Begin Again

I stand at the kitchen window, warm cup of coffee in my hands, and watch the morning light wrap the sleepy landscape in pink and yellow. Birds flit in sets of two back and forth between the birch trees; the white of their feathers stands out against the black shadow of trees in the distance.


I’m not a morning person by any stretch but being a mother forces me out of bed into the morning light. I’m tired, but I like the quiet that comes with the sleepy, waking hours. Everything is fresh and new and ready to begin again— however frazzled and worn out it might all have been just hours before when we went to bed in surrender to another day.

I’m thankful for mornings and evenings and that we get one of each, each day.

Each day we’re gifted the opportunity to (mostly) put yesterday behind us and begin again. Each night we may (mostly) leave the day behind and rest in preparation for beginning again tomorrow.


We need not carry too much with us at a time for we are only given so much time at a time to do what God has asked. This is a gift—for we are finite and God knows our limitations.

We are given the counting of days and hours by a God who knows we can’t bare the weight of burdens given outside of time and limitations. The sun rises and sets and we’re given rest in God’s mercy. We’re allowed over and over to begin again with the morning light—quietly breaking up life’s journey into sustainable pieces of the whole and leading ever on to eternity when our fragile souls are at last capable of the weight of endless time and waking.


But until that day, we rest. We walk. We begin again. We take the small portion assigned to us for these waking hours and carry on faithfully for one more day—just one more day at a time until all our days melt into eternity’s forever.

You need not carry the whole of life’s burdens today; that’s not what we’ve been asked to do. Yesterday is over. Today is brand new. Tomorrow has not come.

Pick up today’s load only and walk on faithfully. Rest tonight and begin again tomorrow. That is all. Anything more is not what God is asking you to do. He alone stands outside of time for he alone is able to carry that burden. Do not try to be God today.

Walk faithfully—then rest. That is all.

7 thoughts on “Begin Again

  1. Faith as you know means- FAITH BELIEVES that the spoken word to your heart is all you need! If God created the universe out of nothing- Then we don’t have to have something in order for God to use – you or I . We just have to have a heart that embraces the word of God. We look away from the mirror-. We turn away from what we believe about ourselves, despising every voice that has ever condemned us, or said” you can only go this far and no farther”. The bible tells me David refused to listen when Saul warned him, 1 Samuel-17-33. That is because faith says,” when God speaks, I will go forward!. I believe God will give you the power to be everything he has called you to be… The God of the universe created you in his own image- is speaking to your heart- You will see the miraculous happen in your life… You are the encouragement…….


  2. What a pleasure indeed to read begin again’The Lord has given you a true gift of expression. It is the first time I have read your blog- and I am thankful that I came across this tonight. I will say-‘when I read just the first couple of lines- I knew it was going to be different. The Lord Bless you – With respect- So good to read….


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