Oh, Hello

So I promised in my last post that I’d come back here today and re-introduce myself as it’s been awhile and I’ve noticed a number of new faces lately.

So yes, uh, huh huh hi, hello, my name is Kari ;]

I’m originally from Missouri.

In college, I met a boy and he turned out to be not only stinking cute but also the love of my life. We celebrate nine years of marriage this summer and I’m so thankful I get to go through life with someone so fun and amazing by my side.

Seriously, this picture was taken Easter Sunday and I can’t stop staring at him and how handsome he looked. Here I am seven months pregnant and all chubby-ish and he’s just standing there smiling like he’s Magic Mike—I can’t get enough but I’ll stop ogling him via the internet now and move on ❤

IMG_20170416_103634_839Also, I have a two-year-old son who I completely adore 98% of the time. He’s hell-bent on destruction and completely insane but I realize where all of that came from and am rather partial to him.

IMG_20151023_095240And as before mentioned, I’m pregnant—baby #2 is coming this summer and I’ve spent the last 7 months warning her about her brother. I’m guessing she’ll be able to take him though because I have five brothers and I can take all of them at once…so she got dis ;]

I’ve lived in Massachusetts for the last nine years (thanks to Mr. Handsome up there).

Before I became a baby momma, I worked with my husband in aerospace. I say that because it makes me sound smart but really it was just a boring office job most of the time :]

I’m a Christian and write quite often about my faith.

I absolutely love bare feet, warm weather, and being outside. So I moved to New England (???). I cry like a baby from December through April because I have to stay inside or wear shoes. Everyone who lives anywhere near me is 1000% over hearing about it. I always swear I’ll have a better attitude at the start of each winter but I’m usually crying and complaining by the time the first flurries fly.

dsc_1356My husband and I love traveling and make trips a big priority in the way we budget and save money. If you think I cry about winter you should hear my husband cry about having to take a year off of traveling to have this baby ;] We’re both very restless, adventurous people and are always planning our next trip. Right now I’m dreaming of Ireland and Honolulu :]

img_20160917_174155.jpgIn 2013, we bought a dilapidated 1860s farmhouse thinking it was a good idea to remodel it ourselves. Ah hah hah hah…. we should have burnt it down. I’m just kidding… Four years and almost two kids later and we’re still working away (although we really are almost done and have enjoyed living here for the last 18 months).

DSC_0375I am mildly obsessed with leather bags, paper goods, capturing the perfect photograph, pasta, and like three people outside of my husband and son ;] No, I’m just kidding I seriously have at least five friends :]

So I hope that helps us get better acquainted for the moment. I would love to find out who’s reading this and what you’re like as well so go ahead and leave a comment introducing yourself if you like. I look forward to hearing from you ❤


12 thoughts on “Oh, Hello

  1. you are too funny! I have loved your blog since the first time I stumbled upon it. Truly. This is a great post and I sit here smiling at the memories of encouragement and challenges I have received from you. Thank you for being you. Cathi


  2. Hello again! I, too, have been reading Kari’s blog for a long time and I enjoy it immensely. My name is Elaine. I’m a retired school teacher living on the Canadian prairie. I share Kari’s faith and her passion for travel. I’ve been married for 40 years, have 3 grown children and 5 grandchildren. I started my blog (edebock.wordpress.com) in December 2007 just before I left for a year long adventure teaching English in Japan. Now I guess I’d call it a combination lifestyle, travel and fashion blog where I share what retirement looks like to me.


    • Thanks so much for leaving a comment and​ letting me get to know you a little better, Elaine. I always enjoy stopping by your blog and seeing what outfit you put together or what adventure you’ve been on!

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  3. I loved your reintroduction..your writing always captures YOU and your sweet, spunky personality. I feel blessed beyond measure to have you as my daughter..I needed a girl, and God filled that need perfectly with you. For your readers, I live in southern Missouri but grew up in the Kansas City area. I have six adult children, Karl is our fourth, right smack in the middle of a bunch of brothers who all adore her. Kari”s little girl is our 17th grandbaby! I love my family and my God who so graciously gave me my family. I’ve been married for almost 40 years to my sweetheart. We love to travel but so far we’ve stayed in the US.

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  4. Hi Kari! Longtime reader, first-time commenter here. So glad you’re back! I love everything you write. I’m finishing grad school and am about to move to New England from GA to start an actuarial job (the cold terrifies me, we’ll see how my first “real” winter goes ;)). No husband or kids here but hopefully someday. 🙂 When I’m not studying for one of the basically 10 million actuarial exams, I love wandering in the woods, lounging in the sun, traveling (I lived in Ireland for a year, if you need recs when you go there let me know), reading, and — sometimes, when I have the courage — writing. I’m the least handy person ever so I can’t imagine remodeling a house, but yours looks beautiful. Thanks for sharing your corner of the world. Your words make ours a little brighter.


    • Thanks so much for commenting and letting me get to know you a little! I hope you love living in New England…In spite of the cold, it really is a fun, beautiful, exciting place to live.
      Thanks for the encouraging words! ❤


  5. Kari, hello again, too! I’ve been gone a bit, too, and am gradually returning. We are very similar. I, thankfully, I live in the south!! I could never in a million years think of home restoration. Other difference: I have three grown children and two grandchildren. All live close; thus, the reason for my hiatus. But I hope to return soon. Nice to see you!


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