I just got my first DSLR camera and am trying to learn how to use it. I wish I could go practice outside but until then Darren and the cat will have to put up with me in the house :] Thank you for always leaving such kind, encouraging comments for me.


  3. Mmmm..for a few beuatiful moments I felt I was actually there with you, walking by your side and chatting about anything and everything, I do miss you ladibug, and love you ever so much. Mommabug


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