The Comforts of Home


Today we are home, curled up on the couch watching football. The cat is curled up on the other couch, because obviously, he needs a whole couch to himself…diva. The Pats are playing the Dolphins. I would rather be watching my home boys, the Chiefs, but they don’t show their games out here. We were in Kansas City a few weeks ago and were almost late for our flight because I just had to see the Chiefs finish their game while I had the chance. They normally lose, you know, so watching them win for once is a lot of fun :]


We had big bowls of hot soup for lunch today and dipped thick chunks of warm bread in it. The heat is on because it’s cold, cold, cold outside and we are sipping mugs of hot coffee to warm up. I sprinkled cinnamon over the coffee grounds before brewing it; between that and the pumpkin creamer, it’s just about the perfect mug of coffee for a crisp fall day.

The whole house smells like the jasmine and sandalwood incense I’m burning…I love how the tangy, sweet smell of the smoke permeates everything in the house.

Fall Hike 2008-6

This morning we went to church and I worked in the nursery. There’s a bit of a baby boom going on among my friends right now. Every time one girl has a baby, another announces she’s pregnant. It’s fun…all these kids and babies and watching families grow and change. Sometimes working in the nursery is completely exhausting because all the babies melt down at once and you’re left wiping tears and noses and wondering what on earth you did wrong. But this morning, it was fun. The kids were mostly good and it was nice visiting with the moms and watching them visit with each other. It made me really thankful for my church family and the little group of girls I hang out with here; their friendship means so much to me and I was reminded of that this morning.


Last night we had dinner with Darren’s brother and sister and their families. We all live within 15 minutes of each other and I love the way we are able to spend time together and move in and out of each other’s lives. My sister in law made a big batch of chili and my brother in law made an apple pie. We all sat around eating and talking while the kids played on the floor. Our new baby nephew was passed around and held while the bigger boys climbed all over us and wrestled with each other on the floor. It was nice.

Fall Hike 2008-13

I tell you all these bits and pieces because together they remind me of one thing…comfort. Our little home and mugs of hot coffee are comforting on this Sunday afternoon. Spending time with our friends at church was comforting this morning. Dinner with family was comforting last night. Even the cool weather and hot meals are comforting. And with all these bits and pieces that make up our normal, everyday lives–I’m thankful. Thankful for the comfortable, familiar things that settle our hearts and minds and for the weekends that give us a chance to rest and regroup before heading into another busy workweek.


This is why God gave us a Sabbath–because he knows us and knows we need rest and refreshment. It has been good this weekend to be reminded of the simple gifts of home and family and to enjoy this day of rest in our little home.

10 thoughts on “The Comforts of Home

    • Yes, I will make you coffee all the time and fancy espressos and stuff because we’ll be rich. And the tree house will def have electricity and a very fancy kitchen for you to bake cakes in…you know, to go with our coffee.


  1. Ah the nursery. I have many friends who have helped in the nursery, although I have not yet had the privilege (I have, though, helped teach 3 and 4 year olds). They echo much the same experiences you mention, but they also mention the beauty of being in a room full of such innocence, no evil present.


    • Yes, working with children is a good and beautiful experience even if it’s exhausting sometimes. Children can teach us so much and remind us of many things we’ve forgotten about with being grownups :]


  2. Comfort is a wonderful thing… especially after we’ve had some hard times, and know how to appreciate it. I really liked your pictures here.. They invite me to share your environment, and enjoy the mood of the season.


    • Yes, I’m thankful for the comfortable, familiar things about home and family that help me stay centered even when things around me are changing. I’m sure you understand this right now with your own move. Most of these photos were taken around the town we live in and the last one was taken on our street. Fall is such a lovely time of year and I really enjoy photographing all the changing leaves. So good hearing from you again, Shimon.


  3. I love my Sunday afternoons, the quiet peaceful time spent with my hubby. But I have to admit that Sunday afternoons in the fall are the best! Anxious to have all of my family gathered together next month..and thankful for the church family the Lord has blessed me with right where I’m at.


    • I’m really looking forward to seeing everyone next month too. It has been so nice having more time with family this year. And I’m so glad you found a church family you love and can be a part of…hopefully someday I’ll get to visit it with you :]


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