Room to Grow

me down



We are working on our 8th month of baby building with 7ish more weeks to go until his expected arrival.

For now our little family looks like this—a couple of cute sleepy heads who just wouldn’t get up this morning :]

Darren is wearing himself out working on the house remodel…and the cat, well the cat’s just lazy…and he’s in my spot :]

I love them though—actually, they’re my favorites and sometimes it’s hard to believe there will be any room left in my heart to love anything else. But I’m guessing I’ll find room to love this baby. Just like my body amazes me with the way it stretches and grows to make room so my heart will stretch and grow too. Love is like that—it builds and stretches and grows and there is always room for the possibility of more if we‘re willing to be stretched and changed a little {or a lot} along the way.

11 thoughts on “Room to Grow

  1. I could not think of a more stunning photograph to represent Motherhood.
    In the second photo… we have the proud papa holding the two dearest to him.
    And the third pic… well, that’s Baby’s new partner in crime, just think of the fun they will have.


    • p.s. you will have no problem loving that Baby… in fact, Darren will have his hands full trying to dial you down a notch so he can hold Baby. And when that mother in law of his arrives… well, he’s a goner. And if his mom arrives at the same time… well, you’ve heard of the Perfect Storm… he’ll be holding the cat.


    • I walked through a lot of poison ivy to get those pictures so I’m glad you like them :] And I’m sure you’re right—there will be plenty of love and room for the baby and probably I’ll have to fight the grandmas if I want to hold him myself. Darren and the cat will probably end up living in the car but I’ll try not to let that happen :] I held my hours old niece yesterday and decided babies really are pretty cool…can’t wait to meet the one I’m building :]


  2. I understand that feeling of thinking you just can’t possibly love anymore…I felt that way with my first baby…I just loved him soooo much, how could I ever love another baby THAT much? But then my second one came along and my love expanded out and then again with the third, the fourth, the fifth and the sixth babies. SO MUCH LOVE! And it was and still is a wonderful thing! Now I have added in-loves to my family and lots of grandbabies and the love just keeps growing and growing! Wouldn’t change a thing but if I did it would be to just have had even more babies and even more love. 🙂


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