To Fresh Woods and Pastures New

Yesterday, Darren and I closed on our new home. And by new I mean new as soon as we rebuild it kind of new ;]

We bought a little Colonial built back in 1860—you know, the year Abraham Lincoln was elected President and the Pony Express was still delivering the mail. So yes, she is old and she is a fixer-upper. But we love all the old New England charm about her and even though I’m certain we don’t yet fully know what we’ve gotten ourselves into, we are excited and thankful for this new road we’re on.

I was starting to feel like we had looked at every piece of real estate in the whole entire Commonwealth of Massachusetts and there was nothing for us. But here we are. Now we own an old Colonial in a quaint little New England town. We have a big yard and woods behind and before us—I can’t explain how much the yard and woods mean to me. I have a nice sunny spot picked out to plant my first garden and we are within walking distance to the lake where we can swim and canoe. There’s a nice flat road for riding bikes and my very favorite book store is just a few miles away. I’m really, really thankful.

Please remind me of these pretty words come the middle of this project because I will probably be threatening to burn the whole place down once I’m covered in paint and sheetrock dust. I’m moody like that. Oh, and I give up easily so this should go really well ;]

Seriously though, I’m excited about preserving this old house that has seen so much and adding our own lives and memories to her walls. I’m excited about walking out into the yard and working in the garden, excited about jumping in the lake, excited about watching the trees blossom and the leaves fall as we work away on making this very old house our home.

I’m thankful that old things can be made new and that so much of what’s broken can be fixed…not only in old houses, but in our lives too.

Here she is. I call her Abigail. Don’t judge her–she needs a touch of lipstick and rouge–most ladies do, you know.


And the view…


“And so you sign a mortgage but also body and soul, spouse and children over to an idea that will soon become a joy and a burden, a black hole that devours every molecule of your time, money, and spirit. Yet even when you discover that the only thing keeping the place from blowing away is the weight of the mouse droppings in the attic, you wouldn’t have it any other way. If this is the case, you might be one of those old-house people, a peculiar kind of maniac who is one part ability, one part inventiveness, two parts determination, three parts romanticism, and six parts damn foolishness.”  {George Nash from Renovating Old Houses}

I think maybe we fit the part? ;]

“Tomorrow to fresh woods and pastures new.” {John Milton}

15 thoughts on “To Fresh Woods and Pastures New

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  2. My, a Classic Home. I applaud you for the journey you are about to take… and no, you will not enjoy every step… it will not only be rewarding, but fulfilling to your soul. The views are so worth it too… looks like you are about to get a riding mower in your life. Good Luck, I am happy for you both… I can’t wait to see the blog posts that come out of this project.


  3. I am in love with Abigail already, because she is a part of your life now and she is making you happy! I can’t wait to meet her and my grand”kitty” Katniss, so many reasons I must NEED to visit you in Massachusetts!!!!


  4. What a beautiful house! I pray that the Lord blesses it and you as you work to restore it. I pray that He works in you as you work on the house – that He opens your eyes more to Him as a builder and architect. May you and your husband be blessed and prosperous in your new home. May it be a refuge, an oasis of peace, rest and joy and a place always full to overflowing with the presence and love of Christ. In His name.


  5. Can’t wait to see Abigail I know she will be beautiful. because you and Darren have so much talent and a God given gift for making things beautiful.


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