Love Fest

I think we all just need to stop and talk a minute about how good this guy looks in a tool belt…I mean seriously, it’s just ridiculous.



Also, he’s building a house for me after he’s already worked a regular job all day so I just want to say how much I really, really love him and appreciate all his hard work.


We found a heart in the wall at the house and now our initials will be written in the walls for as long as they stand. Aww.

Are you completely grossed out by the love fest yet? Sorry. I’m feeling sentimental today :] And with that, I will leave you alone.

Carry on everyone.


18 thoughts on “Love Fest

  1. That better be Darren in that tool belt you’re ogling! Can’t tell by the side view. LOVE the Heart! That’s something you will always know is there inside the wall. I would frame that photo… a nice testament.


  2. Darren’s a very good husband and a very good son-in-law! Tickles me endlessly that you two are so, so, very much in love with each other! Carry on!


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