The Baby Leaves!

My husband always calls the first leaves of spring “baby leaves” because he gets a kick out of how tiny and bright they are. I decided to write a ditty about these baby leaves in honor of the first day of spring :] I hope you enjoy the baby leaves as they start to poke out in your part of the country!

The birds are singing and the peepers are peeping,

The buds are bursting with baby leaves and blooms.

The flowers are poking their heads through the sod

Ready to unveil the canvas painted all winter long.

The sky is competing with nature’s awakening hues

deepening ever in cobalt blue.

The windows are open, the breeze blows in–

The bugs think it’s an invitation to come in.

The ants are busy, busy as bees

but none are busy as the baby leaves.

A new generation, a grand debut!

The leaves work quickly, they must work fast–

by summer heat their lives are half past.

They delight in the spring with life anew,

Shade in the summer in rich emerald hue.

By autumn’s entrance they are golden and proud

blushing in crimson, pleasing the crowd.

They fall to ground robing it in color,

Sleep all winter getting ready for summer.

We wait and we watch until spring comes again–

until the baby leaves trust the sun’s warm rays

and burst forth with new life for a few short days.

7 thoughts on “The Baby Leaves!

  1. So I’m gonna go against the flow here and comment on a post that’s not “fresh pressed” 🙂 (congrats on that by the way)

    My wife and I like having fun with poetry so I really enjoy this post…keep up the good work!

    And a professing Christian in New England?!? I love it!


    • Aww, thank you for reading my silly little poem :] It’s my first crack at poetry and I know it’s not super amazing but I had fun. And yes, being a Christian in New England is an experience in and of itself :]


      • Oh I thought it was a lovely poem…and we are big fans of writing “silly little poems” in my house. If ever you get a chance you can read one or two I’ve written and find my wife’s poetry from there—she’s the real talent!

        Many blessings on your life, work and marriage…hope you have much positive influence up there!


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