I Will Write You a Picture

I’ll write you a picture with my palette of words

I’ll mix and I’ll mingle the nouns and the verbs.

I’ll paint you a story with my writer’s pen

A blank canvas of imagination has no beginning or end.

I’ll show you the world in colorful letters

I’ll write you a picture with commas and feathers.

A dash of whimsy, a touch of black ink,

A stroke of gray graphite mixed up with a wink.

All the colors of dreams painted with verbs

My pen is the paintbrush, my paint is the words.

Of pink paper poppy and flight of black bird

I’ll paint you a story you’ve never quite heard.

Thanks to the ever amazing husband for drawing the picture. He really does put up with a lot around here you know :]

23 thoughts on “I Will Write You a Picture

  1. Hi Kari,
    Lovely words… I would also like to use this with my students if that is Ok with you. I will hang it in our class and give you credit… I always teach my students to give credit otherwise that is stealing!


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