The Good Stuff

I have noticed something lately and it’s this: On the flip side of almost every complaint is something to be thankful for.

For instance:

I have bills to pay but that means I have a home and electricity.

I am buried in laundry but that means I have more than enough clothes to wear.

I have to get up and go to work but that means I have a job.

Gas is expensive but the fact that I think about it means I have a car to put it in.

My family is far away but I love them enough to miss them and care about the distance.

I am tired but that {usually} means I’ve been productive and accomplished a thing or two.

I have to cook dinner but that means I have food to eat.

I get hurt sometimes but that means I have the capacity to love and am close enough to people to get hurt.

I could go on but you get the idea. Lately I’ve noticed in myself the tendency to be negative, to grumble and complain. But I know better, I know I’ve been given so much and have so very much to be thankful for. I’m trying to have a more positive attitude and to see the good in what I normally find to complain about. So here’s to seeing the good and beautiful on the flip side of life.

16 thoughts on “The Good Stuff

  1. I had a similar yet less profound epiphany the other day while picking berries. I always thought berry picking was a real chore, until I realized: I don’t have to MAKE the berries, I only have to GET the berries. It made the task much more pleasant.


    • It’s funny you say that about the berries because I’ve thought before when eating fruit how it’s amazing how good it taste all by itself without doing anything to it. We spend all this time cooking and fruit just comes that way! Definitely something to be thankful for :]


  2. Excellent Kari! Learning to see the positives instead of always looking at the negatives in life makes a day so much better! And I believe as Christians we are a much example of Christ-likeness when we have a good attitude even in adversity.


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