The Hard Work of Creating

Creativity is hard work. It’s one thing to be inspired; it’s another thing entirely to be productive. I find myself lately full of ideas backed by zero action. What’s holding me back?

  • Laziness and procrastination
  • Fear of failing or being misunderstood
  • Getting bogged down by distractions
  • Making excuses about not having enough time or not having enough to say
  • Waiting for the perfect set of circumstances to start instead of just starting where I am

It’s nice to sit around thinking pretty thoughts but it’s also very nearly useless if I never actually birth those thoughts into some form of creative reality.

Sometimes the most important thing I can do is…start. I can stop thinking about what I want and start creating it. I can stop wishing things were different and change them. I can type the first word. I can take the first step. I can begin where I am with what I have.

Creativity is a hard and a beautiful thing; but it’s worth the beauty and it’s worth the work.

So let’s get started.

“If people knew how hard I worked to get my mastery, it wouldn’t seem so wonderful at all.” Michelangelo

9 thoughts on “The Hard Work of Creating

  1. Inspiring reminder that creativity doesn’t just happen, talent doesn’t just happen, we are blessed with God’s gifts and He allows us to decide whether we are going to develop and use those precious gifts. Thanks for using your gifts to encourage others!


    • I have to keep reminding myself that the ability to create is wasted if we don’t do anything with it. And things don’t just happen…they happen when we get up and work hard at them.


  2. I’ve often said, the most intimidating thing in the world is a blank screen or page staring back at you, with the blinking cursor. In an ideal world, the first paragraph comes, and the rest just falls into place as you go, but that’s elusive. What’s not elusive though, is the challenge, which, in the end, is one of the reasons we do it at all, right? Nice post, KA.


    • The blank page is very intimidating. I really have to push myself to get started because I know once I do, things will start to flow…I just have to break down the mental wall of intimidation that stands at the beginning of a project. You’re right though, the challenge itself is a great part of the project. Thanks for reading and commenting :]


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