Something Out Of Nothing


Sometimes I think I’m wasting time blogging and taking pictures. Sometimes I wonder if I’m wasting other people’s time expecting them to read what I write and share in the stories I tell. Sometimes I think about walking away from it all and doing something “useful” with myself. And then I think about God. I think about how he likes to write and paint and doing so is never a waste of his time.

Something out of nothing—that is what God does.

He creates and delights in creation. And he has filled our hearts with the desire to create too.

Something out of nothing—that is what art is.

Words and colors shaped into stories and meaning.

Nothing God does is a waste and God likes to create.

So I create too.

And it is not a waste.

7 thoughts on “Something Out Of Nothing

  1. Don’t ever give up writing, it’s a gift from God. I have kept every one of your posts and shared some of them with friends who needed encouragement. They always thank me for sharing.


  2. Your words and pictures bring joy to my heart so often, and they have also often made me reflect on who God is and the wonder of His creation, so no Kari, your creativity expressed through words and pictures is never a waste, it is very much a GIFT from God that He intends for you to use. Those of us who follow your writing notice and think about what you say. I sometimes forget to tell you of the things I notice, like the feathers you so artfully sketched that were caught in a picture of your work space..beautifully done and such a reminder of how wonderful our God the Creator is.


    • I just love you, mom. What a lucky kid I am. You know the feather I used to sketch for that picture?…well, the cat ate it…he ate all the feathers I brought inside :] Thanks for reading my writing and encouraging me along the way…it means the world to me.


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