Winter Bloom



“You don’t have to be blooming to be growing.”

Ruth Chou Simons (

I read these words on instragam recently and have been turning them over in my heart and mind ever since: “You don’t have to be blooming to be growing.”

If there is a single recurring theme in what I write about it’s this: Seasons–both the seasons in nature changing slowly one into the other and the seasons of life doing the same.

img_20161123_100605.jpgI have felt lately that I’m in a rather wintry season of life–one in which there is little color or life on the surface though I know in my heart there is much going on in the roots and soul and parts of life mostly unseen. img_20161017_073043949.jpgI am a momma and a homemaker and my days are spent mostly at home doing work I know matters but presently have little to show for. Someday I will look back and see these days with better clarity and deeper appreciation; I know that.

But today I see the years stretching out before me and I know I have a long time to wait before there are blooms in the work I now do.

dsc_1356Like winter, life and growth are there, quietly beneath the surface in the roots and leaves working away silently until new life and color are revealed in spring.

dsc_1265Someday I will see the fruit of my labor; I believe that. I believe when my grown children stand around me and take off for life on their own I will be proud of how they’ve grown and blossomed and I will not regret the years spent quietly working away on blooms not yet seen.

But these are long days even if the years are short.

dsc_1368dsc_1367Winter sprinkled across our little New England home last week in frost and snow glittering in the morning light. I wrapped Roman in every layer of winter clothes a two-year old can reasonably move in and together we trekked outside to chase the light and magic at our door.

dsc_1354Winter is not my favorite but this frosty magic pulls me out into the cold every time. I couldn’t help but notice how completely nature then reflected what has been growing in my heart–this lesson about life beneath the surface when no blooms are seen.

img_20161115_151323.jpgimg_20161209_111947.jpgThe world looks dead and done but a touch of frost and morning light sets the world on fire and for a fleeting moment we see glimpses of the new life that is to come.

Winter will pass and melt away as any dark season of life does and on the other side we will see what has been happening beneath the surface all along–all the work and waiting will open into long-awaited blooms at last.

dsc_1284dsc_1272dsc_1274But for today, during winter, I have to take heart and remember this is but a season–both in life and nature.

Winter will pass and these long days of motherhood will grow and add up to something bright and blooming too. There is growth and life even if hidden quietly in the heart and soul and not yet seen in the fruit of our hands.


3 thoughts on “Winter Bloom

  1. I, too, was a stay at home mom. Having those seemingly long winter times taught me, as it is you, that growth happens even with no blooms. Wonderful post. Those days seem like years ago (which they were), but also like they were yesterday. Is that why old folks reminiscence so much? Now, I see my ‘blossoms’ all grown with kids of their own and I know I am blessed. You are doing vital things in Roman’s life and I hope I am around long enough to share in your joy as he is grown and on his own. ❤ you. Merry Christmas to you and yours. You bless me abundantly!


    • Thank you, Dear Friend, for each of the comments you have left for me recently–each one has blessed my heart and cheered me on. I’m so flighty and fickle and so often think of quitting this space. And then you leave me encouraging words and remind me to keep going…Both in writing and in this crazy journey of motherhood.
      I hope you and your family have had a sweet Christmas and will enjoy a happy New Year too. All my love, Kari ❤

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      • you are the sweetest! Thank you so much for your kind words. The world needs your words, keep writing! Toddler-hood is just a season, and soon it will be gone and you will miss the insanity of it all. Our granddaughter left today and the house is so empty without her. Have a wonderful New Year. Love you, Cathi


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