Guest Post on All Groan Up

Today one of my blog posts (Knocking on the Wrong Door) is being featured on All Groan Up. Check it out here (or don’t—it’s a free country).


Wait, what? No, that’s not true. I’ll still talk to you. Sorry about that, kids.

I’ll stop talking now.

Carry on.

8 thoughts on “Guest Post on All Groan Up

  1. okay you can talk to i read it! really good. not to long ago after my Hubby being out of work do to a lay off, he had applied for many many jobs and as a last resort got hired at Walmart part time bad hours and very little pay…i cried and cried for a week as he had worked so hard and fought so hard to get the job of his dreams. (Flying as a helicopter pilot) then he ends up at Walmart. My heart broke at the injustice of it all. Well long story short, he met someone there that got him into the good job he is in now, and it is not flying yet but it is in the area where he could easier find a job as a rookie pilot…it totally humbled me.


    • It really is humbling how God works even when we think He isn’t listening and it feels like everything is going wrong. After Darren and I graduated from college and moved to MA we expected to get great jobs with our degrees but Darren ended up pounding a hammer while I worked at the mall. It sucked because we were paying off degrees we weren’t even using and working jobs we could have done in high school. But eventually things worked out for Darren to get into aerospace (the whole reason we moved to this area) and then doors opened for me to work with him. We learned a lot from our starter jobs and it made us all the more thankful for the jobs we have now. Life is one big lesson if we’re just willing to listen and learn.


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