Learning to Fly


A momma bird decided to build her nest and raise her flock of five fuzzy birds in the rafters of our new house. We check in on them each time we’re at the house and have watched them progress from eggs, to little fuzz balls curled up asleep, to little fuzz balls peaking curiously over the nest and showing off their big yellow beaks. I about die from the cuteness and hope our own baby bird has a fuzzy head of hair like theirs.

Darren is holding off siding that part of the house until the baby birds have left the nest because he doesn’t want to hurt them. His heart is as deep and wide as the sea and I love the glimpses I get of the father he will be in the thoughtfulness he has for all living things.

darrenWhen Darren isn’t melting my heart caring for baby birds, he is terrifying me doing guy stuff like this—wiring the house by standing on a chair…on two planks…over the stairway…after he ripped two fingers open doing other such nonsense. He is excellent training for a man child.

card{Darren’s first Father’s Day card—it perfectly describes everything I love about him}

Speaking of baby birds, ours is almost here–we’re three weeks out from game day, or so we hope.

35 weeks

This is my belly; it’s gigantic. I don’t know how many weeks along I was in this picture and I don’t think it really matters anymore. The other day an old man in the grocery store commented on my belly and wanted to know when I’m due. I told him next month and he said, “Oh, you’re not big enough to have a baby next month.” Well done old man, well done; there’s a reason you’ve lived so long ;]

Babys corner 2

This is baby’s spot in our room until we move and have a nursery. I have a little canopied area set up by our bed with his bassinette—I call it his “baby throne” because that’s what it looks like to me with the canopy and lights and fanfare :]

What a bunch of rambling this post is; sorry. I leave you with some favorite lines from Victor Hugo:

“Be like the bird who, pausing in her flight awhile on boughs too slight, feels them give way beneath her, and yet sings, knowing she hath wings.”

As I think about having this baby in the next few weeks, I often recount these lines and think I know how the birds feel when they must leap from the nest and find their wings. I hope I can fly.

10 thoughts on “Learning to Fly

  1. My daughter’s last little bird ‘fled the nest’ last week. In the Fall she will be going to the University of Washington. After all those years of sports and school activities and other things parents due to support their children, Ashley cried after the ceremony, and I know it wasn’t just tears of happiness, because their house will be quiet with both kids in school elsewhere, and not likely to live there again. At least Seattle is close.

    Nice to see Darren is following the Construction Worker’s Handbook. Been there done that. And, we had a nest of birds like that in the garage of a house we were building once. Saved the garage for last.
    Next year Baby will give daddy the card (with your help of course). Getting close to two weeks now I guess… I think the first one is always late though… ask your mom.

    Nice talking to you, Kari Ann.


    • I can’t imagine what it feels like when your kids leave home and start lives of their own…glad that’s a long, long ways off right now.
      Yes, Darren is quite the wild man…it’s a good thing I don’t see half the stuff he does around there…although it might be a good way to get labor started ;]
      Just 2 1/2 weeks now but my mom always went early and fast so hopefully I’ll follow her lead! :]
      Good talking to you too, Ted.


  2. Loved the pictures and just reading the “chit chat” in your blog today, because just as dearanonymousfriend puts it, it is like sitting and talking with you…almost. You’re going to be just fine through this new adventure of being a mommy, any mom can tell you it’s trial and error and trusting in God but it’s the most wonderful thing ever to have the privilege of giving life. I love your little birds…we had a nest of robins we got to watch last year, was hoping mom robin would return again this year but I guess she found a better back porch somewhere.


    • Well at least I have a good mom to show me how this whole mothering thing works :] I about died when I saw those fuzzy bird heads poking up last night…they are the cutest…will miss them when they take flight…although it will be nice to get the house sided :]


  3. What an exciting time for you! I am so excited to see your little man. I panicked when I saw that chair perched on those two boards, is he trying for an early delivery for you? This was a great post, felt like I was talking with you. Thank you. Put your feet up, rest and know you are in my thoughts and prayers. DAF


    • It IS an exciting time! I think every day about what it’s going to be like to hold this little guy in our arms and see what he looks and acts like. And yes, Darren tries about 3x a week to give me a heart attack :] So good hearing from you again…I have missed chit chatting with you on here. Hope all is well for you and your family…I’ve been horrible about keeping up with reading posts…so sorry šŸ˜¦


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