All Things Merrily and Bright

{Christmas is almost here. Ask the bird in the snow cap, he will tell you the same. Tweet Tweet! Christmas is almost here} Christmas Collage 1

{The stockings are hanging, the fire is burning, the tree is filling the house with the smell of Christmas}

Christmas Collage 2

{The presents our wrapped and ready to reveal all the secrets we’ve been keeping}

Christmas Collage 3

{And the cat, oh the cat, he just can’t take it—he’s so full of Christmas cheer. He climbs under the tree and up the tree. He pulls ornaments off the tree and bats them around on the floor. He tries to open presents even though we tell him not yet, little kitten, not yet. He bites the branches and spreads pine needles everywhere. He’s a trial and a trouble, that cat so full of Christmas cheer}

It’s time to spread some Christmas cheer! For your viewing pleasure, click here to see a video of me and Darren doing a funky Christmas elf dance. I know, it’s the best Christmas present anyone has ever given you; you’re welcome.

Happy holidays.

Love, Kari

15 thoughts on “All Things Merrily and Bright

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  2. Merry Christmas Kari, hope you have a beautiful time with Darren and Katniss. Loved all the pictures, makes me almost feel like I’m there with you.


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