The Bee’s Knees

I, like most people probably, sometimes think I need something new, something different, something more to be happy. I was really quite convinced that I needed a newer, better camera to take any photos worth having. I got that new camera a while ago and I do really like it. But a funny thing happened….


I came across a camera we have had for years and started looking through the pictures on it…pictures I forgot all about when I got my newer, fancier, better camera. I found pictures of days at the beach and walks in the woods and I found a whole collection of pictures I took when Darren was helping his dad with the bees.


Darren’s dad owns a bee pollination business, so if you ask me, he might as well be a snake charmer…but nobody asked me. I just take the pictures and swat at the angry, furry little bees…that’s all.


I’m getting sidetracked though because the point of this post is that I like these pictures. I like the colors and texture. I like the sun flair and the little black blurs flying around everywhere. I like these pictures even though they were taken on an old camera and forgotten about for a couple of years after I moved on to newer, better things.


Which just goes to prove that even though there is nothing wrong with new stuff, there is nothing wrong with old stuff either. Actually, in some ways, I think I used to be more creative when I was taking pictures because I was working with cheap point-and-shoot cameras and I had to be clever about getting artistic shots instead of just depending on all the fancy settings on my new camera.


So there you go, life lesson #57: New is not always better.

Life lesson #56 was to not swat at the bees.

And life lesson #55 was to never, like ever, fry chicken in flip flops…unrelated, but true.

100_2302{Crates full of jars used to feed the fat cheeky little bees}


9 thoughts on “The Bee’s Knees

  1. Ah, I can identify with these kinds of life lessons, including the chicken + flip flop lesson.

    Bees are amazing, aren’t they? I recently heard a scientist on the BBC say that bees can count to four, and they know the difference between two things and three things, for example. He also said that bees are aware of their landscape and actually KNOW where they are. I suppose that’s self-evident since they always make it back to the hive, but I never thought about these tiny little creatures having their own navigation system. It is marvelous to think about.


  2. Kari,
    I love the bee pictures because they are the type of photo’s that have a family story that can be looked back at to remember the days lived. I realized years ago that it is the love of the camera and photography took us to many places we wouldn’t have gone on our own. With the camera in hand there is a sense of exploration and excitement of the possibilities.


    • I agree, I love the way these pictures tell a story about my husband and his dad and the family business. I’m sure we’ll look back at them in the years to come and have happy memories of these days. Cameras and photography are such a wonderful gift because they allow us to live and relive moments we might have otherwise overlooked or forgotten about. Thanks for the comment!


  3. Loved this! A good lesson to remember, not all “old things” are worthless. Loved the pictures from the old camera as well, quite the challenge to work with all of those fat, cheeky bees! I loved the way you described them. 🙂


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