We went


We came back


I can’t wait to show you all of it.

9 thoughts on “Europe.

        • We hit up central London…saw the Tower of London, London Bridge, the Eye, Big Ben…etc. Oh, and I got my tea! ;] I’ll be posting pictures of everything there next week.


          • Woop woop! You gotta get some tea in there. You know, I keep meaning to go to the Tower of London and still haven’t got round to it! I’ve been in London seven years so there are no excuses. I’m definitely going to go soon…. Maybe


            • It’s funny how we miss the stuff right under our nose. We’ve lived in New England for 5 years and we still have tons to see and do. We’ve spent all but one anniversary celebrating right here locally in Rhode Island, Cape Cod, Long Island, and Portsmouth. There are always more beaches and places to see right here close to us. This year we’re hoping to see Niagara Falls in New York for our anniversary….all these years and we still haven’t made it over there ;] The Tower of London was cool…I got my tea right outside of it after walking across the London Bridge :]


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