Our Real Lives

Sometimes, as much as I love blogging, the whole thing feels a little less than genuine to me. I obviously only share parts of myself here with you. I try to be open and honest in this space but you can only get so much of the whole picture from the occasional words and pictures I share.

I also try to be positive on my blog because honestly, who wants to read about someone else’s problems all day? I want this space to be beautiful and inspiring so I only share those things that I hope you will connect with and be inspired by. But in so doing I leave out a lot of the truth and always feel like a little bit of a fraud.

This is challenging because I find myself reading my favorite blogs and sometimes I get a little discouraged thinking other people have so much more going for them than I ever will. I look at all their pretty pictures and eat up stories of their adventures and I start to think I must be a complete loser compared to them.

But the truth is these people I admire are only sharing a part of themselves with me—just like I only share a part of myself with you. However beautiful anyone’s life may look, we all have problems, hurts, discouragements, and a whole world of history that has made us who we are.

I have to remind myself of that when I read about other people’s lives online.

I enjoy social media—Facebook, blogs, Pinterest… It’s all good in its place but it’s important to remember how much more there is behind all the pretty pictures and words. There is a lot more going on in my life than I can ever share with you here. But I still want to share with you what I can. I want to tell you my stories and show you my pictures—even if these stories and pictures only give you a glimpse and not the whole story.

There are lots of good things going on in my life right now. As I shared with you not long ago, Darren and I just bought an old house we are remodeling and we are so excited about moving out into the country.


Earlier this week we planted a big vegetable garden and the other night we pulled an old piano bench outside and sat under the stars planning and dreaming of life in this new place. While we were sitting there the most incredible shooting star I have ever seen zipped by with a trail of flame behind it…I actually gasped out loud—it was that amazing.

In just a few days we leave for Europe. Europe! We have been saving for years and now we finally get to take off and see Spain, France, Italy, Croatia, and England! Holy moly kids…I can’t even tell you how excited I am.

I look forward to sharing all these little adventures with you here over the summer. But in doing so I just wanted to remind you (and myself) that these are just pieces of our lives. The rest of my life involves sitting at a desk doing paperwork, cleaning the house, cooking, grocery shopping, bill paying, blah blah blah. I don’t sit here and tell you about the day-to-day because that would bore me to tears and I don’t want to do the same to you. But the laundry and the paperwork…that is very much my real life whether I share it here or not.

Life is good but it isn’t good every second of every day and it isn’t just pretty pictures and big adventures. Life is beautiful and messy and so much more than the individual parts we share. That’s it. That’s all. Love Kari :]

11 thoughts on “Our Real Lives

  1. Have fun in Europe, have always wanted to go there… only been to Japan. We all share the part of our lives that is most exciting or interesting to us. I love reading your bits and pieces. We are all pretty boring with our dirty dishes and ironing and laundry, but it’s the little bits that keep us going and keep us excited for others. Congratulations on the house, I missed that. How wonderful to be planning your life, I look forward to reading those adventures. As always, I love reading your words, they are inspiring to me. DAF


  2. So excited foryou about the new house and the long awaited adventure to Europe! Life is good, with all of it’s ups and downs. The ups make the downs easier to get along with! 🙂


  3. Good for you! So happy that you get to go to Europe! I enjoyed your insight in this post. I often feel the same way about blogging. I’ve lately gotten a little behind on blogging because I often wonder if I do indeed have something worth sharing. My life can sometimes feel pretty mundane too with paying bills and cleaning, but I had a professor tell a few students and me that not everyone is given the talent to write what they feel and think. 🙂 We’re indeed blessed!


    • Thanks, we’re so excited about Europe :] I understand how you feel about blogging. There are so many talented people out there I sometimes wonder if I actually have anything worth sharing. But I continue to blog because (1) I enjoy it and (2) whenever I look back at the journals and records I’ve kept of my life along the way, it’s been good to see the growth and change that’s taken place over the years. Even though I’m sometimes embarrassed looking back at things I’ve said or done, it’s always nice seeing I’m not in the same place anymore and am always moving forward…I hope this blog will serve the same purpose when I look back at it someday. Thanks for reading!


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