Look a Little Harder

We just spent a week in the Tennessee mountains. Darren was turning 30 and as he has been saying such things to me as “the buttresses of his soul are collapsing” and “his youth is now a distant memory”….I thought maybe he could use a week away in the woods to soothe his sorrow as he faces this new decade of life ;] It worked too.

We spent most of the time tucked away in our cabin but we ventured out for a couple hours each day and wandered through the different shops in town. Then on our last day we decided to drive up into the woods and see what was hiding beyond the edge of town; it was worth the trip.

Just a few minutes out of town and we started noticing the distinct frost line running around the mountain tops and leaving everything capped in white.



We drove up and up the mountain trying to get a better look.




And soon the frosted trees looked more like fluffy billows of whipped-cream clouds than anything tethered to the brown winter earth.


And we learned that sometimes you need to look a little harder to find the places where magic is hidden and winter is sleeping quietly on the snow-kissed mountain tops.

18 weeks

{18 weeks pregnant and feeling a bit like a mountain myself}

16 thoughts on “Look a Little Harder

  1. You’re a very beautiful mountain, and my best wishes to you and Darren. And though 30 is a marker in life, You can tell Darren from me, that the best is yet to come. He will just be a little stronger and wiser now… and will be able to enjoy life all the more.


    • I think Darren had a really good time and didn’t mind turning 30 so much after all :] It’s a very weird feeling getting to the end of our 20s but I guess that just means we’re real grownups now, right? ;]


  2. The pictures are SO beautiful, especially the last one! 🙂 Looks like a wonderful place to bring in a 30th birthday or any other birthday for that matter. Glad you were able to get away together and relax.


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