Everything I Ever Wanted

I realized recently that God has given me everything I ever asked for and I never even thanked him.

What I did was complain about everything he’s ever given me.

What I did was come up with a new list of things I wanted.

I wanted to love and be loved; so God gave me an incredible husband—who I complain at when everything doesn’t go my way.

I wanted to get out of our downtown apartment and live in a real house; so God gave me a beautiful home—that I can’t wait to get out of.

I wanted a better job with normal hours and better pay; so God gave me an ideal job with amazing hours—that I complain about because I work too much.

I saw it all laid out before me this morning—the pattern that keeps repeating itself. I want something different, something better. God gives me what I ask for. I fail to thank him or enjoy his good gifts because I’ve already moved onto the next thing I want—the thing I know will finally make me happy.

I am humbled by this realization: God has given me everything I ever asked for and I never even thanked him.

8 thoughts on “Everything I Ever Wanted

  1. At least you have stopped and made the realization that you are doing this. You are growing and becoming a better person. 🙂 I think we continue to grow for most of our lives- when we stop we die.


  2. I think every Christian is guilty of this at some point. Unfortunately some never come to the realization that you did. God is good, He blesses us abundantly, beyond measure and we take those blessings and treat them as if they are what we “deserve” to have. Being thankful should be a part of our daily walk with God not a side note. Thanks for the reminder.


  3. I love the way you share your heart. You are wise beyond your years my dear Granddaughter. I came across a story about a woman who had nothing and as she was dying she said, “I have Jesus what want I more.” Whenever I find myself wanting more then I already have, ( which is quite enough) I remember this.


  4. WE do this all the time. You have taken time to see what all you have in your life, you have written testimony as to what God has given you. That in itself is thanks and gratitude. The Lord sees the deep dark recesses of your heart, those areas that sing in praise of His name, He is your heavenly Father and He created you. He will give you good things and know that you are happy. Great post.


  5. Oh Kari….this is tender and honest and I am privileged to be reading your gentle words today. Your post just popped up and I had just popped over to wordpress and there was this blessing,,,, beautiful words that bless me this day. May you be filled with peace that passes understanding today as you rest in these words you share.


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