Venice, Italy

Venice is magic.












We spent our last two days in Italy winding through these enchanting streets and then we were on our way home with one last stop in London along the way.

Thanks for reading along :]

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15 thoughts on “Venice, Italy

      • Yes the crowds can be daunting. We strolled and maybe were lost on the back streets and came across a moving ‘boat’. It made me giggle, but something so different and unusual really sticks out in your memory. On the back streets you can see more real life and less touristy things too. Fingers crossed we will return 🙂


  1. Beautiful beautiful pics. I’ve not done Venice before but whenever I see photos I always want to go. How long were you there for? We need to get onto that living-in-Italy thing. It’s getting quite urgent! I need me a Tuscan olive farm!


    • We were there for two days and could have spent 100 more…just like every other stop in Italy. Ooo a Tuscan olive farm! I’ll eat all of the olives, so I hope this isn’t a business endeavor. I’m packing my bags and boxes right now…Italy or bust!


        • Ya, people will definitely pay us to blog because we are awesome like that. And our super qualified legal opinions will make us quite wealthy, I think. The lemon grove is a must…I mean, how can we be expected to live without a lemon grove when we are the ones making the laws and setting the example?


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