What Blogging Has Taught Me

I was kind of cynical about starting a blog back in the day but I’m glad I did—here’s why:

  • Blogging makes me see my life differently: Ever since I started blogging, I’ve seen my life as a story I’m telling other people. Because I want to tell a good story I’m always on the lookout for the funny, the silly, the beautiful, the meaningful—the moments that help me connect with others and share my story in a way that interest them. Before I started blogging, taking a bike ride or spending the day at the ocean would have been simple, quickly forgotten events. Now a day at the ocean is the opportunity to share a story, to take pictures, and to come back with something to share that connects me with the people I love and people I’ve never met. Blogging helps me see the simple beauty in my life—the beauty and excitement in my own quiet story.
  • Blogging helps me work through and hash out my thoughts and feelings: Blogging has forced me to think longer and harder about all the thoughts that race through my brain. If I want to clearly communicate something to other people then I have to clarify it for myself first.
  • Blogging gives me a sense of accomplishment and perseverance: Every time something I’ve written is “liked” or commented on or even just clicked on and the little stats bar goes up and up, I get a sense of having achieved something, however small. I also get a sense of perseverance because there are days (like today) where I stare at the screen and don’t know what to write and just have to start typing anyway. Or there are days when I think I’ve written something earth shattering that will be Freshly Pressed the second I grace the world by pressing “Publish” and instead it sits there stagnate getting almost no hits and no feedback. So much for being the next great American writer and it’s back to another blank screen for another try at a better post.
  • Blogging brings me closer to people: I live across the country from my most of my family and friends and blogging helps me share my life with them from a distance. Blogging also helps me connect with new people and connect on a deeper level with people I have known for years. Blogging has even allowed me to mend and restore broken friendships.
  • Blogging helps me better communicate: I’m kind of quiet and insecure when I’m talking to people in person so writing really helps me communicate the thoughts and feelings I have a hard time getting across otherwise.
  • Blogging makes me a better writer: Blogging helps me understand who my audience is and what they are interested in. The stats provided by WordPress are an extraordinary help in knowing what topics are reaching people and what is falling flat.
  • Blogging connects me with people and stories that I never would have encountered otherwise: I read so much interesting stuff and meet so many interesting people on WordPress! There are so many great blogs to follow—I could sit in front of the computer reading all day. Sometimes I just have to shut the computer and make myself go do something else or I’ll peruse blogs all day :]

That is a list of 7 things not 10. I never promised 10 you know and I don’t know why 10 is supposed to be the perfect number anyway; I’ve always preferred 7 :]

So, why do you blog? What have you learned from putting your thought out there for the whole world to read? If you don’t blog, why not?

“We read to know that we are not alone.” C.S. Lewis

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  4. whew! Can’t complain about the hits, pings, likes and comments on this one! I didn’t read the other comments (!) so I’m sure it’s been said – but, as one used to say ‘right on’ – blogging has/is doing much the same for me. And congrats on this post!

  5. This is probably the one I agree with the most:

    **Blogging helps me work through and hash out my thoughts and feeling. Blogging has forced me to think longer and harder about all the thoughts that race through my brain. If I want to clearly communicate something to other people then I have to clarify it for myself first**

    There have been many of times when I either think I have a great thought or am going through something and I’m dying to explain it but during the journey it takes from my brain to the page has it coming across completely different. Blogging makes you think twice :-)

  6. “Blogging has even allowed me to mend and restore broken friendships” – This is so true. Blogging, actually provides a path to express yourself flawlessly without a pause and defiantly gives a honest image of oneself.
    It’s also rediscovering your own self. We often dont undesrstand,infact dont realise what we actually want – This is a way through to listen to yourself.

  7. Awesome thoughts! I agree with what you have said. Even I think blogging has made me think differently about the small, simple things in life. It has helped me connect with so many others out there, who might be miles away yet so close in thoughts and perceptions. :) Congrats on being Freshly Pressed!

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  9. Well said! Blogging helps me see my life as a story that I’m telling to other people, too…which can make me more observant and “in the moment.” but I’m also liking the blog thang because it feels like a way I can practice my scales as a writer.

  10. Very interesting conversation about the why of blogging. It is like asking: “What are you looking at?” It might sound trivial, but I have realized it that this is a very relevant question.
    Being able to explain what we normally do on a numbered list would clarify the purpose, and make one better at doing it.

    Thanks, Kari Andrews, for making me think about this. I am on a self-realization myself as a new blogger. I know there is something that works well for me, or there is at least this hope that it is going to be good. Well, I will make a post about this on a three-point expanded list on my blog soon.

  11. I agree with all of your points! I can add an eighth reason to your list, if you will allow me. We probably don’t realize but blogging helps one to understand self. Writing is a extraordinary tool. It is said that when you are under great confusion and have many loose threads, writing down your situation will actually resolve the issues and help connect the points. Happy blogging and thank you WordPress! http://vijiscientific.wordpress.com

  12. Originally I started blogging as a way of dealing with my heartache while the man I was in love with was states away from me. It helped me deal with my emotions and ultimately it helped me make the decision to move to be with him. Now we are married and talking about our first baby and life is better than ever! I moved from blogspot to WordPress but I kept blogging because I liked blogging.

  13. I just started blogging here on wordpress. I have another blog of blogger, but I wanted to try something different. I feel like my posts are not very good. Haha. I hope that through consistency I can become better. Anyway, this blog post is inspiring and will help me to continue on. :)

  14. I have learned so much about myself because of my blog and also feel a sense of accomplishment after posting. I had to learn to look away from the stats in the beginning and write for me and not anyone else.
    I feel free when writing, whereas in person it’s easy to get swept up in others opinions. I often recommend to my friends who are looking for something to do or to change in their lives to blog, it offers the best therapy and you often end up finding the real you!

  15. This is a fantastic blog, good on you, you have made some very interesting points and I hope I get the same from my blogging as you have, congratulations!!!!

  16. I’ve recently started to blog daily featuring the things I’m grateful for and more recently subscribing to the 3 Good Things idea. At first it felt like a chore and something I had promised myself I would do.

    Now though, I am looking for, and experiencing positive things and looking for a great photo every day. I’m documenting my year in photos and will make a book at the end of 2012 to celebrate it.

    The writing becomes easier and my mind is more open. it’s taught me the same 7 things you listed. Thanks for sharing.

  17. I really enjoyed your post and am glad I found your blog!

    I started blogging in November because I “needed” to. It was something I had felt compelled to do for a long time but sat on the fence about (what would I write about? do I have something interesting to say? will anyone even read it?) until I just had to start. I’m so glad I did. At first I was tentative about sharing my voice “out there” but now I love it!

  18. I am new to blogging. I wasn’t interested in hearing people rambling about their thoughts, but I like WordPress and the Freshly Pressed recommendations. They are intelligent and interesting so I am pleasantly surprised.
    I started blogging because my friends and I wanted to create a hub to talk about dancing. And I’ve noticed what you mentioned about being alert to applying experiences into something meaningful. It has been a joy getting feedback on my writing also.
    Thanks for the great post : )

  19. I’m amazed, I have to admit. Seldom do I come across a blog that’s equally educative and amusing, and without a doubt, you have hit the nail on the head. The issue is something which too few people are speaking intelligently about. Now i’m very happy I found this in my search for something concerning this.

  20. I nearly gave up trying to get to the end of the comments trying to add my own. What a conversational storm you’ve stirred up here! (Now, please don’t follow it up by asking why the organic chicken crossed the road — you’ll crush the server!) Most excellently written post and so deserving of fresh pressing.

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  22. Great post, Kari! Your first point about seeing the world differently is spot on. What might be a little episode in life, can be a catalyst for a wonderful article.

  23. Hi Kari!

    Great post. I blog to inspire others to seek adventures in novelty in order to rebuild after a life crisis, or if they are just bored and want to get off the couch! Thanks for sharing what blogging has taught you – it is much the same for me, too.

  24. I’m like you. I’m not very articulate when it comes to talking to people. I’m quite shy but people sometimes take it as being aloof. Writing gives me the opportunity to write the things that always seem to be stuck in my brain or come out of my mouth wrong.

  25. Very nice post.

    I started my blog because I wanted to talk about things that I find important, but sometimes I run out of ideas or I just don’t have time. I started blogging 7 months ago and I’ve only written around 10 posts. I know, I know.

  26. I love this, as this is exactly as I feel as well! A friend of my encouraged me to start blogging to share my story. It is amazing how when we let the words flow, they seem to write themselves.

  27. Love this post…helpful insights for someone newer to the blogging world.

    I’ve found too (in my brief few weeks of blogging!) that blogging is making me a more thoughtful reader, I think. I’ve been reading more, and more critically (in the good sense!) as I’m on the lookout for things I’d like to interact with.

  28. Hi Kari,
    Loved this post! I am a new blogger and I think a lot about why I am doing what I do….getting up at five in the morning so I can write before my pre-schoolers wake up, stopping every moment of action to take a photo to capture the moment….and all the other things that go into generating a consistent blog.
    I particularly identify with your first point. I feel that blogging keeps me so much more present in the everyday moments of life and that makes me very, very happy. It is so easy to get caught up in tomorrow that sometimes we forget to enjoy today, and blogging really helps me avoid that.
    Of course, except when I am thinking so much about tomorrow’s post that I forget to answer my Handsome Husband when he asks me a question…..!

  29. Thanks for posting this! I enjoyed reading it. I especially connected with your first point, which I think I was probably instinctively aware of when I started blogging recently but the thoughts hadn’t developed enough in my mind for me to express them as neatly as you did here.

  30. This is a great blog, thank-you. The words “to tell a story well, you have to live it truthfully first” spring to my mind. If you choose to blog authentically about the world around you as you see it and about yourself, as you feel it, you are living life in the moment. Blogging is a wonderful practice and a great art, just like life itself :)

  31. I love your list! I totally agree o
    n everything. :)
    I blog because it makes me feel that I exist, that my stories count. I don’t want to be forgotten. I blog (and take lots of pictures and keep souvenirs), because I get scared that when I get old, I won’t be able to remember anything, and I want somebody to remember for me. :)

    (….hmm, I see a blog entry in the making.)

  32. Wow I had to scroll for sometime to reach the very bottom of the page, to say thanks.

    Since starting a blog, my sisters idea btw, thanks Leanne, I am finding that I can express my self better in words to others, that what I write for the most part is really how I feel.

    I have found a new inner peace and freedom that allows me and others to share their life expeirances, discovered a wonderful social network of people I never knew existed, get out of your dark corner, walk into the light, start a blog, better out than in they say!


  33. I was reluctant to write a blog somehow, but few weeks ago, I realized, why not! I started writing reviews of movies and then one book and it felt good to get response from people. It felt nice.I learned a lot just by writing and getting feedback from people. (: Seeing the notification is just another awesome way of feeling delighted. (:

  34. Excellent! I wrote my very first blog today and feel very inspired. Just hoping it lasts and feeling a combination of excited and overwhelmed at the number of likes and comments you have. Everyone says it takes time. Much like to subject of my blog…

      • Huh? Pressed? What is that – can yo explain? I have a few followers but I know they are friends. Although I have been amazed at the views already – over 100 and also internationally? So that is exciting and a bit weird knowing people are reading my musings and raves all over the worls from New Zealand : )

  35. I’ve just started blogging and I already see how it changes my perspective on so many aspects of my life. It helps me to keep my thoughts in order. I’m already loving it so much. Like you said, days out and special events seem so much more special when you realise you can illustrate them and draw them all together nicely in a blog and look back on it. It’s kinda like a scrap book for thoughts and feelings as well as memories and experiences. But for me, a blog is even more than that, it makes me want to go out and experience MORE than I do now, really live life, meet new people, take more photographs, eat good food, travel, learn. It’s a really enjoyable experience for me so far and I loved reading your post!

  36. “Ever since I started blogging, I’ve seen my life as a story that I’m telling other people. Because I want to tell a good story I’m always on the lookout for the funny, the silly”

    I can totally identify with a lot of your reasons for blogging.. My sense of humour never finds slapstick particularly funny, however, my life seems to be a slap stick magnet that i just have to share sometimes! I also am not so good at talking in groups so find that through blogging, I have much better comedy timing and can see the funny side in just about everything :)

    Great post, well done for being Freshly Pressed, sure you have worked hard for it

  37. Even though I am new to this blogging world,after reading your post I felt you have given words to my feelings.Blogging is helping me to see my life in different angles.
    Nice post..

  38. “Ever since I started blogging, I’ve seen my life as a story that I’m telling other people. Because I want to tell a good story I’m always on the lookout for the funny, the silly, the beautiful, the meaningful–the moments that help me connect with others and share my story in a way that interest them.”

    Amen. Writing has changed me in that way as well. No longer is my neuroticism just neuroticism, it’s good material! :D


    “I used to have a classmate in high school that kept cheeseburgers in his pockets. Seriously. And this was before Napoleon Dynamite ever came out.”

  39. This post was amazing! And you had such great points. The C.S. Lewis quote at the bottom is one of my favorites, he’s pretty much my favorite person ever. :) I blog for a lot of the same reasons! My reasons are to get my thoughts out, to be connected to others, to see things differently and to be able to share my story and my faith with others, I don’t know if it’s helping anyone but I’m hoping that my story is reaching someone. :) Congrats on being Freshly Pressed!

  40. We’re all Stories…..thats right! I believe in something similar…when asked about a series of paintings which were autobiographical, a journalist asked an artist…”now what, you’ve said everything this series”…The answer is simple….As long as I will live, I will have a story to tell…so keep writing!

  41. i decided to blog as a outlet. i am not the greatest writer but i love to write. i am learning, the more i blog, the more i learn. it connects me to people with similar interests, and hardships. it is a safe place to speak my mind. i am looking forward to following your blog!

  42. First of all I want to say superb blog! I had a quick question in which I’d like to ask if you don’t mind. I was curious to know how you center yourself and clear your mind before writing. I have had a tough time clearing my thoughts in getting my thoughts out. I do enjoy writing however it just seems like the first 10 to 15 minutes are generally wasted just trying to figure out how to begin. Any recommendations or hints? Kudos!

    • I usually look at some of my favorite blogs first to see what others are writing about and to get some inspiration. I always have a big mug of hot coffee. And then I just start typing—even if I don’t know exactly where I’m going with something at first, I know I won’t get anywhere if I don’t start typing—something, anything.

  43. I stumbled across your blog on the Freshly Pressed page. I love that you say “blogging gives you a sense of accomplishment and perseverance”. I too feel the same way when I hit the publish button. When I first started blogging I would stalk my stats which is really unproductive. Needless to say I’ve kicked that habit.

  44. Nice post.

    For me, I blog to stay sharp. I work as a news reporter for a small town newspaper, and don’t get to write columns as much as I used to.

    Blogging helps me release some creativity from time to time.

    I especially enjoyed your comment about staring in front of the screen without any idea what to write, but forcing yourself to type out something anyway.

    I live by a mantra now. Write something, even if it’s not good, just write.

  45. nice ! a very refreshing and positive outlook on our media frenzied world today.
    its been heavy on my mind :: why at an intimate meal out with a friend someone will text, tweet, or facebook someone far away, ignoring the person infront of them. why at an outstanding mount everest summit a person will feel the urge to make a phone call to say guess where i am , surely spoiling the serenity and personal moment they could have had with their fellow climbers, god, and themselves.
    why do we feel the need, urge, compelling thrive to spell our lives out for others?
    is it that we feel forgotten already?
    is it that we feel unconnected in such a world of wires gadgets and electromagnet connectivity?
    what is it?

  46. Great post and I share the thoughts of most of the posts (too many to read lol). I initially started a blog because I wanted to start a website to share my weight loss tips, tricks, story and sell nutritional supplements. Since making my first post about 4 weeks ago I found it to be much more. Connecting with other bloggers and becoming part of the community has been great. Ive learn more and more everyday because of the research I do for my articles. I think its a truly awesome thing to be able to share your passion with other bloggers with the same interests. I was a total newbie 4 weeks ago and I’m still learning. Thanks for the post

  47. Great list and I think you’ve hit on many reasons why I have started my new blog. Mostly, I want to be able to formulate my thoughts and the best way for me to do it is to write it, not speak it. I also find that when I write better by making myself naked to the world.

  48. Thanks for the list. I’m a total newbie (I just made my first post today). Many of the things on you list are things I hope to enhance and learn myself so it’s nice to know I’m probably heading in the right direction.

  49. It’s kind of funny because I have only written one blog about a kayaking trip a year back. However, since I have joined this site I have enjoyed reading peoples blogs, especially the freshly pressed ones. Something I have noticed is it has increased my desire to write. I write all the time now! I can relate to your post, even though I do not blog. I can especially relate to how writing allows you to sort out what races through your head. It is almost like writing freeze-frames my thoughts. It just gives me time to reflect and challenge what I have come to know. Otherwise, I find it really difficult to translate my emotions into words that accurately portray how I am feeling. I definitely attribute this to why I awkwardly stumble through conversation–boy, that always makes for good stories to tell to my friends.

  50. I liked your views about blogging because I am a new blogger with similar experiences. I agree that being a blogger helps to experience life differently – from different perspectives – and also makes thinking more focussed and clearer. There is also the sense of accomplishment after writing a good post, especially if there are good number of readers. I am yet to find many readers who leave comments, but I believe that would be a wonderful experience to hear others’ connected stories too.

  51. Nice list! – I started a blog for the same type of reasons, the two most important are I like to share things (free apps, songs, wallpapers) that I find and to just speak my mind. Even though sometimes I feel that I am speaking into a void, sometimes that doesn’t even matter at all.

    Thanks for the post and yes, 10 is overrated. :D

  52. This is so true and I bet a bunch of us other bloggers can totally relate! I started blogging last summer after reading other blogs for years. I initially thought of it as my online [public] diary but it’s become so much more… I get such a feeling of satisfaction writing a good post, sharing a story [personal or something I researched], and reading other blogs :)

  53. I have three different blogs and I enjoy them. I wish I could spend more time writing instead of working full-time. I enjoy reading posts by others too. I think it’s a great thing. Your post was great and helpful!! Thanks for sharing.

  54. You caught my eye on Fresh Pressed with the, “We’re all stories in the end” image, and I’m glad I read on. As a new blogger (almost one week old!), I’m already relating with so many of your points. I get amazed when anyone sees my blog, let alone what country they’re viewing it from. I haven’t had the courage to publicize it to those I know for the most part. I, too, live across the country from my family and should use this opportunity to connect with them like you said! Thank you for your words of wisdom, and happy blogging!

  55. Congrats on being Freshly Pressed.

    I agree with so much of this post, and especially this:
    “Blogging makes me a better writer. Blogging helps me understand who my audience is and what they are interested in. The stats provided by WordPress are an extraordinary help in knowing what topics are reaching people and what is falling flat.” This is my main reason for doing this blog thing.

  56. I often blog and i also really appreciate your articles. The article has really peaks my interest. My goal is to bookmark your internet site and keep checking for brand new information.

  57. Thanks for the post – I totally agree. Again I only started blogging a few months ago but it is definitely really therapeutic and helpful for getting out your thoughts!

  58. What a nice post. Congrats on being Freshly Pressed.

    I blog because it helps me to learn more about my adopted country of Sweden and share that information with other people who also may wonder why Princess Cake is green, when Waffle Day is and why do we have it, and where to find havtorn berries. It also helps me keep up with my English, improve my writing skills, feed my passion for cooking and my enjoyment of photography. I love it.

  59. I can relate to all of your reasons! I am a new blogger (only a month) and I am excited that this journey has begun. My friend’s bf took a yr of my friend’s blog posts and made them into a book. It looks amazing and I want to do that in future yrs. I think it’s part of your legacy. Great post! And congrats on being Freshly Pressed!


  60. Is it okay to just say “ditto”? :^)
    I would only add that blogging has helped me be a better person, and to make better choices.
    And is your opening quote “We’re all stories in the end” from Dr. Who? It’s a keeper!
    Is it your photograph? It’s most excellent.

  61. What an amazing response you have had to your post. It is a great post!!!! I agree with all you have said. The most interesting thing I have found from my blog is the great people you meet along the way.
    Keep on blogging.

  62. Great post and congratulations of “freshly pressed”! I’m a new blogger myself and it’s like you plucked what I was feeling out of my brain before I knew what I wanted to say. “Blogging makes me see my life differently.”… Amen to that!

  63. Reblogged this on What About Now? and commented:
    I literally started writing a blog very much like this yesterday morning. It became corrupt though and lost it:(. Thanks for letting me revisit my thoughts. Good work!

  64. You have put into words most of all the reasons why I blog.
    I started my blog because -selfishly- I wanted companions on my journey through Southeast Asia. Came back 3 days ago and am still continuing blogging about it. Actually in Vietnam right now. :)
    I continue blogging because it helps me remember and relive all that I have loved.
    I now blog because I can share that internal dialogue I have in my mind.
    I have gained so much from other bloggers that I hope my blog provides something of value to others as well.

  65. I agree with all of your points about the effect of blogging! Thanks for expressing “my” sentiments so well. I’ve been blogging for about 4 1/2 years now. Whether or not I ever become Freshly Pressed (highly unlikely), blogging gives me tremendous personal validation. It’s a continual journey of self discovery. I also love being a part of the “community of blogging” on WP. I don’t have a lot of time to read other blogs, but I always try to at least check-in on the FPs. I’m continually fascinated and inspired by the quality and creativity. It’s amazing to learn about all of the unique lives being lived right here on the same tiny planet. Blogging teaches me how to love life, to embrace it while it lasts, to celebrate it and hopefully be able to contribute in some positive way.

    Blessings on your journey, MoSop

  66. Love this post. I think a big reason why blogs work is because frankly, people are much like innocent voyeurs, curious about other’s lives & what goes on in them. Even if we think a trip to the ocean for the day isn’t that exciting, someone else might, living vicariously through your photos and perspective on the day. And blogging perfects your writing skills as each post serves as practice for bigger & better things down the road :-)

  67. I love this post. I am new to blogging, I haven’t even written my first post yet. I started a blog but I had no idea what I wanted to blog about. This post has helped me. I think i want to write about my everyday. Thank you for this great post.

  68. Woaw, great post.
    I never thought about it like this, but you’re right, it’s a great opportunity to go out and really make something out of your day instead of letting the time go to waste! What i love about blogs are the real life stories people post, even if they are made a little more exciting by their minds, it is still true stories.

  69. I never though much of blogging, too, until I started it. I have written for others, done much work for hire. But, it’s so nice to write and be published under your own name and with your own thoughts and interests!

  70. I really loved this. I’m new to blogging and started simply because I’m taking time off travelling and I wanted to stay connected with family and friends, have a place to remember all the small stuff we easily forget and a way to write regularly and be creative while I have this time off. To see things differently and notice what’s around me. Thank you for sharing all that because it touched me. It’s hard to get started and believe people really read it and enjoy it. I completely agree with the sense of accomplishment, perseverance, connecting and seeing life differently. You said that beautifully. Thanks! I’ll read more of your blog while I’m traveling.

  71. Very nice list. I completely agree with you. Funny, I started blogging because every writing seminar I’ve ever attended has told me to do so. Truthfully, I looked at it as a chore and I really dreaded getting it up and running. But it took me only ONE blog to see how it was going to benefit my writing (and not just my “platform”). Now I am addicted.

    Since I am writing a book of historical fiction, I decided to use my blog as a way to share some of the funny, fascinating, intriguing things I’ve learned in my research. Most of these things will never make it in to my book, but I felt they deserved to be shared. The benefit I am getting out of this blog? It keeps me going back to my research. It keeps it fresh in my head. It’s so easy to buy an old newspaper on Ebay, read it–even take careful notes from it–and then completely forget what you read. Blogging on the eccentricities of life in the early 1900s keeps me focused on the time period. This improves my book. Plus, it’s just really, really fun!

    Thanks for bringing up a great topic!


  72. Nice! Good thoughts!
    I’ve just recently re-started my blog (left the old, rarely updated blog behind to start fresh and clean with a new one), with the intent of updating on a regular basis. I am the type of person who has a million projects going on at one time, and because of that, I don’t finish them very quickly. My thought is this: if my goal is to post regular blog updates, I’ll have to have something to post about- Perhaps it will motivate me to focus on a few projects at a time until they’re complete! That’s the idea, at least :)

  73. Great energy comes out of this post. I just started my blog last week…. I also was cynical about starting one but now that i have I cannot wait to continue to post and share my world with others in hopes that they can relate or maybe I can truly find what I absolutely love about life.
    Great post!! Thanks!

  74. Great thoughts on blogging. I feel the same way, about telling a story and looking at things more closely trying to find something that my readers might also think is interested. Only for me – I’m just the opposite on hits. I always wonder why anyone would care what I’m reading, cooking, or what I did on vacation. I’m always honored, amazed and surprised when I’ve had a good day and more than 2 people read my blog : ). Congratulations on the Fresh Pressed – This one made it – and because of that we had the opportunity to share with each other today. Keep Blogging. . . Pat

  75. Love this post! It’s an awesome reminder of why we blog and do what we do. I remember when I started my first one several years ago. It was more of a personal exploration during a difficult time in my life and a journey I wanted to share with people. As the years have gone by, my blogs have evolved. But they still serve the same purpose – sharing my life’s journey’s and experiences and hoping that someone will find meaning in them, regardless of the topic. Like you, I could easily spend all day just reading blogs! They inspire me.

  76. I totally agree with your list. Since I’ve been blogging I see things in the world differently. I take a photo daily for my blog so I have become more in tune with the things around me. I, too, get excited when I see my stats go up and when I receive “like” and comments. I then realize I am reaching people. I belong to a writers’ group which strongly encourages us to blog. I am so glad I am.

  77. I love that you said that blogging makes you see life and the world differently. That is so true! I can tend towards mopiness for a variety of reasons (hungry, cold, sun isn’t shining), but I’ve been trying to keep my blog (which I started late last year when we moved to Germany) positive for the most part. It provides a really good exercise in looking for and noticing the good. So far it’s been a great experience! Check out chanceofsun if you get a chance!

  78. Thanks for asking the question: why do I blog?

    I am a prose/poet/photographer who will never get published in the “traditional” sense in this life, as I am merely one small voice. Blogging gives me the opportunity/satisfaction of having my life’s snapshot read by others. Comments are especially important, as blogging can be a lonely place if readers omit their input.

    Congrats on Freshly Pressed!

  79. This really reflects the passion of every true blogger and it’s wonderful when you can put your feelings down in written words and truly express who you are. I mean, if your spoken words don’t do you justice aren’t you lucky when your written words can?…I enjoyed reading this post…it’s very inspiring :)

  80. I agree with the others posts. Bogging is additive. Believe it or not I did not know I had an author inside of me until recently. I also like sayings that make sense. Because I am a saleslady at heart, my recent saying is: I think it was John JacobIV Astor who said “Serve the classes, live with the masses, Serve the masses, live with the classes”

    I search for products that I can share with others to serve the masses. Blogging helps me with that. Good post.

  81. You must be psychic! It’s funny because the other day I was pondering of why I starting blogging myself. Especially when my content pretty much has no developed audience and instead some people here and there that stumble into it. But you and I came to the same conclusions here; couldn’t have said it better myself. I definitely agree with the bullet “Blogging makes me a better writer.” I am no creative writer per say, but I can write. I never want my writing to flounder, and blogging is my answer to this problem. Fantastic post. Glad you were Freshly Pressed. You’ve got yourself another follower here :)

  82. Why do I blog? Well, this originally started as a school assignment but then after getting my first like I fell in love. As much as we all say we write for ourselves and such, in truth we love the validation we get from likes, comments and reposts. As a new blogger I still have a long way to go, but I really do want to be a force in the bloggersphere, I write poems and shorts stories and essays that I think could help people if they read them. My hope is that I will be able to reach someone who needs to read what I write. The best thing I have gained from all this is a community of really good writers who constantly challenge me to push myself to write at my best. I love it!

  83. I relate to all 7 of your points. Blogging has been the most therapeutic thing I’ve ever started. I def share your sentiment on “likes” and comments, they immediately boost my self esteem. There’s no better feeling than knowing your friends & family love your writing style. Blogging gives you the ability to see the world as a story, not just your story, but its a great American Novel & we’ve gotta present it in such a way, that our audiences returns often to read another small tale. I totally dig this post! loves it! keep posting doll!

  84. Nice list. I have been thinking about why blogging is so rewarding lately too. I also originally thought it would be a bit naff.
    But I’ve come to realise that (in addition to all the things on your list), it’s a great way of getting to say all the stuff that you’d never have a forum or means to say otherwise. I think of it as a bit of a “clearinghouse”.
    Thanks for a thought-provoking post!

  85. Well written! And congratulations on being Freshly Pressed – which is how I found you. :)

    We sound a lot alike! I began my blogging journey on Diary-X in…2004 maybe? I started because we had moved to another state, away from family and friends, and I thought it would be a great way to keep in touch. My sisters were on Diary-X, so I thought it would be great for me to join them there. Then in 2007, their site crashed and I lost everything. I was sickened. I moved on to LiveJournal, but before long I was blogging at Blogger. I finally joined WordPress last month. And now I know what you mean – especially about how the stats make you feel like you’re doing something someone else might find interesting. Now I see the mundane things I do (as a stay-at-home, homeschool mom) through new eyes, hoping to find a good blogging angle, and many times I do.

    Thanks for sharing!

  86. I got into blogging quite recently – Jan’12 to be precise and its been addictive ! I guess it also lifts your self esteem significantly when you see the likes, followers and positive strokes. By the way I quite liked that quote “We are all stories in the end !!”. Keep it up !

  87. I’m new to the blogging world, but I’ve always connected thru writing. I have a hard time organizing the raw reality of life, blogging makes me take the time to see all aspects of what I’m feeling. I enjoy created fictional stories and also telling my own experiences. Take a peak at specialnothings, I’ve never had the “liked” feeling. I live close to all the people that matter to me, most of them have no idea that I blog. :(

  88. Wow.. That`s super inspiring and I totally Love it :]
    Am Pretty new to blogging.. I just wrote my first blog and shared all my life.. How average my life was and how miserable i made it.. And the best part, How i got the realization and improved myself :) ..
    And after expressing and sharing my thoughts, i felt so good..
    And keep up the good work :) .. I’ll make sure i follow all your blogs :)


    Akhil, India

  89. “We read to know that we are not alone.” C.S. Lewis

    This describes best. Blog gives us platform to express our thoughts, free up our mind and share the beautiful things of life with fellow human beings.

    Pune, India

  90. I’m considering starting a blog so I found your seven things very interesting and encouraging … thank you :)
    I live in South Africa … so your inspiration has reached across an ocean.

  91. Just discovered your post on Freshly Pressed and wanted to say how much I enjoyed it. Everything you mention about blogging is what I think about blogging as well. I wasn’t sure at the beginning but then it has become part of my life, and like you I am looking out for the small little details each week to talk about. Keep up the good work and I look forward to reading more of your blog posts. Happy blogging!

  92. You know what. I’m a WordPress bloggin girl and I must say. What a great list. Not only that. I feel connected. You girl are hitting a sore spot with a few items on your list. One of them being that my brother recently moved to London – I’m from Amsterdam – and my sister is moving to Australia in a few months for her first job after graduation. I am already starting to feel the disconnect with my (older) brother. And he’s just gone a few days. Imagine what happens when my big sister moves out. I guess that we are going to share a lot more stuff on our (personal) blogs.

    I also share the feedback about the WordPress stats. Such a great tool. Telling us exactly where people are coming from. For me they are mostly visiting from non-English speaking regions, and maybe that is why people don’t (want to) comment on my blog. That with the technical nature of it… or I just own another drive-by-blog.

    Don’t you ever want to quit? I see people using my work, but they do not comment, neither thank me for the stuff I have done… when they use it. And that seem to happen a lot. Does that say something about the people ‘I work for’ or is it just me being a silly young (16) naive girl with a big mouth? I will hate myself if that is to be the latter, and yes. Sometimes I want to quit. Done that one time already, but I missed bloggin so much that I returned after a few months. Maybe it’s just me getting tired.

    Well. Anyway. Have a nice one.

    Samantha aka DutchHockeyGoalie aka RevoGirl.

  93. Great list!
    Personally, I blog for very selfish reasons. My blog satisfies my need to write. I get withdrawal symptoms if I don’t write for some time so the blog is a quick and efficient way to get my fix :-)
    Also, it helps me put my life and experiences in perspective. I like to go back and read the older blogs and see how I’ve evolved emotionally, as a person, a writer, a woman, etc.
    So yeah, selfish reasons, but I like it :-)

  94. I blog because it’s something I love to do. It gives me an opportunity to talk about things I can never say out in the open. While away from my blog I’m shy and hesitant to talk about myself or my problems, I transform and feel like I can talk about anything I want. If I don’t make it as a writer, I know I’ll always have my blog. It’s like my dreamworld.

  95. beautiful and inspiring post, cause I have just started my passion for blogging as well. It truly makes my life richer and I like what you said about thinking harder about our lives and maybe have a different perspective about an issue.
    Besides this is one of the most productive way to spend time on the internet.

    I have learned so much stuff from reading people’s blog. Blogging has made me realize the wonders of life and the interesting moments that sometimes we all just passed by without really thinking about it.

    Beautiful post. One of the best ones I’ve ever read. :)

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  97. I started off blogging for very different reasons a year ago than those I now write for: inspiration from so many other bloggers to keep going; I think I am mildly (ok ok, wildly) addicted to it now; never in my life have I made such wonderful, encouraging writer connections as I have from merely writing a blog that has not only become a healing exercise for me but has inspired me to return to return to poetry and other creative writing, something I had not done for many years. This was very good reading and I’m glad I found it. Thank you for sharing :)

  98. Great post! I must admit I prefer the #7 too. I’m new to the whole blogging thing but I love the reasons you’ve come up with for why you blog. I’m not too sure why I’m blogging yet — I’ll figure it out as I go! #AbbiePrescott

  99. i prefer wordpress now compared to Facebook, i also love how much in common you will have with the blogs of people that you don’t know. it allows you to feel that you are not alone. i enjoy writing mainly because sometimes i know that it either helps or effects another person. i just love writing my blog and very much enjoy reading others blogs :)
    thankyou for sharing
    hope you are having a good day
    keep smiling

  100. Hi! I’m new here. I just read your post. It was amazing. I started a blog that is a sort of an open letter to one of the most important persons in my life. I hope you’d be able to check it. Thanks! :)

  101. I totally agree with 1, 3, 6, 7 and the comment about building your 10,000 hours as in the Outerliers! Congratulations on being freshly pressed, I can’t wait to check out the rest of your blog. Your knowledge is so helpful!

  102. Blogging reminds me that what is personal is universal. I blog to create an online sanctuary where I store stories of joy-full things, where I can celebrate them with others, and where I can create my own “The Notebook” and preserve beautiful moments in Life. It’s also a way to connect with others and enjoy discussions with kindred spirits from anywhere.

  103. Great list! I like 7 too. :)

    I blog for myself – to document and make sense of my experiences and epiphanies. If it speaks to or touches other people, then that’s really just a bonus.

  104. I really enjoy the first bullet. While most of the time during my day I look for the the funny or tragic story to bring home to the dinner conversation, blogging has almost enhanced that search. I’m still new to blogging, however, so I’m hoping by hopping around to other posts, I can learn something from others. Great post! Thanks for giving us a chance to read!

  105. A very nice post. You stick to your “seven” list! Who makes up these rules, anyway?! I didn’t want to start “blogging”, but some of my fellow Alums, who always seem to think of me as my Major back in school (English/Communications) instead of how I have evolved, kept at me how I could “make money” if I started a blog. I finally acquiesced twenty-eight months ago and have yet to earn a dime from it! :-/ It is for good practice and venting in my case. Bravo for getting Pressed like a Fresh bike ride near the ocean!

  106. Reblogged this on Noubelle and commented:
    I really like this person’s blog post. It’s so true. I started blogging to “discover” and to practice my writing style but it has turned out to teach me so much more. Blogging has made life significantly richer for me – and I think everyone should do it.

  107. Yes to all 10…I mean 7 :) I’ve always kept a blog but I just recently started to really put my latest one out there for people to read and I’ve felt all 7 of those in the most powerful way ever since. Great post!

  108. Definitely #1 for me – I see things I’ve never seen before even though I’ve passed by it hundreds of times. For me, blogging is also a personal discipline as I’ve been thinking about what it means to take time for rest and renewal for myself. When the stats don’t click upward, I have to remind myself that I am blogging, first for myself, then to share with others.

  109. As a TV journalist I am always bound by a time limit when it comes to filing stories. And that is so frustrating. There is so much to say, so many voices that you have to cut off because they make your stories go way over. By blogging about these issues/people I am able to talk about them in etail, let the talking heads breathe if you knwo what I mean!
    I really like your blog, the look and the feel of it.

  110. Great list. I have been blogging for a few months and I really have alot to learn. Thanks for sharing. You definitely deserve and congratulations on getting freshly pressed.

    Kind regards,

  111. Very well said, Kari. I think many bloggers can identify with all the reasons you mentioned here. One of my favorite reasons for blogging is meeting the community of like minded folks who share a passion for writing, or other forms of art–such as, humor and photography. But meeting people from all over the word, and understanding other world cultures–priceless! Congrats on being freshly pressed!

    I am re-blogging this on: http://mecwrites25.wordpress.com/

  112. I though blogging could be a type of therapy for my. It makes me stop and reflect on my feelings and thoughts without spiraling out of control. That’s why I started my blog recently. Thank you for reminding me why I started the blog in the first place.

  113. I started blogging to increase my mortgage broker business and then I accidentally started writing about the journey I have started after having my daughter diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis. I love that putting out raw, honest, vulnerable pieces brings some solace to people who are trying to come to terms with life’s lessons too. Great Post – congratulations!

  114. Thank you for this awesome reminder of the reasons why we blog.

    Blogging also helps me remember things I had already forgotten, like lessons and blessings that I have yet to thank God for. :)

  115. Perfect post. I aggree that you never know what post will catch fire with the readers. Sometimes I post something I’m sure will be a hit and it hardly get any attention, then again I do another post I think will hardly get a nod and it’s a smash- I guess it all works out. Maybe someday I will get freshly pressed, not a bad goal when you think of it.

  116. I love writing, writers and books, so that’s why I started blogging. It has been so much fun, I am amazed that I didn’t start years ago. I get to interact with people all over the world, so it’s like having international pen pals. Plus, as you said, you get to see interesting stuff and meet interesting people. Congrats on being Freshly Pressed. :-)

  117. Yes and Yes to everything you just said. It helps me communicate better and I feel like I’m making a difference in someway to even just one person everyday cause I know there is someone out there who understands me and loves what I discuss because I’m not afraid and I can relate to people.

  118. I blog because it helps me write and pushes me to write. WordPress widens my horizon on different blogs and I learn new things. I love blogging and will never stop. Great post! Follow me. please

  119. Over the last few months,I have been debating whether to start a blog of my own. After reading your blog I am definitely going to start my own blog. I like the idea of sharing my ideas, thoughts, and daily events with other people. Your blog has truly motivated me. I guess one of the main reasons I haven’t started a blog is because my writing skills are not that great. However, I believe blogging my help me in this area.

  120. Great list. I would add that I blog for several reasons in addition to the excellent list you have created. I needed someplace to create some semblance of order for the chaos of thoughts constantly vying for my attention. I needed a safe place to practice ‘voicing’ these thoughts, without fear of ridicule. I have a hope that I will become consistent enough, and possibly interesting enough, to one day pursue earning a bit of income on the side using these crazy thoughts. What have I got to lose? haha. that was meant to be funny. Thank you for your blog.

  121. Thank you for this post, isn’t it great when you understand what and why you’re doing certain things? Blessings

  122. I agree with every one of your points – especially that blogging helps work things one in one’s mind and makes a person a better writer. Both have been really true for me — I’ve felt able to take on tougher, more complex subjects the longer I have my blog. Sometimes I get great response, other times not so much. All good.

  123. Good questions! I keep a blog for the same reason I keep a journal–to express my feelings and record my experiences. The only difference between my journal (which I’ve been keeping since 1992) and my blog (which I’ve been keeping since 2008) is that the former is private, and the latter is public.

    The main thing I’ve learned from blogging is the uncertainty of public reception. Many of my posts are hardly viewed at all, while others are constantly viewed. And I never know what is going to be appealing to readers, and what isn’t. So when I post, I don’t consider my stats. Because, although my blog is public, I don’t keep it for others–I keep it for myself.

  124. Your blog has unveiled a lot of the same reasons thousands of writers, including myself, can now call ourselves ‘writers’ (yes, I granted myself that permission upon reading Uncle Orson Scott Card’s Writing Class, http://tinyurl.com/6ogslwb) which has given us the fluidity of thought (most of the time) to be transcribed onto ‘paper’. I completely agree with your stats reflection, and giggled to myself as I feel the same statistic addiction (and fear as well, since sharing private thoughts, can use up a lot of bravery).

    Above all, your humble and honest voice may seem quiet but speaks volumes as to the strength you hold in hitting ‘publish’ with every post.

    I’m sooooo looking forward to reading more of your delightful insights. :D


  125. You are right about connecting to others through experiences and slowing down to enjoy experiences that we once did for other reasons. I take my camera with me every time I take my son to one of our parks or trails that we visit. Your post is very encouraging. Blogging offers me an opportunity to share my thoughts about writing, my photography and read about the things that interest me.

  126. I love point #7. I turn more to blogs for information than I do to national resources. If I’m looking to purchase an item, I turn to blogs to read “real”customer reviews. Not a review that was bought from a company.

  127. I started my blog that I have here for purposes of accountability when I began a running training program last summer.

    Now, the running and the blogging about running have become somehow inseparable.
    I don’t run to have something to blog about, but knowing I will be blogging about a run makes it more than just pounding one foot in front of the other on the pavement for ‘x’ distance.

  128. First time I ever blogged it was because I needed some space to unpack some things that I was trying to figure out and I needed to explore in ways that meant bouncing ideas off people, even if it wasn’t going to be people I know, I actually like that it takes the pressure off and frees you up to be less self conscious I think. :] xx

  129. All very good reasons to blog. I only started writing a blog a few months ago and it’s all about living with people I really don’t like. I find it a way of venting and getting my thoughts out there, but also it’s nice to write, and like you, I love to see the stats each time I write a new post. At the moment it’s mainly friends and workmates that read it but it’s always nice when people say to me “I read your latest blog, I thought it was funny” or whatever.
    Carry on blogging :)

  130. You asked why people blog. My husband and I (who take it in turns) blog in order to learn. We have chosen as a subject a place where we spend our holidays (Paris), and we take the photographs, the memories, and the souvenirs and use them as a jumping-off point to find out more…all the things we do not know when we are there. Writers are often told, “Write what you know.” We write in order to fill in the blanks that we do not know. We have questions, and writing the blog forces us to come up with answers. It forces us to read documents in French (very good for language skills), do research, solve mysteries, and even debunk myths. For us, blogging is the best form of continuing education.

  131. Thank you for sharing your insight about blogging. I love it! Blogging has help me escape from twitter’s 140 maximum character and facebook’s 240 word count restrictions. =)

  132. For years I was scared out of my mind to let people read my stuff. Then I did a full-on 180 and decided that no one would ever see it if I never put it out there. And what’s the point in that? Since I’ve started my blog I’ve written so so much more and been a lot more confident about what and how I write. Totally worth the terror.

  133. So true. I started blogging on advice from a friend. I’ve always enjoyed writing and find it a great escape. In the year that I have been blogging I have realised that I find people’s lives interesting and like you I’ve taken more notice of the world and in particular people, their personalities, mannerisms and quirks and enjoyed publishing blogs largely sport related that are informative and hopefully humourous. Blogging has definitely made me aware of just how much is going on around me and for that I’m grateful.

  134. Nice post!

    I used to blog only to get my students engaged and interacting with each other–because it was great for them. I decided to finally blog for my own personal reflection and because I thought I had something to say. Like you said, when I blog, I take the time to think and really embrace those thoughts and character-changing moments. I like to think that because people are reading my blog posts, I am creating some accountability for those lessons I am learning and sharing with the world. It makes me think I better live up to what I write!

  135. So true, this is why I love to blog and write some story if I ever had a chance to write when I`m traveling to other country and such. Blogging also improve my language skills and better understanding about people perception. Like!

  136. Hello, I am in the process of starting a blog, something I have wanted to do for awhile but didn’t really know where to start.. so I joined WordPress..that’s about as far as I have gotten, but reading the reasons you blog fit so perfectly with my goals I am encouraged to take the plunge. I think my biggest fear was that what I found interesting would be a crashing bore to others, even though my family and friends seemed to think otherwise..after all, they ARE my family and friends…
    Thank you for probably unknowingly giving me the push to get going!

  137. I’m amused to read of your desire to get freshly pressed and here you are – Freshly Pressed. Congratulations are certainly in order and I’m sure that your stats will go off the charts now that you’re here.

    I read somewhere that people seldom remember more than 3 things (like where they read them) in any presentation. I never was a fan of the top ten and there must be a reason why they save number one for last.

    I too enjoy blogging if only to help others achieve their goals through the insights I have to offer. I blog on the principle that “Knowledge is power and Wisdom is sharing it! As for blogging in general, I can most certainly echo your thoughts as well.

    A well written post and I’m sure relatable to many of your past and new readers.

  138. Hi Kari, That’s an excellent list (and I really like your image for it, too). Many of the lessons you mention are ones that writers in general have found that writing does for them. But the relatively new world of blogging brings so many new dimensions to the experience, and you’ve nicely articulated those. As a fan of lifelong learning and all the good things it does for us and for our brains, I like that blogging provides ongoing learning experiences for me. I am an artist and one of the things I like to do is interview other artists for my blog. It’s fun for me to see how they make their art, how they feel about it, and to be able to ask a lot of questions. I find I even learn a little about my own individual process from exploring theirs, through contrast and comparison. I also hope that by sharing these thoughts with others (otherwise, why have a public blog?) readers will find some new perspective or appreciation for something they hadn’t necessarily thought about before. Thanks for the post, and may you continue to enjoy what writing does for you!

  139. Great post! I have to say I agree a lot on seeing simple moments in life in a different light. My friends and even my boyfriend tell me they don’t think much of our everyday moments together, but apparently when I write about them I make it seem so grand. (Which I never realized I did, I just … write!)

    But I think that’s great, because we often take the little things for granted. So it’s a good practice to step back and examine those snapshots of our lives. :)

  140. Simply lovely&so insightful…totally agree with the 7 points-the one about waiting for the hits is just too cute;)…and yup,blogging is addictive but what a lovely addiction to have:)….three cheers for blogging n bloggers like us,what say :)

  141. As a follow up, I would like to point out the fact that you’ve included a C.S. Lewis quote, whom I’m sure to have been dear friends with if the time and place had worked out right. Thank you for sharing!

  142. Wow! Great post and a wonderful comment response.

    I blog to make sure that I am practicing writing, or thinking about writing every day. I have a set of ideas in my head that I want to record and blogging gives me that accountability.

    What I love about your post is the importance of story telling. Our perception of our lives is directly related to the story we tell ourselves. It appears to me that you are telling yourself a good story.

  143. This is such a remarkable thing! Simply profound! I’m afraid that my brain might blow.

    I think, fellow blogger, that we are one in the same people. It seems that you’ve taken my thoughts and blogged them! I’m glad to see another citizen of this “town” with a similar mind to my own. How jolly!

    I am just starting out in this World of Blogging, so I can’t quite say that it has greatly impacted my life just yet. Although, I am inclined to think that you have captured how I will feel about a year from now. I already agree with some of your statements that relate to my journal keeping, short-story writing, and story telling. I do quite like to tell stories.

    I have noticed one thing about this world. I do like the fact that I can write whatsoever I would like without worrying what others will think. For, of course, there are bound to be some people like me!

    You have just proved this.

  144. This blogging is a very interesting phenomenon. It is so much easier to open up to total strangers than to people we know, so much easier to write than to speak, which is great, but then it becomes addictive too. I blog as a coming out about depression, to help fellow sufferers, and also my blog is poetry journaling, so self-expression. Thanks for your post.

  145. Hi Kari,

    I blog because the words are like rushing water that needs to flow out. To stop the flow is painful. I am a Christian, so I blog because I feel the Lord is calling me to share Him who IS the Word :)

    Blessings to you through Jesus Christ! I pray that He continues to be the author of your story and the perfector of your faith (Heb. 12:1-2). God bless you for letting others witness your “race”! May we all cheer one another on to the finish!!

    In Christ,
    Natalie (wordprocessor)

  146. Thanks so much for this post a lot of what you said in fact all of it really resonated within me.

    By nature I am a person that is very talkative and I see blogging as a means of expressing myself, to tell stories that maybe someone out there has an interesting in listening to. I feel as though it makes me think more as you said to translate what is in my brain to other people.

    To me blogging is a type of therapy and I get excited when I get a bunch of hits in a day. I recall when I got started nobody was reading my material but now since August of 2011 I have nearly 3,200 hits. People are actually liking what I write about which is pretty much anything from computers to food. I find that over time I have made it even more random which has made it more fun for me.

  147. I blog because I like to share my vision of a world that does as it is told.
    I don’t really care bout hits on the blog, cos in the end that would be just seeking some kind of acceptance.

  148. I have been really planning to start a blog but when I do, I forget about it because I don’t know how to connect with people. And now that I have another one again, I don’t have a clue about “blogging” though I have tons of plans on what to write. :D I really do agree with you about the things you’ve listed as benefits of blogging. We can think of many ideas to write but then writing a blog and publishing it is another story (think about editing, a skill which I need to work on). Of course the pleasure of our work being read is always worth it. I always believe that readers give life to the words on the pages, and what ensues then is a community of people talking, listening, etc–just like this.

    Your blog has motivated me to continue writing and blogging. http://thinkwonderer.wordpress.com/

    Thank you.

  149. I love this post. I think you are true: blogging starts to make you see life in a different way. When you are documenting your life through posts you start to become more aware and make the most out of things. I started blogging to document my attempts to be a traditional housewife whilst working a full time demanding job in investment banking. I love being able to document all the baking and crafty projects I do as well as sharing my story with readers and hearing their experiance. I feel like I have made some great friends all around the world through my blog. Thank you for this post – it was very thought prevoking!

  150. Reblogged this on OnlyArt and commented:
    I have only been blogging a month but I agree with you, Outside Air. Blogging has helped me see the world a little differently and write a little better. Thanks for sharing!

  151. Great article, and I look forward to reading more.

    I’ve journaled since, probably 3rd grade in various ways. As time went on, journaling became a form of prayer.

    I started blogging as a way to journal out loud to more than myself, and it has grown from a mental health/spirituality tool, to a way to reach out and,now possibly a way to work on a new career. Powerful!

    My quick look at your tags show that we have lots of common interest – much of my school background is in religion and psychology and C.S. Lewis rocks the vote IMHO.

    Keep up the great work and congrats on the fresh press!

  152. What a great post and Sunday morning treat ! Thanks a lot and congratulations. I can relate to all reasons you mentioned for blogging. I will add one as a non English-speaking person : blogging is also for me a reason to continue learning your language. I am loving it.

  153. “Writing makes me a better writer.” – So true!

    As for me, blogging helps me learn more words to use for my next composition. :)

    Great work. Keep it up! :)

  154. I started my blog and became an unintentional Whistleblower about a former job that I hated. I became the Julian Assange of Thomson Reuters. And then it became a way to work through a break-up.

  155. I’m glad I found this post :) I just start blogging for the first time a few days ago, and the whole experience looks pretty daunting from this end. I’ve definitely already found that first reason – though because my blog is about things I’m angry about, I seem to be hyper-conscious of anything annoying around me… Although, maybe I’m not as annoyed as I’d usually be, because now I’m thinking of a blog post I could write about it…

  156. I blog therefor I am.
    I enjoied reading your list as well as some of your other blogs. I think you might enjoy some of mine although I am just getting started. I would love to hear your feedback.

  157. I started my blog 2 weeks ago and I have to say I am now completely addicted to wordpress .. I too have to force myself to step away from the computer these days ! There are so many interesting blogs out there ;D

  158. Congratulations on Freshly Pressed. I really enjoyed this post. For me, there’s a paradoxical quality about blogging – something like thinking out loud in public, or journaling with accountability. I started with the idea that blogging was a peripheral activity, but grew out of that notion in a matter of weeks, as the blog took on a life of it’s own. You express that mystery very well.

  159. I really appreciate this blog in particular because there were so many identifiers that I was able to associate with in writing my own blogs. I started back in July of last year and didn’t touch it again until November. Then I realized it was because things were taking place in my life at the time and it was my outlet. However, I never knew so many people would relate and was actually surprised at my own writing. :-) I’m looking forward writing a book soon. Now that is going to be interesting! LOL! Great post!

  160. Blogging has got me from “I have a great idea that I’d love to write about” to actually writing. Not all of the ideas are “great” I’m sure but I get to practice writing and clear the way for the next idea.

  161. You are so right with the 1st point. Actually, all 7 of them make sense to a writer, and yes, you’ve indeed captured the blogging spirit beautifully!

    Heading over to your next post Kira, and I must add, your “About” page is quite sweet! :)

  162. My favorite part is that writing changes you, how you look at life, how you treat it. I think writing does make us more appreciative of the life we have and what we can gain from it. I enjoyed your post!

  163. This was so great. Why do I blog? I would say many of the same things you did, but so as not to repeat them, I’ll add this. Where I live, everyone’s in such a rush and, unfortunately, I fall into the same pattern. Never stop to enjoy the moment or notice the little things or experience the differences around me. I love feeling connected to the “world,” in a sense. There are people whose blogs I read who live in places I’ll probably never go to. It’s like a window to another world and a taste of other cultures. It’s almost addictive to me. I see their photographs and experience their experiences on a very small level, granted, but still it’s a taste of something … it’s that time I take to “smell the roses” and it makes me appreciate the world around me just a bit more. To reiterate what you said, it makes me slow down and drink in the experiences and feelings and thoughts I have from day to day. I find myself excited to get home and read the blogs of those I’m a part of and share my world with them. In some way, it’s that sense of community that has otherwise been lost in this day and age.

  164. When I put up my latest blog, it was to channel all my frustrations at work. I felt like being trapped in the office, and when I’d go home, I’d still think about work. But now blogging has become a way for me to become better at my craft, because I write, edit, and proofread for a living.

    I resonate with your photo text: We’re all stories after all. That is so true. Human life is a narrative. Wherever we are in life right now, we are crafting our stories. It’s up to us how we get parts of them immortalized. :)

    Thanks for your post.:)

  165. So true… we all had opinions and ideas about the world around us. Blogging came along and provided a stage and plenty of audience to sit in awe of what our little mind concocted.

  166. I started a little blog several years go that went kaploot after I started college. However, when I lived in France for a while, I really got into blogging as I went through culture shock and trying to learn French. I enjoy blogging mostly because it helps me think through things or just share a story that I might not otherwise have been able to share. Enjoyed reading your post! :)

  167. Congrats on being Freshly Pressed.
    Your blog expresses my feeling exactly… why I blog and the feeling of joy when others read it and comment. My blog has gone from friends and family to a few followers and I was over joyed. Funny how I said (or more so felt) some of these things just today as I posted… but you have said it much better than I.

    It is such a good feeling to know you are appreciated and not alone in the world… that someone is listening.

  168. I was reluctant to start a web log, or “blog”, as well, but now I feel it’s something everyone should have.

    Personally, I use my web log to track growth and progress, as well as document my history. It also makes a great outlet for my emotions, because the people around me don’t seem to understand. I’ve only been web logging for about a year, but I feel it has made a real difference in my life. Sometimes, if for no other reason, I try to make progress just so I’ll have something to write about. Be it a motivational tool, an emotional outlet, or just a way to crystalize and document my thoughts, it has been an invaluable asset to me.

  169. Like you, I never thought I would like the idea of blogging at first…but then, as I was introduced to it by a fellow writer who had suggested it as a starting point and jumping block towards writing on my book, I took her up on the suggestion and haven’t turned back! I chose to blog about my experiences as a caregiver as well as patient of cardiac failure. My hope is to educate, motivate and inspire others.

    Looking forward to following your blog!!

  170. Thanks for expressing that so honestly. Feels like we just had a chat, great thoughts. I started blogging to try and find my happy place. My whole blog is based on things I am trying to do to become better version of myself. It turns out writing the blog is something that has catapulted me toward my goal, so I’m thankful for blogging and the blogging community. Looking forward to following more from you! :) Thanks!

  171. All bloggers start out with a purpose. For me, I started blogging to help get my writing out there. I had all of these pieces sitting in a portfolio doing absolutely nothing, so I figured a blog would help me not only share what I’ve already written, but it would also help me find a real audience that can inspire me to write more. My blog is still fairly young, but I’m slowly developing a group of devoted followers. My stats, particularly the like button, help me see what my followers are enjoying, which helps me figure out what direction I need to go next. I actually used to be against blogging, but now I love it!


  172. Hi Kari, I’m a freelance writer, father of four, grandfather of two, sitting here watching the Rapters kicking the Bulls ass (game not anywhere near over) reading your blog, and am moved by your insight and honesty. Any writer, or anyone for that matter, who reads the lessons you’ve learned from blogging should be inspired to put their inhabitions behind them and share whatever they have inside them with others.

  173. Wonderful post. However, I think it’s important to consider all aspects as well. I think it’s great that blogging helps you “see life differently and think about things differently”…but I do stress the need to NOT let it make you live life differently or OVER-think. Because, you see, that’s the ‘catch’ in blogging that many don’t realize…sometimes, moments in life are just that – moments, moments that are meant to be lived IN and enjoyed and reflected upon….not always written about, analyzed, depicted or re-told.

    I think that is the problem with social media and the like these days in fact. People have to say and tell and share everything. They see a beautiful setting at the beach or in solitude – and it has to be written or reflected upon. But my God – my God – take in that moment and love it. And then just let it be.

    Just Let It Be.


  174. I love all of those points and they ring so true to me, as well! Blogging definitely gives you reason to start going out there and doing things as opposed to being a couch potato and sitting inside…

    What a lovely and insightful blog you have!

  175. love this, and it’s so true, my current blog is fairly new, but i look back on old blogs and am able to relive stories and memories that were really special to me :]


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  177. Wow, this is great =) I’ve only recently started my blog but I focus on plant-based eating, my experiences with it, and what I’ve learned from it– it’s true that blogging makes you stop to think more about what things mean and how you should communicate them.

    Thanks for posting!

  178. Completely agree about the change in how you see the world. I’ve only been at this a little while and I can already see a difference in my level of engagement with basic day to day activities. It’s a nice change of pace. :)

  179. All true. There’s so much knowledge and experience we could share with one another, and blogging provides the platform. This is one aspect of how the Internet has dramatically democratized learning.

  180. Congrats on being Freshly Pressed!

    The reason that I blog is so that I can connect to the people that are not only around me, but also around the world. It’s so amazing all of the different perspectives that people view the world and getting to know more about those views really helps me to put my own life in perspective. Not only that, but as you have mentioned, I have met some really great people with some incredibly amazing stories. I could sit here reading them all day…

    Haha, well congrats to you once again!

  181. I started blogging 8 years ago to keep track of what was going on in my somewhat chaotic life and to remember things that my kids did because I was terrible at scrapbooking.

    Over the years, my blogging has evolved. Some days I talk about my feelings about particular situations – school, politics, life situations, parenting, friendships, surviving day-to-day. Sometimes it’s the minutia, sometimes it’s the bigger picture.

    Writing on a regular basis has helped me find my voice. It has helped me figure out how to get my thoughts across the way I need them to be heard. It’s helped me reach out to people I never thought I would, and say things out loud I never thought I could.


  182. Good post and congrats on being fresh pressed. I am new to blogging. I guess I started to blog to be able to keep a time line for myself and any kids my husband and I may be blessed with. I also hope it will eventually keep us in touch with family and friends. I also agree with you about enjoying seeing other have liked or commented on your blog. It is a good feeling that someone other then your imediate family enjoy your POV. Since I am new I don’t get a lot of likes or comments as not many know about my blog, but maybe someday I can hope to be as successful as yours. Thanks for the post again.

  183. Another reason =to “pay it forward” . I just started to both blog and tell my story (a single mom being repeatedly dragged through the courts in lawsuit after lawsuit) on FB. Hopefully others can learn from my posts and others’ comments.

  184. Great post, I love that picture and the quote at the top and can fully relate to all your points about why you blog. We all need to feel connected somehow, and sharing our stories helps us know we are not alone.

  185. Well guess what? Today you were ‘Freshly Pressed’! I never look at ‘FP’, but today was directed there when I clicked ‘approve’ on a post. I was about to hit the back button, when your graphic caught my eye and I saw ‘we’re all stories in the end’. That intrigued me.

    This is one of the best posts I have read in a long time. I was nodding my head from the first sentence… and nodded through all seven! I’m impressed and wanted you to know.

    I liked the Lewis quote very much.

    Thank you, Kari.

  186. Ditto on all of these things, an excellent summary!

    I agree with some of the other posters who said that they blog to hone their writing skills.

  187. Blogging is the way I unwind from the concerns of the real world. My news blog allows me to summarize what I feel is important to those of us who call the Big Island of Hawaii home. I try to be an outsider looking in, searching for the motivations of those who direct our daily lives. The act of writing clarifies my feelings and aspirations and underlines just how far I have to go to understand why we are here. Blogging is a voyage into self-discovery, a journey that ends only when we breathe our last breath. Even then, I’m not so sure the adventure is over. “Outside Air” summarizes a part of my personal quest for self-knowledge.

  188. I bet you are fed up by now; all these comments to authorise ;-)
    A good read, thought provoking.
    I have also learned that most bloggers seem to be female, or rather, most commenters.
    Thanks for spelling out that you are in the USA at the top of your blog. I’m in England and I like to know where the viewpoints are coming from.
    I have bookmarked you so I can pop in as and when.
    ttfn Tony

  189. Agreed on all points. Most surprising is how I do feel closer to people through blogging. I never would’ve thought that possible but it’s refreshing to know others feel the same way. Great post- can’t wait to read more!

  190. Agreed! Blogging has totally helped me work through my own thoughts and often times after I read what I just wrote, I realize things I never knew I was truly feeling and I end up teaching myself something. Writing has always been my way of working through the many levels of my own mind. Thanks for the post, it made me smile. :)

  191. Wow,loved your post Kari.I have got my blog for nearly an year.However,every time I write something worthwhile and think of finally hitting that ‘Publish’ button,something just stops me. I just backtrack and think that ‘maybe’ I can write something better.Ultimately ,I just don’t ‘publish’ my posts.Thanks for boosting up my confidence.

  192. I just started bogging. I guess I decided to start so that I could record my journey towards my 40th birthday. I’m just wondering how often people post a new blog? Every day? Also, how do people find your blog? Thanks for sharing what you most like about blogging.

  193. That was really enlightening and it gave me some hope. I started a music blog because those things (music and writing) are pretty much my life and I’m hoping to make a career out of it. So that’s why I blog. You should maybe check it out sometime.
    XoXo Radium Rollercoaster

  194. I have the same reasoning for my Blog : Because I want to tell a good story I’m always on the lookout for the funny, the silly, the beautiful, the meaningful–the moments that help me connect with others . I’ve found myself sometimes even wanting to experement new things just to be able to share it on my blog – like the first time I rode an electrical bull…. wow….

  195. You said everything I could have said and more. Thank you for this magnificent post.

    I started blogging because I wanted a professional place to display my fiction. But now I’m seeing it as more of a gateway for my thoughts and opinions, which can be just as enlightening in some cases. My blog has become an ongoing project, like a plant I’m trying to raise with different types of fertilizers or pots. I hope that all blogs will be magnificent trees with tons of digital leaves or flowers with nurturing petals on day :)

  196. Interesting that you would quote the great theologian C.S. Lewis and use a list of seven yet think it falls short. Seven is a very significant number in Christianity. I think it has something to do with Christ and the number of completeness. God used six days to labor and the seventh to rest, thus finishing out the week. The only other number that is counted to be something of similar importance is 12, although there are 10 commandments, I don’t remember much else with 10. Great post!

  197. I cannot even find words to describe to you how much I love this post! In my opinion, this is the best freshly pressed post I have seen in awhile! Congrats. I believe I blog because I am a much better writer than I am a speaker… and I hear this is common amongst writers. I often wish that I could just walk around with a laptop strapped around my waist like a fannypack and communicate that way, because then I could speak from my heart so much easier than when I try to find my “big gril words” in grown up conversation. I am currently looking to remedy that with toastmasters though. Another reason I blog is I have found through my very dysfunctional childhood, I swallowed my voice to stay safe and writing has almost become a safe haven for me to express myself as I share my old stories and write my new stories all at the same time. I truly enjoyed your post. It really got me thinking… and I appreciate the authenticity of your words.

    Happy blogging!

  198. Wow, You hit the nails on the proverbial head! I love the fact that you so completely shared the various reasons of blogging, and learning and living and sharing. Thank you for putting words to so many of my thoughts! Imagine a fellow massachusetsian who shares so many similar ideals. Blessings to you Kari and Congratulations.

  199. I like this post :)

    I started blogging today. And found out I had a lot of little good changes in my thoughts and behaviours.
    I become loving myself more and more.

    I’ll do blog more..

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  201. Wonderful insight Kari. I have similar thoughts about blogging as well. The one thing I did not expect was how connected I would become to the blogging community, to the point that I’ll wonder about _________ (insert blogger’s name here) if they haven’t posted in a while.

    Congratulations for being Freshly Pressed.

  202. This was absolutely wonderful, I have been just blogging to try and get my name known so i could get more sales on it but wow. This gave me a whole new perspective of it. Reading through this made me realize that It has been something for me to get my feelings out and just talk about stuff, and its also nice to know that I’m not the only one that feels accomplished ith every like or comment. Thanks for the great post I love it.

  203. “Every time something I’ve written is “liked” or commented on or even just clicked on and the little stats bar goes up and up, I get a sense of having achieved something, however small” – my thoughts exactly. ᵔᵜᵔ

  204. This was a really nice blog, thanks very much for sharing! So, why I blog. I decided to start blogging because I was online and looking at the way teenage pagans/Wiccans/witches are represented, and I discovered that very few genuine teenage/young adult witches were blogging. That’s when I decided to pick up my laptop and get to work. I’m still fairly new to the blogging game, as it were, but I am addicted at the moment, and am loving getting my voice heard in such a quick and accessable way! You meet so many people and you realise that C.S. Lewis was right, that you are indeed never alone. Keep up the good work!

  205. Blogging definitely makes us a better person. Fills me with happiness. I usually write fiction but recently began blogging.
    It’s a feel good thing for sure :)

    It’s a wonderful blog you got here

  206. You are so right. Blogging forces me to write about my life, my stories and my dogs. It’s like having pen pals all over the world. It is a wonderful self examination tool, a way to review my goals, to laugh at myself and keep in touch with friends. Well, okay, its mostly a chance to laugh at myself and let others enjoy my Homer Simpson moments.

  207. Thank you for this. I’m still trying to find a way to use my blog more effectively. I’m primarily a visual artist, letting my art tell the story. But I do want to connect with more people.

    So many times stories and thoughts slip in and out of my head, without me taking the time to capture them in words. Other times, I am just afraid to share too much about myself. I’m still not sure who’s my audience.

    Congratulations for finding yours.

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  209. This is a great post and it hits home with me. I share pretty much all your reasons for blogging, but I’ll add one that motivates me to do it: It’s a great way to vent, and it’s a lot cheaper than therapy! :) Glad I found your blog and congrats on getting Freshly Pressed!

  210. I started blogging one year ago because I got a serious illness and I discovered that the only way I had to accept it was writing about it. Then, having the year off work, I spent my time preparing posts, creating stories, looking for pictures that suited them ( and forgetting about the illness!!!).
    Now that I am recovered, and working, I don´t have so much time but I have found out that I am hooked to blogging. It is part of my identity now and gives me a sense of belonging.
    Congrats for your blog!!! I really love it.

  211. Great post and I concur . I started blogging to reach anyone, someone like me , that experienced what I went through. I want to tell my otherselves because, I believe we are all connected as human beings. That you can recover all or only what you want. I blog so I will never lose myself again. I ‘m already validated but when someone likes my post gives a comment, it gives me a feeling of yes what you say and feel does matter to others. I’ve perused many eclectic blogs and it has enlarged my world,my thinking and my life. I’m grateful for this world of blogging which I find as a supportive community of people that gives wings to your dreams. Thank you.

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  213. Blogging either elicits bemused eyebrow comments of “oh, really,” to “really, oh–that’s cool.” I can’t tell where blogging rates on the social acceptability scale. I blog because….hmm, reasons seem insignificant. I like it. That counts, doesn’t it?

  214. Reblogged this on Cardtales By The Lioness and commented:
    I haven’t been so lucky to compose my thoughts about blogging…and reaching out to all the “others” out there. If you have not already discovered this post from Kari…she made it to Freshly Pressed! I just had to re-post it as I want everyone to have the same smile I had, after reading her heartfelt truth.
    Love, The Lioness

  215. Hi Kari,

    Writing from Harvard Sq. Starbucks now…everything you wrote…right on! Blogging allows us to “unfold” ourselves in ways we simply cannot do in person…we share our deeper selves here and it becomes “sacred”…it is to me…very much so…so thank you. It’s my most “connecting” thing to do now…reading the brilliant blogs of my friends here…and they are all so brilliant! We never get to really know each other in person cause we’re attending to so many other variables….so, this is vital and It is most definitely my therapy now and all of you are my therapists…thank you and have a great day! Arthur

  216. Good Morning [PST]I’ve been on WP for a couple months now and I can relate to your 7[I like the odds too]. However, writing is a process for me and arduous at times. I stumble. Mainly because I am still holding strong to the photograph to tell the story and give the audience just a bit of writing to engage. I don’t think it’s enough but what blogging has really taught me is be real and more thoughtful. Talk about the moment and let it evolve. I see a new style emerging in both my photography and writing and that’s what keeps me going. I dread a freshly pressed because I would want to be real with my responses and not just type a form statement. It’s overwhelming in theory.
    Blogging has taught me that nothing should be static. Change your blog to fit your process and what your influenced by and make it your own.
    Keep it real and the rest will follow. Thanks for the thoughtful post. Personally it’s the best I’ve read so far…a few blogs are bound to break into the top 5 list though.
    Look for Top 5Five soon on http://capturing1light.wordpress.com/

    ps…..I’m not sure why you put that Kia commercial in there at the end but it’s some random thing I would do because there is so much truth to it. Venus and mars kinda crap. then the sandman just gives up and bolts.

  217. I blog because I agree with Frances Scott–the normal should be celebrated! Tommy and Tina are two normal little kids who bless me with their funny ways and sometimes incredible compassion and depth of understanding. I’m using screen names to protect them from embarrassment when they get older, and I anticipate that they’ll have a lot of fun reading these posts. Even now, at the ages of five and six, they like hearing stories about when they were “little.” My blog will make these stories easily accessible to them.

  218. Your reasons are so true! I love being able to see my life now as more of a story, and having always written for news and magazine articles and fiction, it’s nice to view my own life as having something to offer. Congrats on being Freshly Pressed!

  219. it was cool baby .. the way that you have explained very well the own facts, that we get from blogging, twittering .. etc .. when we are being part of the web 2.0 … @venelibre

  220. I blog because I want to increase my influence through writing. I blog to say the things the participants on our training courses tell me are important. I blog to speak to people I may never meet. I blog to learn. Thanks for asking

  221. Reblogged this on drink your juice and commented:
    these are what i learn from blogging, too..
    i am a sucker to describe something writtenly, so writing a long story might kill me.. but this is what i have to practice. i learn to elaborate my thoughts in words. also, to be more conscious of how i think and feel, and everything that happens around me. i try to admit that it is okay to make mistake in my writing. :)

  222. This post inspired my curiousity to check out your other posts. I like the eclectic mix of musings that you’ve written. I like your writting style and I like the topics you cover.
    Initially, when I started blogging, I thought I would write with a specific purpose something related to my job. Clearly though, my inspiration to write about work has limits, only one post on work and the rest have been randoms. I guess, for me, I have gained a broader perspective of what my life is.

  223. I LOVE this post! It hits home for me because I just started blogging about a month ago and started feeling that sense of perseverance and accomplishment right from day one! Blogging is such an amazing outlet and definitely allows all of us to not only remember everyday extraordinary events, but also to recreate and make even better ones just by being aware that we are going to share it with others:) Inspirational!

  224. Hi Kari, I do relate to every point you’ve made; especially what you said about special moments slipping away if they aren’t captured on film, or blogged about.
    How often, though, do we get wrapped up in “taking pictures”, or finding that perfect story angle, and forget to simply live in the moment?

    I’ve looked back on holiday events and trips to the zoo, and found the entire story told through the lens of my camera… but looking back, I felt like I wasn’t really there … I was just the observer holding the camera.
    My co-worker was recently asked by her sister, who is getting married, to not only be a bride’s maid but also the wedding photographer…. my co-worker was disappointed, because if she spends the entire evening taking pictures, she won’t actually be part of the celebration.

    Sometimes, I think blogging does the same thing. We are too busy drafting creative descriptions and witty phrases in our heads, looking for that “a-ha!” moment to happen (to provide maximum entertainment for our audience). And when it’s all said and done, we feel as close to the action as our readers do… that is, we’re on the outside looking in.

    Of course, maybe that has never happened to you. :) But it happens to many of us, so just remember that observation has its place, but take part in the moment too! :)

  225. Thanks for this … I just started blogging (my blog is an infant of one week) and I can already see that it has benefits. It makes me think and see things a little differently and it is great writing practice.

  226. Congrats on being freshly pressed. :) Great list.. I agree with the list. I would also add that reading other people’s blogs helps you sharpen your writing a bit too. I’ve noticed the change in my own blogs.

    I think the reason I blog is to share my experience with others, I live in the Tampa Bay Area so everything is new to me as I’ve never lived near several big cities. So I’m exploring the area with the eyes of a child, everything is new and wonderful and oh did you see that? That’s my perspective on things.

    I also blog because I want to get my creative stories out there so people can read them and it will stir up something in them to either like my story, start them on their own journey in writing or critique it. Either way someone else read it and its better than just laying around in a binder waiting to be typed up and read.

  227. Great post! I think one thing about blogging is it represents you so you are always trying to make it be the best it can. Also I find I’m cautious about what I post, like it forces me to stop and think do I want to say that, or did that come out right.

  228. Excellent post! I agree wholeheartedly with your list. I started blogging about three years ago simply because I love to read. I thought blogging might also be a good way to improve my thought processes AND (basically) tell a story at the same time. I write about engineering, technology, education and specifically engineering education. I have very few readers because it is such a narrow subject. That’s OK with me because I’m doing what I really enjoy. To my great surprise, I find more acceptance and greater “readership” from foreign countries and, like you; I’m addicted to the “stats”. Again, GREAT POST!

  229. The greatest lesson blogging has taught me is to appreciate the littlest things in life. Eating out or getting injured suddenly became a story worth telling to other people. And they’re actually interested. In the long run, it has made me look at things in my life in a much better perspective. Isn’t that beautiful? :)

  230. There is a real sense of accomplishment when I write a blog and it is nice when I get a lot of views but if I am honest I don’t care about the views and just the enjoyment I get when i write about something I want to write about with no restrictions

  231. Whenever I’m not writing, I’m thinking of stories or topics for blogs – how could I describe this to someone who has no context? By providing context, of course. The feedback i’ve received from my blog has certainly improved my writing over the years, and loathe as i was to start it, blogging is a great exercise in transparency: how much am I willing to say to a stranger


  232. I agree 100% with everything you said! I am certain that is why we are all here. Blogging has changed my life and opened my eyes even more to my life here as well as my travels abroad. I have found a voice and I have met friends and even met four of my new blogging buddies in their hometowns already! It is an amazing way to communicate and I am thankful every day that I have it! Congrats on the FP!

    Keep blogging!

  233. Congrats on being pressed Kari! I worked as a journalist for almost 10 years and for the longest time the thought of bloggers/blogging used to upset me. The idea that anybody could just put up a story about any old thing without check the facts or doing interviews was disturbing to me. While I still find that part of blogging to be bothersome, I now have a new appreciation for blogging too.

    I have only been a blogger for a few months, and now I’m hooked. This form of communication has allowed me to share stories with the world that I may otherwise have just thought about and kept to myself. Like you, knowing that someone has clicked on something I’ve written, read it or left a comment makes my day.

    I can completely relate to your seven points. Very nice post.

  234. I appreciate your list. As I read it I went, yeah, yes, uh huh and then pondered for myself and the item I would add to your list for me is that I blog to make a difference in other people’s lives. Thank you for posting your list and for blogging. Congrats on being freshly published!

  235. You are so right that blogging makes you take a closer look at your daily life to find a great story to share. When I find writers block choking me, I grab my camera and go walking. There is always something beautiful or interesting to photograph and write about or sometimes the pictures tell the story.
    Congratulations of being Freshly Pressed!

  236. I cannot agree more. Blogging indeed had opened a lot of door. Just the thought that somebody found the time to read your blog and decided to come for more, wether from your own country or from other parts of the world , make writing more fulfilling.

    Thanks for a wonderful post,

  237. Your list was wonderful and just the motivation that i needed to start a blog about my own life. when i saw the image at the top of the page it made me realize why i wanted to start a blog…to tell a story….my story.
    congrats on freshly pressed it was well deserved.

  238. I like you blog. The way you outlined your reason for doing this are clearly thought out. Than you for the inspiration and encouragement

  239. I completely agree with all of these. I’m a bit of a talker, among friends, but when it comes to explaining things, the written (or typed) word is still my medium. And my desire to write has grown over this last year of blogging!

    I have a friend with a photo album on FB entitled “Life’s an Adventure”, and there were days when I couldn’t understand how she could think that. But when I began to write regularly, I find myself looking for the adventure, and the things that make life interesting. So, it really does change your point of view.

    Thanks for posting about this, and congrats on being FP’ed!

  240. I hear you. I could resonate to every lesson you’ve written. This whole blogging experience has been so wonderful and it uphold the best version of us. Thanks for this lovely post.Congrats on being Freshly Pressed! ;)

  241. i started my blog just because i thought everyone has a blog so should i ..then it for along time..came back to my blog when life turned..
    i blog because i need to write down things inside..anything everything..andi like to read other blogs…because they make see that m not the only one with a story.. :)

  242. Let see …..I learn when I read other people’s Blogs. I learn about writting reading blogs. I learn to research a little bit when I’m interested in somthing that I want to post. I enjoy taking pictures to show different parts of Montana. I learn about different parts and places in Montana. I learn how to connect to others and to realize we or I am not alone. It’s a big planet with a very large global community. I’ve learned that when I first started blogging to believe if I kept writting posts that eventually someone would come by and say Hi. I also learned to take risks and to be willing to try new things and blog about them. I’ve also learned to be kinder and more appreciative to friends and family and to Bloggers sometimes to appologise and to comunicate……

  243. Thank you sooo much for posting this (and getting Freshly Pressed!). You inspired me to get back to my blog (which I abandoned after like 3 months). And it wasn’t just this post that was awesome, it was the whole freakin’ blog! (Ok, I admit I didn’t read ALL the posts, but I did try to finish reading most of them.) You’ve got passion (I’m not sure if it’s a passion for living or for writing. I guess it’s both.) that just flows out of your posts, and now a little bit of it’s gone inside me. :)

  244. Great content, and very reassuring; I started my blog today. It’s a second attempt, so I hope this one sticks. Blogs are like New Year’s Resolutions in a lot of ways. It’s a self-improvement attempt that often ends up being abandoned because of the commitment and skill it requires (yes, blogging is a skill).

    Here’s to blogger’s success.

  245. love it. You sound like you’ve had a lot positive experiences and that’s great. I’m relatively new to the whole world myself so I’m still discovering all the great blogs out there.
    Congrats on being freshly pressed :)

  246. Hallo there. I was once a caged spirit, restless and looking for a home. Blogging set me free and here I am. Pretty happy and now a Blog addict. I loved your blog. Thanks for sharing and Congrats for getting Freshly Pressed.

  247. Loved all the points you made in your most recent post – What Blogging Has Taught Me! I’ve forwarded it to a good number of teachers and friends in my life, all of whom blog either on their own or with their students. I’m sure your post will be discussed in many classes come Monday morning. :) Thanks for the insights. Very worthwhile dropping by. Found your blog as you were featured on WordPress’s Home Page tonight. Not sure if they place it there or if they rotate their sites through on some cycle, but it was a very serendipitous moment that brought us together. Love moments like this. :)

  248. To share – in the hopes that what benefitted me will benefit others too. Blogging also helps with writing, in that it gives you feedback and interaction with your readers.

  249. I truly like your writing Kari, its free flow, its natural ebb. I also like how you have questioned blogging, the why of it. The why at all of it. Like me you have discovered its therapeutic qualities. No one ever reads my blogs, mainly because most are weird, borderline psychotic, profane and downright sexual. I used to only go to the keyboard drunk. But I’m tired of that now. I love creating weird blogs just for the Hell of it then usually deleting them within a day. I’m glad WordPress refuses to allow us to delete our personal accounts, once a WordPresser a WordPresser for life. Sort of a cult really. But that ain’t so bad. Maybe some cults are good for us. I wouldn’t have found your blog otherwise.

  250. your post is wonderful.. reading it, its as if i’m reading my own thoughts too. I am also glad that i started my blog, writing makes me feel good and by knowing that people from all over the world stopped by and read my post, its such a joy.. love your post.

  251. What a beautiful post!! I think you just stated all the reasons I blog, too. It forces me to really think about things, live in the moment, freeze frame it in my mind and really live it so I can describe the experience to my friends and family and strangers and helps to form bonds with people I never would have otherwise known. I think blogging is a beautiful thing. Thank you for writing this.

  252. I am so glad that you shared that with everyone on Word Press. It was very encouraging to know that there is someone out there who blogs for most of the same reasons that I do. Although I am new to Word Press, I am certainly not new to blogging..although, I have to admit that I am by no means a “professional” blogger. Not by a long shot. But, as you mentioned, with practice and experience, I am gradually learning so many new things along the way about others, the world, and most importantly, myself. I have to say, your list is absolutely spot in the sense that it expresses exactly the way I feel about blogging. And in many ways, I think that’s the point. There’s a certain kind of instantaneous connection you form with people when you read their blogs that you don’t necessarily forge when you meet them in person. I don’t know whether that sends a negative or positive message about the societies in which we live, but I do know one thing: blogging helps your imagination soar. I guess you could say that’s my number one reason for doing it.

  253. Great List !!! Congrats on being Feshly pressed … Hmmmm i feel blogging makes you think , and also help you to view a particular topic and many view points.

  254. Wonderful! Well put! Loved it!! Will be looking around more as I like your style.
    Why I got into blogging – people kept telling me I should write a blog. Liked the idea but had trouble coming up with a subject. Needed to lose weight and thought I could write about that… Wrong, don’t care enough about that. Now I blog to share my love of growing african violets and have, by extension, discovered I love sharing the pics I’m taking to record my progress with them and also the many other random ones I’ve taken through the years.

  255. I followed the link on Freshly Pressed to your post. I enjoyed reading your post and can relate to your list. My blog was started as a requirement for a course and for some of the same reasons that you have on your list, I am trying to continue blogging.

  256. Being freshly pressed and coming out with great post is very good combination. You have rightly written that blog makes a better person. I am also blogging for about 18 months now and I am always thinking about new topic, good images, good thoughts and what not. In fact, serious blogger becomes a research associate. May be a research associate with WordPress. Without a good research of the topic, you cannot think of coming out with good post.

    Secondly, bloggers must have noticed that after you start blogging, you have very less time to kill….in fact, you are short of time to research, to type, to check and recheck before pressing Publish. So, not only you have become a good writer but also a good thinker and a person to look at the subject differently.

    I am now following your blog.

    Thanks for inspiring post.

  257. This is a great post! I’ve only just started blogging but I agree with many of your reasons. I’m hoping that blogging will get me writing more and thus becoming a better writer. I especially agree with your first reason that we all have stories to tell, no matter how big or small.

  258. Nice post.
    I blog about the happenings of my life and other stuffs that I’m interested in. I felt great when I read back my own posts :) which reminds me of something that I came across.

  259. 100% true! This is my first year of having my blog, ArtalishiousMe and as a new blogger I can relate to that. Another thing is that I feel safer on my blog instead of places like youtube or facebook because i can control everthing on it:) lovely post .



    have a good day!

  260. THANK YOU! I came on WordPress tonight trying to settle an debate with myself about starting a blog of my own, wondering if I really had anything worthwhile to say. How serendipitous to find your blog reminding me that everyone has a story. And, that blogging is not just about what you want to project out into the world, but also about what the experience of living a life more examined can give back to you. Thanks, again, for sharing your thoughts!

  261. Blogging teaches a blogger to become a teacher. Choose a subject, research it and share your findings (in the most creative way possible) with those who are interested in learning. My subject is vodka and art of enjoying it. Thanks for writing this, its a great positive reflection tool :)

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  263. So true, blogging has become my redemption on some days ;)
    I so love that quote it is how I feel about blogging too!
    We are not alone.

  264. Great post! I just started blogging so it is super encouraging for a beginner to see evidence of the payoff in writing a blog. I can definitely relate to some of the things that you have learned by blogging. I look forward to see what blogging can teach me and hopefully I will see some of the benefits you did!

  265. Kari, didn’t you know that 7 is the perfect number, not 10??? :-) I enjoyed reading your blog entry. I guess I started blogging because I used to be a talker. Then I married a talker and both of my sons are talkers. I can never get a word in edgewise now. :-) So, if I want to express myself in general about the many various things running through my brain, I need to write them down.

    Have a blessed weekend!


  266. I liked your ‘What Blogging Has Taught Me’ post so much that I just had to repost it on my blog site for others to read, and so I can be reminded to read it often. I am just getting started with my own blog and stumbled upon yours after clicking on the Freshly Pressed nominated blogs. I hope you don’t mind!
    A newly inspired fan…

  267. “Blogging helps me see the simple beauty in my life–the beauty and excitement in my own quiet story.” Very true.

    Also yes, there are some great genuine people as bloggers out there that I wouldn’t have met otherwise if I hadn’t blogged.

  268. You did a great job expressing and explaining what blogging means to you. This has inspired me to start blogging myself. Thank you!

  269. Im so glad you asked this question. I was asking myself the same thing the other day. Why do I want to blog? Will it serve a purpose beyond that of a mere attention fix? So I had to wrestle it out and I came to the realization that it does serve a purpose and a significant one at that:

    1-People are born and then they die with only a birth and death certificate to reveal their existence. I want to exist as an expressed person, leaving behind a piece of history.

    2- I want to recall the very essence of a moment in a time of disarray, discouragement, or simply uneventful.

    3- Reality as I know it may not be the reality of the majority and discovering it as well as sharing it is a way to shed light on the truths of the world that are blinded by mediocrity and the American pleasantries.

    As of yet I have not submitted a blog, only created the page that it will one day exist on :) This post, I believe, has helped me take one step closer to the “click to submit.”

  270. congrats on being freshly pressed! i love blogging more than i ever imagined i would–i started one day out of the blue with no idea where it might take me. i still don’t know. but i do agree wholeheartedly with you that it makes me pay more attention. i’m always looking for opportunities–a chance to take a beautiful photo, or a funny random encounter, or a silly anecdote.

  271. Many year ago when I first started blogging, this were my sentiments, the only problem I had was finding the time to write something, then realizing I didn’t like what I wrote and trying again…giving up after a while. Kudos for sticking with it and maintaining such a long history, not to mention the many great points here as well. Being a math geek has made my English skills wane, so I started again as a way to improve my writing and clarify my thoughts. Great post and a well thought out article. Thanks for sharing.

  272. Great post! I’m like the George Lucas of blogging (minus the billions of dollars and legions of adoring fans and scathing critics). I write posts I would want to read. I tackled this same topic a few months back. I find it fascinating to discover what motivates each of us to write.

    I’m also a fan of the number seven. I don’t write top ten lists at all, All my list posts are what I call my Lucky 7s.

  273. Hello Kari! Nice list! I’m new into blogging and this is very helpful for me.I thought about starting to blog so share my stories in traveling to my friends and family,even to other people I don’t know coz my post might be helpful for them.Congratulations :)

  274. I’m new to blogging but have been working on building a conversation around the role of school community gardens in children’s health by using this tool. As a researcher, this has been an interesting way for me to get a richer understanding of what I observe and learn about food, health, and community. It’s a chance for me to reflect on what I learn, and then broaden my understanding through reader feedback. Glad to read how others are thinking similarly!

  275. Nice blog about blogging that makes me want to be a better blogger. I’m new to all this but have two years of sobriety. In recovery I’ve learned the importance of journaling and the first two lessons are the exact reasons why. Thank yo for your post.

  276. I never knew blogging would have such an impact when I started either. I’ve been through the toughest times of my life in this past year and having the blog and my online community literally got me through it. Congrats on Freshly Pressed. I’m on there too right now (sooo crazy on the dashboard right?!) and just stopping by the others :)

  277. That you for this thoughtful post.

    I find blogging to be a wonderful way to be disciplined and intentional about the things I am passionate about. I also love the encouragement other bloggers provide for one another. Responses to articles are often terribly negative, but I find the blogging world to be very kind. We all have wonderful stories to share.

  278. Your post obviously resonates with so many of us bloggers out here in cyberland. Many of us blog for the same reasons and you nailed it down really well with your post. For me, blogging makes me look at my life from a different aspect than before blogging. And that’s a good change! Congrats on being Freshly Pressed! I’m happy to have found your blog and want to come back to read some of your other posts when I have more time.

  279. Awesome post!

    I blog because it makes me feel good. Somehow putting my thoughts out there in the world gives me a sense of satisfaction. Someone out there is reading and understanding how I feel. Others become a part of my journey.

    7 is a lucky number. Nice job on the list. :)

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  281. Wonderfully written post and deserving of being Freshly Pressed.

    I wish I had started blogging years ago, imagine the stories, memories, and photos I could have shared …. oh no regrets, though. I’m grateful that I can communicate, share, inspire, and be inspired. It’s a wonderful gift and opportunity for sure.

    Nicole @ Three 31

  282. New at this, I started because for years iv’e written diaries but lately not but still enjoy writing my feelings down and thought i may feel more motivated if i was on my laptop as i really enjoy typing, i am learning so much reading other peoples blog it’s so cool seeing things from peoples perspectives hard finding things I’m interested in but hopefully if i keep at it i will have 10 ‘what blogging has taught me’ ;)

  283. blogging lets me have something to look back on too :) i never thought about this when i started blogging but now i feel that it’s pretty cool that i can look back at an exact date in the past and see what i was up to back then if i ever wondered… lovely post, really made me smile this morning, thanks :)

    • Love this. I’m looking forward to reading back over stuff I’ve written and taking in all that’s happened—all that I might have otherwise forgotten. Thanks for reading and commenting!

  284. Good blog. Made me think about my reasons. I enjoy writing. It’s addictive. I’ve kept a journal for years and blogging is something of an extension. I like telling stories and enjoy photography. Blogging provides an excellent platform for both. Finally, I believe it is important that we speak out on important issues, that we become part of the dialogue on where our nation and the world is going. Congratulations and thanks. Also, the number 7 has been a magical number forever. (grin)

  285. i have found that blogging helps me focus on my writing and like you, it makes me a better writer. i have always been the type that feels safer keeping my poetry or prose to myself, but in a public arena i have no choice but to be vulnerable. i also see it as a challenge to keep myself writing even when the so-called inspiration isn’t there. also, i am like you, i feel as though i have accomplished something when i hear from friends or people i have never met. it is was keeps me going. :)

  286. Why do I blog? Because when my daughter was born at 25 weeks, weighing 1 lb, 9 oz, I started sending emails to tell friends and family what was happening daily. We measured her weight gain in M&M’s! (about a gram each). As technology advanced, I decided to put the stories on a blog. She’s been with us 8 years now, and I blog about hope despite the disability. Thanks for your post. It was fun to read on Freshly Pressed and be exposed to your blog. Great job!

  287. This is the first time I’m reading a post of yours.. I’m not very big on reading blogs but I want to be, and I want to start my own blog because like you say I want to share my thoughts, feelings and experiences(the few ones I have) and to be a better writer – I just don’t know how to start a blog(I mean I do technically know how to start a blog, I just don’t know how to begin on a subject) and where to begin.. any tips, help or advice is much appreciated.

    • I didn’t know where my blog would lead when I first started it and I really had no idea what I was doing at the beginning. The best advice I can give is—just start—somewhere, anywhere—blogging tends to be very organic and I think once you start writing and sharing you will be amazed by all you think to write about and share—some days I have nothing to say, some days I can’t stop typing…just start and it will come bit by bit and you will find your way. Good luck and thanks for stopping by!

  288. So, why do you blog? I blog because it helps me to share my thoughts, the things that inspire me to push on so that I can and will succeed and it gives me the opportunity to help other people that are possibly going through the same things that I am going through. What have you learned from putting your thought out there for the whole world to read? I’ve learned that I am not alone, there are other people out there in the world that have problems that are bigger than mine, worst than mine and that have nowhere to turn. These people are listening to me, they are focusing on what I have went through and what I am going through. I have learned that there are trials and tribulations that we all go through in life, and we have to work with the hand that we are dealt, it doesn’t have to stay the same, because we have the ability to change it, to make it better, not only for ourselves but for others as well. If you don’t blog, why not? I do blog and I blog or re-blog everyday of the week, it calms me, relaxes my mind, my body and my soul!

    • Yep, I’m amazed at how much I’m enjoying WordPress. I’ve kept a journal since I was 18, I’m 41 now and flabbergasted at how much I look forward to checking in here!

      I blog because of the 7 + all of your reasons sweetopiagirl. Life is good.

      • OMG! That is a wonderful fulfilling thing to start a journal at the age of 18, there are so many stories that you have written and maybe someday you might write a book that can someday help others in some way. And yes, life is wonderful!

  289. My list is very similar to yours. I’ll add: blogging forces me to learn. I’m recently enrolled in a Master Naturalist program. By blogging about my explorations and observances, I research more, give more thought, and try to draw conclusions rather than just superficially observing something. For example, I could pause and observe: hmmm, I can’t see very many stars. But because I write about it, I research why I can’t see very many stars and a post develops about light pollution and sky-blindness — much more interesting and in-depth than a bland observation. And I learn from that and become a better naturalist.

    Thank you for your list!

  290. Nice post, and I agree that blogging connects you to people by telling your story and having it resonate with others. I have found the blogging community to be amazing in generosity and talent. Congrats on being freshly pressed!

  291. I must agree with this one Blogging gives me a sense of accomplishment and perseverance :))
    Sometimes I feel like I spen hours and hours looking searching for stuff I enjoy to publish and share with people and is it worth it? But when stats start going up and up I really really enjoy it and feel like I have accomplished something.

    So this is why I blog – After several years of being a photo junkie I noticed that I come across a lot of great inspiration. Whether it is architecture, interior, fashion, travel, food – you name it! I figured… Why not share this with everyone else? It’s a lot more fun that way. Everyone needs inspiration for whatever it is they are trying to achieve. http://arhitekturaplus.wordpress.com/ you will be able to experience firsthand my addiction to beautiful photos that inspire me in every way – every day!



  292. I blog in order to try to understand the world around me and to (hopefully) share those insights with others. My focus was originally ‘the aging process’ and how that impacted my life; I’ve broadened my perspective to include things I see happening in the world around me and commenting on what I think about them. Blogging most definately makes me a better writer – and thinker. It forces me to look at everyday activities, my opinion about things, interactions with family and friends, etc. in order to find something ‘brilliant’ to write about each week (which is certainly easier than posting daily). I, too, get excited by ‘likes’, ‘comments’, and ‘hits’ – and disappointed when posts I am passionate about don’t seem to get noticed (although I hit the ;Freshly Pressed’ jackpot last April). I suppose being a blogger is kind of like being a grain of sand on the beach – you have a one in a million chance of being noticed for how ‘special’ you are – and when you do, well, that’s a golden moment! Great post.

  293. Amazing post. Congratulations on being Freshly Pressed too!! As to why I blog; I blog to give myself a voice I sometimes don’t have the confidence to have away from the iMac screen and keyboard.

  294. Great list! I’m a new blogger, & i completely agree with the fact that it helps you view the small things in life differently, because you start to find the little quirks of each day, & put them into a “story” for people to read! Like I said, I’m new to this, so I’m not where I wanna be yet. But I really enjoy reading others’ blogs & tapping into my own thoughts & feelings. I have a long-term goal of writing a book, one day. Whether it’s fiction, a memoir, or a self help type of book (I’m going into a therapy career), it will happen!! :) Thanks for sharing!

  295. Congratulations on being freshly pressed!

    Your second reason is a big one for me. Almost every post I write is me clarifying or codifying what I know. It allows me to assemble the myriad thoughts I have into a stronger understanding or belief, like turning a liquid into a solid.

    Which also strengthens my memory and my ability to instruct others, because it’s easier to recall something I firmly understand as opposed to something I kind of think.

    And that leads me to be a better, and more condifent communicator, even when I’m talking to people (like your fifth reason). Which makes me want to communicate more, which connects me to more people.

    – The discipine of doing it every week.
    – The improved writing (both quality and speed).
    – The sense of accomplishment (and yes, the very occasional ‘like’).

    I’m glad I started blogging. I need to keep reminding myself of all the benefits.

    Thanks for the post.

  296. I started blogging because I’m interested in too many things, some kinda controversial and maybe talked too much ha! So now it’s voluntary to hear me ramble ;) I enjoyed your post, I am more of a newcomer to blogging and I’ve always preferred the 7 as well!

  297. I like the way you broke it up and described each one, instead of just boring saying it. And you’re right, blogging certainly makes you look at life differently: each day a new story, how to take the small and insignificant and pull out the profound. I got to blogging because I wanted to keep a journal, had nothing of an idea of what blogging was all about and now I too can sit and peruse for hours if I don’t pull myself away.

  298. As a new blogger, I would say that I was reluctant to blog at first because I didn’t want to “expose” myself to strangers and especially not to my family and friends. But, everything changed when I published my first blog post and found that my family and friends were not only excited for me but also supportive. It makes me feel more comfortable sharing my stories. I like and agree with you about how blogging is like story telling. It is actually a very refreshing experience to share things with people whom I never met and people who knew me since I was a kid.

  299. I can relate to all your points. I’ve not been blogging long but it’s helped me pay attention to the everyday experiences and live in the moment. I will have a look now at the rest of your .blog. Thanks for sharing.

  300. Blogging can be scary at first. Then, out of nowhere, it becomes addicting. That addiction turns therapeutic and then eventually, you realized you aired all of your dirty little secrets and become scared again.

  301. This is wonderful!! And It is soo nice to read when I’ve been thinking the same thing.

    I’m very new to this blogging thing, but I already can agree with every reason you listed. I started blogging to force myself to open up, to “open my heart” (My blog is called …With an Open Heart). Over the years I stopped being open and it change me; it change how I connected with others (or lack there of); it changed how I saw the world; it changed everything. But already, I feel much more open and honest, and more accepting of myself as an imperfect person. I certainly reflect on life more. I certainly see things from a different perspective as well. Blogging is like journaling. But having the community to share your thoughts and feelings makes it more than just that. I’m love it so far, and I can only imagine the places it will take me.

    Thank you so much!!


  302. Great post! Hmm, through blogging I’ve learned that my mind is more creative than I previously thought. And sadly, blogging has made me realise how difficult it is to get your site noticed! High five for getting Freshly Pressed!

  303. This a beautiful. I am still afraid to blog about things that interest me. We are encourage to through uni and we had a guest lecture who told us to blog about things we are passionate about and people who are passionate about the same things will read it too but I all is just a bit nerve racking.

  304. Well written. Well pressed! Apart from what you’ve said, I also blog for myself too. I just recently started one because of the urge to write, and then there was this sense of who am I really writing for? Yes, I am writing for people I know and an anonymous audience as space of engagement, but I am also writing for myself–to have some sort of outlet. :)

  305. ‘Blogging makes me see my life differently’ —- Couldn’t agree with you more. My little blog is a bit of a travel blog outlining my life in small towns an hotels while i’m out working. Since i started the thing, i’m like a million times more likely to go and explore whatever random little town or area in which i end up. I used to be bitter about it, now i consider it an opportunity for good material. As cheesy and ultra meta as this may sound, i do more now because i want to tell more. This has been as beneficial as it is unintended, I never foresaw starting a blog making me want to make my own life more interesting… But it has….

    Great post.

  306. I blog because there are days I have something to say, and I want someone to see it.
    I blog because I think I have written some nice poetry, and I want people to see it.
    I blog so I have something that is mine, all mine, made by me.
    I blog for sanity.
    I blog to find community.

  307. Hi, I can totally relate to this post. Blogging has added a different dimension to how I see the world, I wonder how my experiences can be shared and it motivates me to do new things, or think or see things in a new angle. It has also made me feel more connected with people as a result of sharing my thoughts. Happy blogging!

  308. I agree with most on the list -and seven is just great, I always liked 7 best too -it’s my birthday-day :-)

    I started blogging (at a ‘smaller’ place, before I came here) to fill the void that the end of a LDR left in my life.

    Maybe a strange reason.
    But HE did receive long mails every day (and reciprocated) about how I felt, what I did, what I thought, to keep us alive and connected.
    After the end of the relation the ‘engine’ just kept going, the writing had been kick-started, and I needed a place, a space, a platform for all my words.

    I write because I do -and then I can as well publish it, share it.
    I do read blogs for years now, and sometimes it helps, sometimes I laugh -so maybe someone laughs, or likes what I write. So I write.

  309. I wasn’t going to click on this, because every post these days seems to be about what we’ve learned from blogging! But, that picture, that line – that’s in a Doctor Who episode. I don’t know if it’s a quote from somewhere else, but there’s this moving moment there were the Doctor says – “When you wake up, you’ll have a mum and dad, and I’ll be just a story. But that’s okay. We’re all stories in the end.”
    And I had to click to see if that was relevant. It wasn’t, but hey ;)
    Also, I love that CS Lewis quote!

  310. I blog I guess because people kept saying, “You should blog. You don’t blog? Really? You really should blog, Frannie.”

    And maybe because I think the imperfect needs to be celebrated. We don’t cherish the normal, normally. And the normal should be celebrated.

    I blog to celebrate the imperfection, especially my own. I have grown to dislike perfect. Actually, I detest perfect. Judge nothing but the heart, and maybe consider that perhaps maybe even one’s heart can’t be judged … really.

    You are right. “Because in the end, we are all stories.” I guess I want some say in my own story every now and then. I want people to be blessed. So much seems to curse. I want to force myself to shine, though my default is to curse. Blogging fights that, for me at least… And your blogs bless me. And I am grateful. And I need something quiet to do when my house is asleep, because they are all light sleepers, and we had to leave my drum set back on Guam anyway… I was six months old when we left, so it’s not like I bitched much about it.

    Maybe this is where I get to be who I am instead of who I’m supposed to be.

    Love the imperfect. It’s all we have.

  311. Congrats on being Fresh Pressed!

    I actually have three blogs. One, is my way of working through my journey through the Bible. It is full of my thoughts and observations about different Bible passages and/or studies. My second blog is my journey towards becoming a full-time missionary. I also write often about gratitude there.

    My third blog, a recipe blog, I barely started and have put on hold for a while. I will go back to it but I haven’t been cooking a lot lately and it’s hard to blog about cooking when you’re not. I started it because I love to cook and wanted a place to save some old family recipes. It’s on hold right now because I named it after my dog who died recently. As soon as the grief is not so fresh I will return to it.

    I can identify with all your points but the fifth one most especially. I am very quiet and shy and through blogging I am able to communicate with people I might not have otherwise met.

  312. Why do I blog? I write an anonymous blog because there is a lot of duality in my life and, since I live with people who can read, I would never write that stuff down in a notebook. My secret life is a lot more fun than my public life ;) …and you’re right, we’re all stories in the end.

  313. Why do I blog? I write an anonymous blog because there is a lot of duality in my life and, since I live with people who can read, I would never write that stuff down in a notebook. My secret life is a lot more fun than my public life. ;) … and you’re right, we’re all stories in the end.

  314. Full empathy towards you and your blog. Being a shy person, blogging is teaching me to develop the drive to meet others, brake the ice and learn about how they relate to others. It is amazing that as a result, not only I end up meeting tons more people than I could in a party, but people that are awesome and on the same page. Congrats!

  315. Blogging is an extension of our personality, our interests, what we have a passion for. The Lord inspired me to start a blog back in 2010. As a Christian, I am trying to reach out to people and help feed His sheep with my posts. I also write about my hitchhiking experiences and anything else that is important to me.

    “The First Time I Rode a Freight Train & other hitchhiking stories”

    “Chris McCandless Revisited”

  316. Hello :) Oh, why do I blog… You know, at first it was just a thing to do, something borne of having written for a site and wanting to keep doing that. It didn’t really work. But now? I’m actually dividing my time between a videogames blog (that site’s ‘theme’) and a personal one. I guess that is to leave a bit of my voice recorded somewhere, those little thoughts, dreams and maybe fears I have and will have yet. Yes, I think that’s why.

    Nice blog :)

  317. Lives are stories. People are not the actors. They are the director. We spend each day to be happy. I write my story to be happy too. Sometimes it’s grim. Sometimes it’s evil. Sometime it’s all glee and at other times it’s ugly. Some other times it’s lustful. But all the time it’s just one thing. It’s Me. I blog to tell my story. Apart from all the things you said, blogging for me is one more thing. Happiness. No, two more. Happiness and freedom.

  318. I’m a new blogger myself and I loved reading this. I feel so much like this already when it comes to writing my fiction, but you’re spot on when it comes to the actual blog. Life experiences are stories. Mark Twain once wrote: “A man’s experiences of life are a book. There was never yet an uninteresting life. Such a thing is an impossibility. Inside of the dullest exterior, there is a drama, a comedy, and a tragedy.”

  319. I am a new blogger. I have learned that the blog world is multinational. Not just your area. You are read, and you read, around the world. Truly remarkable.

    Also, you can blog on your interest, and someone out there, shares it, Again, the worldwide nature of wordpress, and blogging.

    Enjoyed your post…

  320. Beautifully put, I don’t think I could have said it any better. I blog for similar reasons, i moved my family to Europe and I saw it as a great way to stay connected to a lot of people in one contact. I can be poetic or just tell a story about my family. Its great and so far (2 months in!) I am really enjoying and connecting with the idea. Thanks again for your blog.

  321. You are absolutely right! I can identify with every one of your points. I started my blog to share my year in Japan with friends and family but that was over four years ago and I’ve been back in Canada for three of them. I enjoyed the blogging experience so much that I plan to continue indefinitely. It really makes me look at life with eyes wide open.

  322. These 7 points is much better than 10 points. So I am glad you never promised 10. :)
    I simply blog, because I learn so much from lots of wonderful creative persons & wonderful people about the creative process & life.
    It was really a great post to read. Keep up the great work. :) And congrats being freshly pressed.

  323. I feel that blogging has touched me in a very similar way. We’re all just struggling to understand the world around us and how we fit in it. As you mentioned, sharing your experiences with others helps you better understand yourself.

  324. Reblogged this on living the american dream in europe and commented:
    This blog is a perfect accompaniment to my previous blog that was also a ‘reblog’. I think that I am finding so many blogs that are saying better what I could have attempted to say myself is proof of Spring in the air.
    This is what blogging does for me, although I am clearly perfecting these points for myself. I am truly amazed at the community and quality of work I find day in and day out though online. It inspires me to continue to grow and clarify my own voice.

    I started this blog because I needed help to sort through my own thoughts and feelings. As of this moment, not all of my friends or family know I am blogging because it was never for them specifically. It was for me and the world at large. Being so far from the support that I was used to was hard. Being newly married and trying to figure all of this out also didn’t necessarily help either, so blogging has helped me connect with people far and wide that help me to see my world differently. It also helps me process my identity as an American. I never before had to really question what I am first, a sister, friend, daughter, wife, teacher, Oregonian, Northwesterner, Portlander, part of a community…at what part does my culture come into play here and contemplate that at such a fundamental level that it can be so easily taken for granted. Thing is, I never thought much about that for any real period of time before I left, now it is a constant part of my life, even if no one is talking about it.

    I am thankful others are out there, speaking their truth, their hearts and their heads because they are helping me to do the same! I might read something on another blog one day and then see it played out in its own way in my life and because someone else admitted to observing this situation in their life one way, I have more desire to share my experience with it. Not to mention the desire to share with the world the crazy stuff I see being a stranger in a new land or to share how I am beginning to understand my culture through my language and culture students.

    When very little seemed to be going right in my day or very little seemed constant, I knew I had my blog and Sunday was blogging day. It was something really great to look forward to and it gave me a great sense of accomplishment and perseverance. The feedback I receive through my blog, or don’t receive at times, is just amazing and helps fuel my desire to become a better writer and just simply continue. Seeing what people “like” or respond to in my blog helps me feel more connected to people all over the world that either have gone through something similar or are perhaps about to. These people I would likely not meet on my own in the town that I live in. In spite of my former self I am not such the social butterfly I used to be. I blame that on my learning the language. It is nice to know I am not alone. Finally, dear God I hope this process makes me a better writer along the way too!

  325. What a great post about your experiences of blogging. I am new to WordPress blogging and started a blog recently as a way of sharing development stuff with dance teachers. And I am enjoying writing short posts regularly. I’m just getting started with exploring other people’s blogs which is how I found your blog.

  326. Congrats on being Freshly Pressed! I blog for many of the same reasons you do! Although my exact focus is unclear, (I believe there is a Versatile Blogger Award for that) I am reliving “my story”. I am also learning about so many other people and “their story”. Stop by and visit sometime…perhaps one of “my stories” will interest you! Congrats again!

  327. There was a great quote that came up today when I published my post on WordPress it was
    “The art of writing is the art of discovering what you believe.”
    Gustave Flaubert

    Blogging for me is about your/the story. You do appreciate more of what you do as you see it not just your own eyes but your readers. Blogging enables objectivity.

  328. I haven’t been blogging for long, but it is everything you stated. I used to wonder why people put up calenders on their blogs, but now I know it’s so that, hopefully, you will glance at it and become aware that you’ve been reading blogs for 3 days straight! (smiles)

  329. Great post, and congratulations on being freshly pressed! Enjoy getting all the blogging attention you deserve! Have a great day.

  330. I started my blog as a way of getting things off my chest – but talking exclusively about your personal life can be boring…I post news, weird curiosities and comment on politics or social problems, whatever revolts me or makes me laugh or or or or!!! LOL I still talk about my personal life, though, especially when something traumatizing happens (like yesterday, when my non-relationship ended…:(

  331. Hey Kari,

    The 7 points you have mentioned here are great. I never really thought about it. But I can connect to every single point up there. My life has changed indeed from the moment I published my first post.

    And now this, your post has forced me to see the way I blog differently. Thanks Kari. :]

    C.S. Lewis is right we’re not alone….. and 10 is just a number…