So Long Summer

You won’t believe it but summer is almost over. I tried pretending for a while that it wasn’t true but I’m afraid it’s so.

The other day I pulled a lawn chair outside under my favorite tree and let the warm summer air dance through my hair.

DSC_1076 crop

I looked up at the canopy of leaves overhead and noticed how very freckled and tired they have become after months under the summer sun.



I told them not to worry, I’m pretty freckled too from my own time in the sun. Then I saw all the leaves on the ground and realized that a few of them have given up entirely.


And I thought about being sad but then I remembered that it’s okay—no really it is—because fall is lovely too. And those leaves know the best is yet to come. Soon they’ll all be robed in gold and orange and red and a fantastic show it will be.

As a peace-offering for the end of the season, football will start and we can all feel better about that. There will be pumpkin lattes for everyone and the apples at the orchards will be ready to pick and bring home for lots of yummy, spicy apple things like pie, and bread, and my favorite—apple fritters like my mom used to make.

So don’t you dare be sad—fall will be lovely too :]

16 thoughts on “So Long Summer

  1. I’m totally an autumn girl. Or even winter I quite like. I like wearing a big jumper and snuggling under a duvet on the sofa and feeling the fresh cold breeze on my face in the morning. So I’m ok with summer ending too 🙂


    • I adore fall, and by fall, I mean October. I’m not too sure about the other 11 months yet but I’m working through it. The cool weather really is lovely and I’m ready for boots and sweaters. Oh, and when I was in London in June and it was still freezing…I noticed all the girls were wearing darling black tights with little black ballet type flats and I told Darren right then and there, as soon as it’s cold enough I’m wearing black tights and flats like the English girls do! And he was like, “ok, whatever.” I’m pretty excited about it now that it’s almost cold :]


  2. Even here in the south the air has changed and it feels like fall… love your line about the leaves being freckled and tired from their time in the sun. Such a lovely post and photos, makes me want to find a place to sit and ponder under a tree. Your works inspire me. Thanks! DAF


    • Oh thank you, Dear Friend. The leaves really do look quite tired but I still hate to see them go. But I keep cheering myself up with thoughts about fall and the holidays after…so it’s okay :]


  3. 🙂 Looking forward to fall, it’s truly my very favorite season! I love the crispness in the air, the baking that can be done, the open windows letting in the scents of the season and nice cool air, sweaters and cuddling up under a blanket in the evening with my sweetheart…bring on Autumn!


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