{2012} A Year in Review

A year has come. A year has gone by.

I look back at what has happened. I look forward to what is to come.

These are my memories—my favorite moments from a year of life lived.

We spent our days on the water—boating and jumping in the salty sea.

Beach Collage

We soaked up the summer sun and built driftwood fires when the sun grew tired before we did


We went on our first real vacation together—exploring Puerto Rico and the islands of the Caribbean

Carribean Collage 2


We celebrated our 4th year of marriage exploring the beautiful city of Portsmouth, New Hampshire

Portsmouth CollageDSC06052

We went to campgrounds and fairgrounds




We adopted a wild little kitten and fell completely in love with our stripped little trouble maker

Katniss Collage

I saved my pennies and bought that bike I wouldn’t shup up about


We blinked and summer slipped into fall

Fall Hike 2008-13

 We flew away to meet new nephews and nieces and to spend time with family

DSC06918Family Vaca CollageThe leaves fell and the snow flakes began to fly.

Changing Seasons Collage

We gathered around warm fires and our merry little Christmas tree

Winter fire winter welcome


And here we are, just like that, we have reached the end of another year.

It’s okay though.

Because we lived through the Mayan apococlypse.

And I’m sure we’ll live through whatever 2013 has for us too.

9 thoughts on “{2012} A Year in Review

  1. I received a gift of finding you in the blogging world this year and you have blessed my life. Thank you for this post and all the others that have inspired and encouraged me. I love your bike, I would have picked the same one also… Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. DAF


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