When You’re Disappointed


June 1st…today is the day we said we would definitely be moved into our house…only we’re not. I didn’t expect building a house would teach me so many lessons about life. One of those lessons being that no matter how hard you try, sometimes some things are just out of your hands.  I say similar words to my son all the time when he’s fussing about wanting something he can’t have or throwing a fit about doing something he doesn’t want to:

“You can’t always have what you want.”

“Life doesn’t always work out as you would like.”

“Sometimes the answer is no.”

Life lessons for a 10 month old and life lessons for his much older mama too.

Today I read something on Facebook from a friend who is making a big life decision. She said she and her husband have never sought to change where they are but have chosen rather to be content in whatever place they’re in for however long they’re there. If God moves them–as he several times has–so be it, they will go. But the idea of choosing contentment over constantly seeking something more, something different, that stuck with me–especially on a day I have long counted down to and am now disappointed by.

For a lot of years now, I’ve been in control of my life. I went to school just as I had planned. Married the man I loved just as I had hoped. We bought a home. Worked. Traveled. Had a baby. Everything was moving along just as I had intended–I was in control–or so I thought. I’m pretty sure now that if anything will teach you you’re not in absolute control, it’s having construction underway and a baby at the same time ;]

This post probably sounds grumbly but honestly I don’t mean it that way. Today is a day I looked forward to for a long time and it didn’t end up as I had hoped. But I’m fine. I’m much better and more okay with the situation then I ever expected, actually. God is working in me and he’s chosen to use this silly house over and over again to teach me lessons about himself and about myself.

Sometimes life requires that you get up and do and sometimes life requires that you be still and wait; both can be hard but both are able to teach us so much we can’t learn any other way.

So today, on this rainy June 1st, I’m learning to live where I am and to be content in this place until God decides to move me. I’m not in control–thankfully, I know who is.

10 thoughts on “When You’re Disappointed

  1. I’m sure it doesn’t help that is freezing here either. I’m pretty upbeat about the weather usually but I feel like crying take me to Florida or the Bahamas or somewhere!!!


    • I know, I couldn’t believe how cold it was when I got off the plane Sunday! But I keep telling myself to try an enjoy the cooler temps since it will be hot and sticky soon enough. I think there’s about a five degree range where I’m actually happy with the weather ;]


  2. Lovely lesson. It’s all about patience and slowing down and understanding that there is a bigger picture, a larger plan. That we are not in control but that things happen when they should. Time is only a man-made thing which we hang so much on. 1st, 2nd, 12th,13th….Ultimately you will get into you house and you have learnt so much in the process. All the best for you upcoming move 🙂 keep breathing, stay smiling.


    • I like what you say here about time being man-made…I never really thought about that…got me thinking :] Thanks too for your previous comment about yoga…I’ve never tried yoga but am finding that just choosing to eat healthier, set goals, stay active, and take care of myself in general is helping. Appreciate all the feedback even when I don’t always respond!

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  3. Oh Kari Ann, I am so very sorry. I know how important today was for you. You are learning lessons and there is a reason why you aren’t in yet. In time you will see why you weren’t able to be there and you will thank God for the hold up. We moved in officially two weeks ago. I had wanted the house to be painted inside, new carpeting and by now be on my way to being totally settled. I am now sitting in a half painted living room, a shoddy painting job in a couple of other rooms, old carpeting still with no new carpeting ordered yet. Lawn chairs are in the living room and I, too, am grumbly. I hope you will be in soon. I think of you often dear one. Keep your chin up, it will happen soon. It will. ❤ DAF


    • Congrats on the move! Isn’t it funny how we always think things have to be just so but we always end up being fine when stuff turns out differently? I always said the house we’re in is too small for a baby and yet here I am with an almost one year old and we’re making it :] Thanks for the encouragement. This house has been a much harder journey than I ever expected and having a baby right in the middle of it certainly made life interesting but we really are getting there and I know God has an appointed time when we can move forward and settle in. Hope you and hubby are well, Dear Friend.

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  4. I heard David Jeremiah say something yesterday that stuck. “When disappointments happen or we find we’re out of control, don’t ask ‘why ‘. Ask ‘what’. ‘What’ are you trying to teach me, Lord?” It helped me a lot.


  5. Excellent reminder…God sometimes has to let us know that WE really aren’t in charge and are actually much better off if we don’t always get our way. Whether we are 10 months old or several years older than that, it is not good for us to have everything we WANT. God knows what is best for us and He has lessons to teach us in all of the big and little things He allows in our lives. You will move into your house someday very soon, and with a much greater appreciation for all of the hard work that has gone into getting you there.


    • Thanks for the encouragement, mom. I’m certainly learning more through this stage of life than I have in a long time…not easy but good to see God working in me and helping me to change.


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