Something About Nothing

I pull on my coat and mud boots and march out into the rain. My camera hangs around my neck, tucked snuggly beneath my coat like a child I’m trying to keep dry and warm. I want to photograph something, anything, so off we go, my camera and I.


Sloshing through mud and puddles, I inch up to the branches and brand new leaves waking up timidly in the cool spring weather. “Hold still,” I tell them as they move with the wind and rain. My camera tries to keep up and focus on what I want, ever grumbling about being out in the rain.

We have to catch spring now, I tell the camera, or it will slip away. “Ya right,” the camera grumbles quietly. I ignore and carry on.


7 thoughts on “Something About Nothing

  1. I love reading your blog. Have you ever considered seeing someone about the voices you hear coming from your camera? Just sayin’. 😉


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