PicMonkey CollageBack when I thought I had a bump at 18 weeks and couldn’t wait to document it…and my actual bump at 31 weeks :]

The baby gave me a fright today. I always feel him moving, all the time, every day. Then this morning after I had gotten ready for work and was ready to leave I noticed I hadn’t felt him at all since I got up. I rubbed my belly trying to rouse and wake him and told myself not to worry.

Darren came over and told me how beautiful he thinks my bump is and I told him I couldn’t feel the baby moving. Of course it’s nothing, we agreed; he’d start bouncing around as soon as I ate breakfast I said. So I ate and I sat in the car riding to work with my hands resting on my belly waiting for those reassuring little kicks and flutters. Nothing.

It’s such a small thing, all those little movements, I hardly even think about it sometimes. But it feels like I can’t move or breathe when he is still and I can’t feel his life inside of me. Darren and I sat silently in the car the whole way to work and I fought back tears when Darren asked me again if I could feel him yet and the answer was still no. I asked God to watch over our baby and begged that I could please feel him move, that I could know he’s still okay.

And then there was a little flutter. A little push here and a strong kick there. Our lazy little guy woke up and his movement set our hearts at peace again.

Today I’m celebrating my bump and the bundle of life that moves and grows within. So many people I love have lost babies, babies they dearly loved and wanted. Being pregnant is both one of the most exciting and most terrifying things I have ever done and I don’t ever want to take for granted a single flutter or kick of our little son; sometimes that’s all you get, sometimes that’s all the life you ever get to know. I can’t wait to hold him on the outside but for now I’m holding him close on the inside–cherishing his life and movement and the incredible peace and joy he brings with every one of his little ninja moves.

He is worth it, you know. Giving life is always worth it.

11 thoughts on “Bump.

  1. I’m too old to be holding my breath while reading. Of course I guess you were holding yours a lot longer. That baby will be just fine, and don’t listen to Cheryl and name him ‘Moose’… I thought I had a much better name for him.



  2. I can remember when one of my girls had a lazy day and was not moving. I was sick with panic. But, sometimes they sleep a bit longer or they are just still, growing and becoming perfect. I am so glad he decided to wake up with a gusto. You are in my thoughts and prayers.


  3. I understand those fears and feelings completely! I sat in an office w a new midwife last year sobbing after I was able hear Isaac’s reassuring heartbeat. He had decided to be a sleepy boy too. Hugs and love to all you guys!


  4. Wow, this grandma’s heart was aching by the time I got halfway through reading this today. You’re right mommaladibug, every moment with a child..born and unborn is precious, a gift not to be taken lightly, a treasure that so many who want that same experience desperately don’t get to have. So thankful that Baby Moose is making his presence very known after his long morning nap. You are both in our thoughts and our prayers many, many times a day and in the night when I wake as well. Love you.


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