The Moments Unseen

Tiny fingers laced through mine in the dark. A warm little body snuggled against me. Some of the most magical parts of motherhood go unnoticed and undocumented.

When my son comes to me, arms lifted, asking to “hold me” (really, he means for me to hold him)—I don’t pull out my phone and snap pictures of the moment; I simply pick him up. His arms wrap around my neck, head rests on my shoulder, and I tell him I love him, that I’m so thankful he’s my boy. It’s a quiet, unseen moment we share a thousand times amid a world marching on around us. And it’s the part of motherhood that fills my heart with new energy and devotion for the often far more public tantrums and tears that might make me wonder why I decided to be a mom in the first place.

IMG_20141029_114548In a world so photographed, documented, and publicly shared via social media, these quiet moments can at times feel less than simply because they weren’t seen or shared. It’s tempting to try to keep up with the flood of gorgeous images I see each day by trying to snap and document each of my own magical moments.

I want enchanting images of my own to share on Instagram or to punctuate my blog posts. But…


Sometimes the act of trying to document a moment destroys the very magic itself. Like a bird perched delicately on a branch in the morning light— you can stand quietly and admire or go closer and chase the moment out of existence.

We have to choose when to pull out our phones and cameras to capture our days and hours— and when to simply sit in the moment and let it be. This is not always an easy choice. Photos carry our memories when our busy minds would forget. But cameras and selfies may equally rob a moment of the very beauty we’re trying to store up and hold onto.

So sometimes when my son climbs into my lap and pulls my arms around him or asks me to lay beside him holding his hand until he falls asleep at night, I leave my phone alone. I soak up the memory in my heart and consciousness rather than my social media and try to remember some of the most magical parts of life and motherhood are the moments most unseen.

3 thoughts on “The Moments Unseen

  1. If only everyone would be able to put their phones down and just be in the moment. Drives me crazy when I see my girls on their phones when their babies want some alone time with them. they once asked me what I did when they awoke at night or during the day when they wanted to cuddle. They asked if I watched television since I had no phone or laptop then. I simply answered, I pulled you up onto my lap in the rocker and I sang to you while I rocked. My oldest has adopted this, my youngest still frustrates me… How wonderful for you to do that. Those Mom moments that no one can see or comment on, those are the ones we hold dear to our hearts. Well done you! Cathi


    • This is certainly something I’m still working on all the time. Our phones can be so addicting…especially as a stay-at-home mom looking for community and connections. But I try to see myself as my son sees me and I don’t want him remembering me with a phone always in my hand or face only half seeing him or the world around me…I’m guilty of this more often than I like to think.

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