39-40 Weeks collage

Today I did something I never do: I finished a cup of coffee. I make myself a cup every day and always get a sip or two but the rest ends up being poured down the sink at the end of the day after I’ve been too busy or distracted to drink it.

But today is different. Today is quiet.

Today is a day in between the end of one thing and the beginning of another. Our baby was due on Wednesday but decided not to come. So we wait. Wednesday was also my last day at work. I say “at” work purposely because I do realize it was not my last day “of” work—I have plenty of mommy friends who might feel the need to correct me should I not clarify :]

On Wednesday I hurried around the office tying up the loose ends of my work, moving through the stacks of paperwork and filing I had not yet done. The day ended in a flurry with blue ink smeared all over my left hand from filling out form after form. I still feel like there’s so much I didn’t get done but my time there is up and there really is nothing left to do but move on.

Yesterday I was busy at home, again rushing through projects and a mile long to-do list of things I want finished before bringing home baby. I didn’t feel good and thought for sure the baby was going to come so I hurried trying to beat his arrival with a clean house.

Well, today the house is clean and my crazy list is done but our baby is quite opinionated already and still hasn’t decided to come.

So, for the first time in a long time, I find myself with a quiet day and nothing to do. There is no work schedule or to-do list. Everything is done and today I simply sit and wait. This may very well be the last day I have nothing to do for oh, the next 25ish years so I’m trying to savor it and do what I love—tap out words and sip strong coffee for starters.

I have lots of sister-in-laws and most of them have reminded me lately to enjoy these last days before the baby comes because nothing will ever be the same after he does. I’m sure they’re right and yet it’s a strange thing trying to sit calmly and quietly while you wait for your whole life to change.

Today is a quiet day.

Perhaps I’ll have another cup of coffee, tap out a few more words. Certainly I’ll take a nap.

Soon this baby, this stubborn baby who right now is kicking and jabbing me and making my belly bounce around in the morning sun, he will be in my arms. He will need me constantly—to feed him, to hold him, to change his diapers and clothes, and to comfort him as he wakes up in this strange new world. I will be busy, tired, and probably overwhelmed.

So today I am quiet. Today I am waiting—standing between the end of one thing and the beginning of another. Savoring life as it is; looking forward to life as it will be.

See you on the other side.



15 thoughts on “Waiting.

  1. Currently, I’m laying on the my daughter’s couch. It’s about 1:30 am. She had her first baby on Wed. I’m here trying to help, yet trying to stay out of the way at the same time. Trying to remember, yet trying to let them figure it out their own way. I’m so glad you got your quiet day, but you will be so blessed by the noisy ones. Praying for you and yours tonight. 🙂


    • Saw the pics on Facebook of the baby and what a cutie he is! It seems like everyone has had a baby lately and I keep wondering where mine is :] My mom and dad are coming to help us too and it’s a big reassurance to me that they’ll be here…I’m sure your daughter feels the same way :] Thank you for the prayers…I’m sure we’ll need them!


  2. I’m glad you got to have your cup of coffee. The first one is always a little late so baby should be here soon. Please tell Cheryl to stop calling him Moose… and did you tell her to email me? I would like to talk to her. Give Daren my best and get ready for the time of your life. Who knows, maybe he’s already here… that’s the blog I’m waiting for!


    • She will never stop calling him Moose. I told her he felt like a baby moose kicking me and we have called him Baby Moose ever since…so long as he’s not the size of a moose when he’s born, I don’t mind :] I’m sure if you leave your email in a comment for her, she’ll probably get back to you….assuming she eventually takes her eyes off this baby once he’s here :] Hopefully he comes soon…that’s the post I’m waiting for too! 8D


      • Okay… I give in. Waiting to see what name you put on the birth certificate… remember the nifty name choice I suggested though. While you are waiting with you coffee, go read my blog. Just click on my name.


  3. Enjoy the beauty of a peaceful, quiet day! It is truly a gift to be appreciated. Little Moose will be here soon enough…although I too am quite anxious to meet this new grandson of mine. Take joy in your solitude, your pregnancy and the many blessings God has sent your way today. Love you.


    • I’m sure after raising my crazy brothers {not me of course}, you were probably starting to wonder if you would ever have any peace and quiet ever again! Well look at us now…never mind, we’re still loud and crazy 8] Can’t wait for you to get here and can’t wait to introduce you to this little guy…he talks about you all the time. Darren and I keep looking at each other lately, realizing we have no.idea.whatsoever. how to care for a baby…and I keep ending all of these conversations with, “Well, at least our parents will be here.” Thanks for coming out and showing us the way….it gives me tremendous peace of mind.


  4. I literally have goosebumps from reading this post. Yes, this is the calm before the ‘storm’, but what a storm it will be! The next few days will drag on and on until he makes his grand entrance. I am so excited for you and your husband. The two of you becoming three is an adventure and joy and I smile when I think of what blessings await you. Remember I am praying for you, for
    ‘deliverance’ 😉 and for a quick healthy labor. Can’t wait to hear of his arrival. ❤ DAF


    • It’s very strange going from being so busy and having so much to do all the time to having these quiet days of just waiting and waiting for this huge change. I’ll be so relieved when it’s over but I’m trying not to waste this time while I wait. Thank you so much for your prayers. I am so comforted and encouraged by everyone who has told me they’re praying…there’s certainly nothing I need more right now. Can’t wait to “introduce” the little guy to everyone when he does decide to come :]


  5. Enjoy your quiet! Also, you’ll miss those two sips of coffee soon 😉 but you’ll be drinking up the wonderful smell of your own baby. Fair trade, I think:-) You look lovely, BTW. I hope you’ll still manage to blog once the little one has arrived (selfish of me, I know:-) ), but I do read your blog faithfully and always love it! Will be praying for you and your little family!


    • I’ve seen several moms on Facebook celebrate when they get a whole cup of coffee down without needing to reheat it…it’s the small victories, right? ;] Thank you for always reading my posts…it’s a big encouragement to me. I’m hoping to keep blogging after baby, especially once we get settled into things and know for sure how to keep him alive ;] I was thinking yesterday of how we went to the circus with you and Ryan the night before you had your first baby…funny to think about that now :] Thanks for the prayers—I’m sure I’ll need them!


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