Chapter Two: It’s Just a Blog


I’ve been thinking a lot about this space over the last few months–what it is, why I’m here, do I continue, etc.

When I look back to what this blog was about in the beginning (intended to be a nature journal, essentially), I realize a lot has changed since those very first days of sharing my words and pictures.

There have been times when I had lots of readers and visitors and felt quite connected to people through blogging. And there have been times with hardly any visits, reads, or interactions. A lot of this has come down to me and my own investment in this space, I know.

After quite a long absence when my son was born, I’ve had trouble knowing how and when to pick back up over here—how to connect what this space was and now is into a coherent whole.

And as is often the case when I’m pondering and without answers, I pull in and keep quiet until I’m ready and know what I want to say. Thus the intermittent months of silence on all my social media.

I vacillate between being someone who startles people with my honesty about hard things on one hand and being deeply introverted and private on the other. I realize this sometimes leaves people not knowing where they stand with me—and leaves me not knowing what and how to share in a space like this.

So you want to know what my conclusion is after all these deep thoughts and said ponderings?

It’s just a blog. You should probably chill out.

I tend to over-think things sometimes and this blog is probably one of those cases—I’ve just been taking the whole thing way too seriously. It’s hard, because words matter to me. My words matter to me. And putting your heart and life on the page with written words can scare the fire out of you.


Again, it’s just a blog. These are just blog posts and pretty pictures from one little person in one little corner of the world.

So I’ve decided to calm down and stop worrying. And instead, I’m just going to write and share pictures to my heart’s content without all the anxiety that comes with over-thinking and over-valuing every last word that comes out of my mouth.

That being said, you can expect to see me around here a lot more—like my goal is 3x a week a lot more. You may not like that, I know. You may get sick and tired of reading my words and seeing my face. And if you do, though I’d hate to see you leave, I understand if you decide to go. Kari Ann ain’t for everyone, that’s for dang sure…and that’s okay.

I’ve decided to view this space as a record and an online journal. It’s a place to hash out and write down what I’m thinking about and learning. It’s a place to rant a little and be silly. A place to share what I love and the pictures I’m taking along the way.

I hope you enjoy coming along for the ride.

And in closing, I realize many of the readers I had before are now gone and there are lots of new faces around here as well, so on Friday I’m going to re-introduce myself a little bit. This makes me feel profoundly silly, just so you know. It’s like taking selfies…not my thing looking at my own face close up. But I thought it might be helpful as we kick off with a bit of a fresh start.

And if you come back Friday and see nothing, it’s because I chickened out. So there’s that.

Until then, thanks for reading along ❤


24 thoughts on “Chapter Two: It’s Just a Blog

  1. Voltaire once said…… I do not agree with what you have to say, but i’ll defend to the death your right to say it…… I do not write BLOGS- for others to agree- or to make me feel good- I write because I can !! Freedom is the RIGHT to WRITE…….. There is no wrong or right- so for you also- just WRITE………

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  2. I stumbled across your blog several years ago, and I am always happy when I see a notification that you’ve written a new post. You have such a lovely writing voice, and I’ve appreciated both your introspective posts and your more light-hearted ones, so I’m happy to see you’ve decided to stick around! As others have said, it’s your blog and you should do with it what you want. 🙂 I’m going to try to heed that advice with my own, as it’s been sadly neglected while I have wrestled with some of your same questions. Here’s to many more years of writing for our own fulfillment!


    • Thank you so much for the encouragement, Tracy. And I hope you will enjoy writing with freedom on your own blog going forward. I’m very excited and inspired about the things I have planned for this space and comments like these only cheer me on and encourage me even more so thank you 🙂


  3. Just to add- when I read -if we don’t see you on FRIDAY- means you chickened out ! That made me laugh so loud that I woke up the girls ….. I just love reality and being able to be human….. made me feel good inside- I have to go to a metting now- and I go with joy… Thank you.


  4. Thank you for that !! I can understand you indeed. I feel when I sit at the computer- I want to just explore my self and write how it is. Instead I feel heavy inside my stomach- almost afraid to really be my self and let go…. I then become sorry for my self- and ignore everything. You are so so right – it is only a ‘BLOG’ I will look at my self and take courage from your blog…. Thank you sincerely….


  5. Your space, your words, your thoughts..those of us who follow along do so because we enjoy getting to know you and your little corner of the world. 😉 looking forward to Friday!

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