The Baby Wrote a Blog Post

So you know how I’m building a baby, right? Right. So Baby thinks it should be a contributor to my blog and I’m all like,

“I don’t know kid. Can you even talk yet?”

And baby’s like,

“Oh yaaaa I can talk…I’m made from your genes so EVERYBODY knows I can taaalk.”

And I’m like,

“Fine, whatever, I’ll give you a trial run.”

So let me introduce you to The Baby:

  • Baby thinks it’s hilarious that no one knows whether he/she is a boy or girl. I told him/her we’ll know soon so stop laughing but baby thinks he/she will just curl up in a tight little ball and face the wrong way so we can’t find out. We shall see kid, we shall see.
  • Baby loves cheeseburgers and fries. Or at least I want cheeseburgers and fries every day for every meal and I’m blaming the baby for that. Also, I don’t actually eat cheeseburgers and fries every day for every meal…I just want to.
  • Baby absolutely will not let momma sleep through the night unless she walks a couple of miles right before bed. Momma is worried about whether or not this pattern will continue after sassy-pants baby is born? 8[
  • Baby knows all the lyrics to Mumford & Sons because momma plays them all day at work. Start them early; start them right.
  • Baby has daddy’s sense of humor…like we need two of them around her… ;]
  • Baby doesn’t mind coffee; he/she told me so.
  • Baby makes mommy look like a ridicules klutz and laughs about it because everyone thinks it’s her fault not baby’s….Daddy’s sense of humor, remember?
  • Baby does not like it when that sassy orange cat that lives with mommy and daddy decides to walk on mommy’s belly. Baby doesn’t like being poked by cat paws and thinks a lot about pulling the orange cat’s tail but mommy says it’s not allowed.
  • Other than writing, baby likes to eat, sleep, and grow. His/her schedule is quite full right now but he/she is always looking for new projects and adventures.

So there you go, that’s the baby I’m building. Further posts from said baby are pending momma’s review.

Also, here’s what I look like so far with this sassy baby in tow:

PicMonkey Collage all months

9 thoughts on “The Baby Wrote a Blog Post

  1. Hello Baby! Can you say Laura yet? Most kids I know just go with Laulau so it’s fine to use that if you want. Of course Favourite Auntie Queen Laura will be required when you learn how to say it. Or Queenie. As previously discussed. You’ve got until July to learn.


    • Baby talks all the time about auntie Laura and about going to England and stuff. I told the baby England is way far away but he/she said it’s totally worth it because his/her aunt is the freakin’ {future} queen of England and baby wants to scope out his/her role in the royal family…always planning ahead, that’s all.


  2. Kari Ann, you and Darren are beginning the greatest and scariest adventure of your life. It is also the most important occupation there is. I love his/her post. Keep leaning on Him and enjoy every minute.


  3. Love you baby and your mommy and daddy too. And I think you probably have some of your grandpa’s sense of humor as well..the sarcastic kind! Very good job on your first blog, I look foward to hearing more from you soon. Take very good care of your mommy and enjoy your cheeseburgers and fries and coffee…a baby after his/her grandma’s own heart. 🙂


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